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Amana Premium Packaged Gas/Electric Units

Amana’s packaged gas/electric units offer energy efficiency, quality and convenience in a single unit. With high SEER ratings and rigorous testing procedures, customers can expect superior performance and durability from these packaged models.

Amana Premium Packaged Gas-Electric Units In AZ








15 SEER APG15 Premium

The APG15 packaged unit is energy-efficient and offers 80% AFUE performance. Made from quality materials and tested for durability, this model is ideal for consumers who seek superior cooling and heating in a single unit.

Benefits of the APG15:

  • Warranty Protection. The compressor and heat exchanger are covered under a lifetime warranty. Amana also offers a10-year limited warranty on all functional parts.
  • Durability. This model features a galvanized steel cabinet and a stainless steel Million-Air™ heat exchanger.
  • Versatility. The APG15 is compatible with natural gas or propane. It’s also capable of downflow and horizontal flow.
  • Environmentally-Friendly. This model uses chlorine-free coolant.
  • Advanced Features. The APG15 includes a direct-spark ignition system and an energy-efficient compressor.


13 SEER APG13M Premium

A less expensive packaged gas/electric unit, the APG13M offers 80% AFUE performance and a SEER ratio of 13. This unit is made from high-quality materials, tested for efficiency and sold for an affordable price.

Benefits of the APG13M:

  • Warranty Protection: Amana provides a lifetime warranty for both the compressor and the heat exchanger, as well as a 10-year limited warranty for all functional parts.
  • Quality. This unit is ETL listed and AHRI certified.
  • Durability. The APG13M features a strong cabinet made from heavy-gauge steel and a durable heat exchanger made from Million-Air™ stainless steel.
  • Advanced Features. This model utilizes effective direct-spark ignition and includes an energy efficient compressor.

Amana APG13M Consumer Brochure

Amana APG13M Product Data Specifications

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