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Air Conditioning Service Tips For The Homeowner! A/C Comfort 101

Arizona Air Conditioning Service Contractor American Cooling And Heating Gives Homeowners Useful Tips To Help Curb Expensive A/C Repairs.

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The Heat Is On And It’s A/C Time!

Summer has arrived and A/C units are working overtime. As a homeowner the responsibility of having your comfort A/C system serviced and maintained is an important factor in assuring the longevity of that system and in keeping your home cool when the summer temps sizzle.

A/C Basics

Comfort air conditioning systems are designed to help keep people comfortable and to also provide healthy air quality. A complete air conditioning system is capable of adding and removing heat and moisture and of filtering and removing airborne substances, such as dust, allergens, and indoor pollutants from the space to be conditioned. When designing an air conditioning system, dehumidification and air flow are important factors to be considered in addition to temperature control.

A/C Maintenance

Properly maintaining air conditioning equipment is the best way to preserve your existing A/C system and to hedge your bet against expensive future repairs. A well maintained air conditioner will fail less frequently and will use less power and save you money. Be sure to have you’re A/C system serviced no less than once a year, and in high dust areas a more frequent A/C servicing may be required. Change your filter every month and make sure it fits tightly in the filter frame. If filters don’t fit tightly then apply foam tape that can be found at local hardware store to the inside of the frame to assure a snug fit and to prevent dust and dirt from bypassing the filter.

A/C Repair

A/C Repairs can be expensive, and they can be repetitive. Air Conditioning units are machines and machines have a definite life expectancy. Wear and tear from operation under adverse conditions such as high ambient temperatures, dirty power supply, and transient voltage spikes from lightning storms and power company equipment failures can dramatically shorten the life of you’re A/C unit, by causing damage to components and pushing the cost toward economic obsolescence.

A/C Replacement

If new A/C equipment is needed, then choosing the right equipment for the application is part of the process as well as duct design and installation parameters. High efficiency equipment is always a good choice; however budget limitations and payback to investment are factors to consider, your budget should also include post installation service and warranty. Be sure to check out the company you choose to install your comfort system, the Arizona Registrar Of Contractors and the Better Business Bureau are two excellent resources for that purpose here in Arizona. Make sure your contractor performs a proper job-site survey prior to start of the work, checking all parameters required for proper installation. Upon completion of the comfort air conditioning system installation, all equipment should be tested and all readings confirmed to be within operational parameters. A commissioning checklist should be filled out with recorded readings, procedures practiced, and system condition to give you the actual system performance and for verification of proper procedures.

Arizona A/C Service

American Cooling And Heating is proud to provide professional heat pump / air conditioning repair and replacement services throughout the state of Arizona. We sell and install units manufactured by Trane, Carrier, Rheem, Goodman, Amana, and all other major brands. Products available include electric furnaces, gas furnaces, air handlers, condensing units, heat pump and AC package units, and air conditioning split units. American Cooling and Heating installs heat pump and A/C systems and provides heat pump and A/C replacement services to both residential and commercial customers. We provide AC Service for Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, and all surrounding areas in Arizona.

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