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Amana Ventilation

Amana ventilation systems exchange the stale air in your home with fresh air. These systems are tested for quality and protected by extensive warranties.

Amana HRV & ERV Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery In AZ







HRV Heat Recovery Ventilators


  • Warranty Protection. All functional parts are covered under a 5-year warranty, and motors are covered under a 7-year warranty. The aluminum core is covered under a lifetime warranty.
  • Convenience. Heat recovery ventilators are easy to install and include washable filters.
  • Quality. Amana’s heat recovery ventilators include an aluminum heat recovery core, an advanced control board, and EBM motors.
  • Durability. Heat recovery ventilators are housed in a strong cabinet that is fully insulated to prevent condensation.

ERV Energy Recovery Ventilators


  • Convenience. Amana’s energy recovery ventilators include washable filters and advanced controls. They are also easy to install.
  • Quality and Durability. These units are housed in a condensation-resistant cabinet. They also utilize EBM motors and contain an enthalpy energy recovery core.
  • Warranty Coverage. The aluminum core is covered under a lifetime warranty. Amana also offers a 5-year warranty on the enthalpy core and all functional parts, as well as a 7-year warranty on the motors.

Amana HRV/ERV Product Data Specifications

Amana Comprehensive Look At Indoor Air Quality Consumer Brochure


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