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Amana Air Conditioning Products In Arizona

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Don’t chance your comfort! For efficiency as well as durability, put in a top-quality Amana brand central air conditioning and heating system in your home. Keep your house cool, conserve on utilities, and completely enjoy what we think has become the industry-leading brand in rugged design and warranty. Examine the features and also advantages of an Amana brand central HVAC system and you’ll discover the key reason why more and more property owners choose the Amana product line. To get the highest energy efficiency air conditioner for your home choose higher SEER. American Cooling And Heating provides expert service for all Amana products.


Amana Air Conditioning Condensing Units











Amana Premium Air Conditioners
ASXC18 Premium – 18 SEER
ASXC16 Premium – 16 SEER
ASX14 Premium – 14 SEER
ASX13 Premium – 13 SEER

Amana Distinctions Air Conditioners
SSX16 Distinctions – 16 SEER
SSX14 Distinctions – 14 SEER 
GSX14 Distinctions – 14 SEER
GSX13 Distinctions – 13 SEER


 Amana Packaged Air Conditioning Units








Amana Distinctions Packaged Air Conditioners
15 SEER GPC15M Distinctions
14 SEER GPC14H Distinctions
13 SEER GPC13M Distinctions
13 SEER GPC13H Distinctions

Amana Premium Packaged Heat Pumps
15 SEER APH15M Premium

Amana Distinctions Packaged Heat Pumps
14 SEER GPH14H Distinctions
13 SEER GPH13H Distinctions
13 SEER GPH13M Distinctions

Amana Premium Packaged Gas/Electric Units
15 SEER APG15 Premium
13 SEER APG13M Premium

Amana Premium Packaged Dual-Fuel Units
14 SEER APD14 Premium


Amana Heat Pump Condensing Units











Amana Premium Heat Pumps
ASZC18 Premium – 18 SEER
ASZC16 Premium – 16 SEER
ASZ14 Premium – 14 SEER
ASZ13 Premium – 13 SEER

Amana Distinctions Heat Pumps
SSZ16 Distinctions – 16 SEER
SSZ14 Distinctions – 14 SEER
GSZ14 Distinctions – 14 SEER
GSZ13 Distinctions – 13 SEER


Amana Air Handlers












Amana High Quality Air Handlers
AVPTC Multi-Position, Variable Speed
ASPF Multi-Position, Multi-Speed
ARPF Multi-Position, Multi-Speed
ADPF Downflow, Multi-Speed
ARUF Multi-Position, Multi-Speed
MBVC Variable Speed Modular Blower
MBR Modular Blower
AWUF Wall-Mounted, Multi-Speed
ACNF Ceiling-Mounted Electric Heat


 Amana High Efficiency Gas Furnaces










Amana Premium Gas Furnaces
95% AFUE AMH95

Amana Distinctions Gas Furnaces
96% AFUE GMVM96 Distinctions
96% AFUE GCVM96 Distinctions
95% AFUE GMV95 Distinctions
95% AFUE GMH95 Distinctions
95% AFUE GCH95 Distinctions
92% AFUE GKS9 Distinctions
80% AFUE GMVC8 Distinctions
80% AFUE GME8 Distinctions
80% AFUE GMH8 / GDH8 Distinctions
80% AFUE GMS8 / GDS8 Distinctions
80% AFUE GHS8 Distinctions


Amana Air Conditioning Coils









Amana Premium Evaporator Coils
CAUF Uncased Indoor Coil
CAPF Cased Indoor Coil
CHPF Painted Cased Indoor Coil
CSCF Horizontal Slab Evaporator Coil


Amana Air Conditioning Indoor Air Quality Products











Amana Air Filtration
DMH900 Whole-House Air Cleaner
AHEPA/ADMHEPA Whole-House Air Cleaner
AHMAC High-Efficiency, Custom-Fit Air Cleaner
AGM Return Grille-Mount Air Cleaner
ASASD High-Efficiency Electric Air Cleaner
A13MU Charged Media Retrofit Air Cleaner
AMU Charged Media Retrofit Air Cleaner
ARAM Right-Angle Media Air Cleaner
ABB High-Efficiency Value Series Media Air Cleaner
A1EAC Charged Media Electronic Air Cleaners

Amana Ultraviolet Purification
UVX Ultraviolet Purifiers

Amana Ventilation
HRV Heat Recovery Ventilators
ERV Energy Recovery Ventilators

Amana Humidification
HUM Series Humidifiers



Amana Air Conditioning Controls And Thermostats









Amana ComfortNet CTK03 Control          

Amana ComfortNet CTK01 Control        

Amana Digital Thermostats


Amana Air Conditioning And Heating Residential Products Catalog

Amana Air Conditioning And Heating Residential Products Catalog


The Amana brand produces a high-quality line of heat pumps and air conditioning units that are some of the most energy-efficient models on the market. These products are also protected with some of the best warranties in the industry. For almost a century, the Amana brand has represented dependability and innovation in the air conditioning and heating industry. When you purchase a product from the Amana brand, you can expect a long-lasting, reliable product. All of Amana’s products go through a meticulous quality assurance process to ensure that they meet the highest standards in the industry. Furthermore, Amana’s engineers are continuously improving the design and performance of all of Amana’s products using the most innovative technologies available.

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