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Amana Digital Thermostats

Amana’s digital thermostats are some of the most advanced on the market. With an extensive line of thermostats to choose from, any homeowner can find a thermostat with the options he or she needs. Thermostats range in price considerably. Amana’s digital thermostats are available with advanced options, such as touch screen technology. More affordable products are also available, such as those in the value series.

Amana Residential Digital Thermostats In AZ







Touch Screen Digital Thermostats


  • Warranty Coverage. Amana offers a 5-year warranty on all functional parts of touch screen thermostats.
  • Advanced Features. Touch screen thermostats include sensors for outdoor and indoor temperature, lock-out protection for the compressor, and a diagnostic indicator for required service. These thermostats also include built-in controls for dehumidification.
  • Options. Touch screen digital thermostats include 2 cooling and 4 heating programmable options. They can be hard-wired with battery back-up or battery-powered exclusively. These units can also be programmed for 5/1/1 days or 7 days.
  • Convenience. Amana’s touch screen thermostats feature the largest touch-screen display in the industry.

Premium Series Digital Thermostats


  • Convenience. Thermostats in the premium series include a large display with backlighting. They also include a convenient lockout for the keypad, as well as an LED light that glows red or green to indicate heating or cooling.
  • Advanced Features. Premium series thermostats include controls for dehumidification, as well as UV light and service filter indicators.
  • Versatility. With Premium thermostats, both Celsius and Fahrenheit displays are. available. Users can also choose between non-programmable and programmable modes, and the units are compatible with heat pumps.
  • Warranty Protection. A 5-year warranty is available for all functional parts of Premium thermostats.

Value Series Digital Thermostats


  • Warranty Protection. A 5-year warranty covers all of the thermostat’s functional parts.
  • Versatility. Value series thermostats are compatible with 4-wire, 3-wire, and 2-wire systems. They can also be hard-wired or run by batteries. Configuration is available for non-programmable and programmable modes, and the unit can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit displays.
  • Convenience. Value series thermostats include an easy-to-read, large display screen. They are also compatible with heat pumps.

Amana Touch-Screen Digital Thermostats for Residential

Amana Touch-Screen Digital Thermostats for Residential and Light Commercial


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