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Trane Air Conditioning Products In Arizona

Trane Heat Pump And AC Units In Arizona Provided By American Cooling And Heating.

Trane Air Conditioning Products are engineered with attention to every detail, with strict testing performed to ensure lasting dependability. Most other manufacturers construct their products from the same generic parts that are readily available to everyone, but Trane goes beyond to produce unique and innovative products. Trane designs, builds, and tests a number of their own parts and know they work, since they are above the common industry standards. You can always expect and count on a Trane Air Conditioner’s reliability. From the heavy-duty Climatuff® compressor to the elite Spine Fin™ coil to the innovative Hyperion® air handler – know that when you own a Trane AC, Trane Heating System, or other Trane Product, you’ll always have dependable coziness and comfort that continues year after year.

Trane air conditioning products on sale in Arizona provided by American Cooling And Heating


Looking to change out your A/C Unit or upgrade to give your home cooling and heating system new abilities, like high energy efficiency, better cooling capacity, or better air flow? Now’s the time while all of our Trane Products are on sale! Call now for a free consultation and estimate.

American Cooling And Heating offers your choice of reliable Trane Heating And Air Conditioning Products in Arizona.


New Trane Products

Trane XR16 Low Profile Side Drafted A/C Condensing Unit


New XV19 Low Profile Side Drafted Heat Pump Condensing Unit

Trane AC Units

Trane Air Conditioning Units are perfectly designed to cool or heat your home to your exact needs. You can be rest assured, knowing you and your family will have exceptional comfort from a Trane Air Conditioning System.  When combined with the ComfortLink™ II System, you can have control from any place at any time with your laptop or smartphone.

Trane 14 SEER Through 20 SEER Air Conditioners

Arizona Trane Air Conditioning Condensing Units



Trane XLi Air Conditioners Consumer Brochure

Trane XR Air Conditioners Consumer Brochure

Trane XB Air Conditioners Consumer Brochure


Trane Package Air Conditioning Units

Trane Packaged Air Conditioning Systems include: Heat Pumps, Gas/Electric, Dual- Fuel, or Straight Cool. They enjoy a host of accouterments such as: powder coated paint, rust resistant screws, enhanced coil design, auxiliary heat, fresh air intake, dual stage compressors, as well as 14 SEER through 16 SEER efficiencies.

Trane 14 SEER And 16 SEER Packaged Systems

Trane 13 SEER Packaged Systems

Arizona Trane Package Air Conditioning Units



Trane Packaged Systems Consumer Brochure


Trane Heat Pumps

Superior engineering and quality materials and workmanship put Trane Heat Pumps on track for maximum energy efficiency, whether as a heater in the wintertime or an air conditioner in the summertime. These units are available with single-stage or dual-stage heating and cooling, and they use the environment friendly refrigerant R410A.

Trane 13 SEER Through 20 SEER Heat Pumps

Arizona Trane Heat Pump Condensing Units



Trane XLi Heat Pumps Consumer Brochure

Trane XR Heat Pumps Consumer Brochure

Trane XB Heat Pumps Consumer Brochure


Trane Air Handlers

The Hyperion™ Air Handler has the ability to proficiently circulate air, and it’s uniquely built to be unlike all other products in the marketplace. Specifically, it’s built to function similar to a refrigerator, by having insulation between the double walls of its exceptionally designed cabinet.

Trane High Efficiency Air Handlers

Arizona Trane Air Handlers




Trane Hyperion Air Handlers Consumer Brochure


Trane Gas Furnaces

Trane’s dynamic, dual stage gas furnaces with Programmable Variable Speed abilities will efficiently and economically provide heat to your home with superior air flow technology.

Trane 80% Through 95% Gas Furnaces

Arizona Trane Gas Furnaces




Trane 80 Gas Furnaces Consumer Brochure

Trane 95 And 90 Gas Furnaces Consumer Brochure


Trane Indoor Cooling Coils

Trane Evaporator Coils are created to work in sync with your outdoor condensing unit anr/or furnace. To guarantee the finest performance of your comfort home system, these units are matched in size, efficiency and capability.

Trane High Efficiency Comfort Coils

Arizona Trane Aluminum Comfort Coils





Trane All Aluminum Comfort Coils Consumer Brochure


Trane Air Filtration

Click To Take The Trane Clean Air Quiz

Meet Trane CleanEffects™ the most effective air filtration device in the world. This unit set the standard for indoor air quality with revolutionary technology. Up to 99.98% allergen removal and a virtually dust free HVAC system helps to maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment.

Trane Air Filtration In Arizona

Trane Clean Effects Whole Home Filtration 

Trane Clean Effects Consumer Brochure


Trane Energy Recovery Ventilator

Trane Energy Recovery Ventilators and Fresh Air Intake Units bring fresh air into your home efficiently. An equal amount of stale air can be exchanged for fresh air to provide a more comfortable indoor environment. Energy is also transferred between the air being exchanged which enhances efficiency. Seasonal heat and moisture is exchanged to provide balanced indoor comfort. These units are  performance tested and built to last.

Trane Fresh Effects Energy Recovery Ventilator

Trane Energy Recovery Ventilator In Arizona

Trane Fresh Effects Consumer Brochure


Trane Whole Home Humidifiers

Trane’s  Humidifiers add needed moisture to your indoor environment and bring  indoor humidity to desired levels. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests maintaining proper indoor relative humidity (RH) levels to reduce the effects of many of unwanted conditions associated with poor indoor air quality. Proper humidity may alleviate symptoms associated with allergies.

Trane Total Home Humidifiers

Trane Total Home Humidifiers In Arizona





Trane Total Home Humidifiers Consumer Brochure


Trane Thermostats And A/C Controls

Thermostats and Controls by Trane provide advanced features and ease of use. Networked controls allow access from remote locations and advanced technology enables Trane products to interact and communicate intelligently, maximizing system capability and minimizing energy usage.

Trane Thermostats And Advanced Controls

Trane Thermostat In Arizona

Trane Thermostats And Advanced Controls Consumer Brochure


Nexia™ Home Intelligence

The home of the future managed by Nexia™ Home Intelligence!  Home automation made simple, including remote home management that provides total control over the efficiency, comfort, and security of your home from just about anywhere.

Nexia And Trane Thermostats






Trane, together with Nexia™ Home Intelligence and Schlage®, inovative and reliable industry leaders, give you control of your home. Remote management and home automation system made simple, letting you control your home’s temperature and monitor its security.

NEXIA Complete Home Automation Consumer Brochure 

Trane Air Conditioner And Heat Pump Models

Trane Owners Manuals

Trane Packaged Systems Owner’s Guide

Trane Heat Pumps And Air Conditioners Owner’s Guide

Trane Air Handlers And Fornaces Owner’s Guide


Trane Air Conditioning Video Commercials


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