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Amana ComfortNet CTK01 Control

Amana ComfortNet™ CTK01 Control

Basic thermostats allow you to monitor the temperature in your home and change it when it is too high or too low. With the Amana ComfortNet™ CTK01 control, you can program the temperature to change automatically on a seven-day cycle.

CTK01 ComfortNet™ TouchScreen Communicating Control & System In AZ








  • Warranty Protection. Amana ComfortNet™ CTKO1 Control thermostats include a 10-year limited warranty on all functioning parts.
  • Convenience. These thermostats contain a battery backup, a large display with easy-to-read characters, color-coded temperature keys, and a touch-screen display for easy navigation.
  • Advanced Features. Amana ComfortNet™ CTKO1 Control thermostats include built-in system diagnostics, a sensor for outdoor temperature, and controls for dehumidification.
  • Versatility. These thermostats are available with a 7-day programming function, and they are compatible with multiple fuels.

Amana CTK01AA Installation and Start-Up Instructions

Amana CTK01AA Product Data Specifications


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