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Trane Air Conditioners Phoenix AZ

Trane Air Condtioning And Trane Heat Pump Systems In Arizona 

Trane A/C Systems and Trane Heat Pump Systems In Arizona provided by American Cooling And Heating. Offering AZ residents a full range of Trane Products as well as Air Conditioning Installation Services “Round The Clock”. Our A/C Service crews are fully trained and certified to give you best quality workmanship and fast friendly service. We offer Valleywide A/C Service for all brands, makes, and models with Trane Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps being our specialty.

Call us for a Free Trane A/C Estimate and be surprised at how affordable it can be to own a top of the line Trane Product. We offer fast same day Trane Installations, Service, and Support with your comfort being our priority. From standard High Efficiency Systems to high end Two Stage Communicating Systems a wide range of options are available for your choosing, and our engineering department is always close at hand to help advise on options.

Trane  Model XB13 10Year Compressor, 5Year Parts

BTUS     ARI#       SEER      OUTDOOR           INDOOR UNIT

18K        5853100              13.00     4TTB3018G1000A             4FWCF024A1000A

24K        5733004              13.00     4TTB3024G1000A             4FWCF024A1000A

30K        6183254              13.00     4TTB3030G1000A             4FWCF030A1000B

36K        5599079              13.00     4TTB3036E1000A             4FWCF036A1000B

42K        5158114              13.00     4TTB3042D1000B             4FWCF048A1000B

48K        5158116              13.00     4TTB3048D1000B             4FWCF048A1000B

60K        5158118              13.00     4TTB3060D1000B             4FWCF060A1000B


Trane Model XR13 10Year Compressor. 10Year Parts

BTUS     ARI#       SEER      OUTDOOR           INDOOR UNIT         

18K        5863367              14.50     4TTR3018G1000A             GAM5B0A18M11SA

24K        5863370              14.50     4TTR3024G1000A             GAM5B0A24M21SA

30K        5863376              14.50     4TTR3030G1000A             GAM5B0B30M21SA

36K        5863379              14.50     4TTR3036E1000A             GAM5B0B36M31SA

42K        5863382              14.50     4TTR3042D1000A             GAM5B0C42M31SA

48K        5863385              14.50     4TTR3048D1000A             GAM5B0C48M41SA

60K        5720304              14.00     4TTR3060D1000A             GAM2A0C60S51SB


Trane Model XB16 10Year Compressor, 10Year Parts

BTUS     ARI#       SEER      OUTDOOR           INDOOR UNIT

18K        6177936              16.00     4TTR6018B1000A             4FWHF024A1000A

24K        6177928              16.00     4TTR6024B1000A             4FWHF024A1000A

30K        6177930              16.00     4TTR6030B1000A             4FWHF030A1000A

36K        6177932              16.00     4TTR6036B1000A             4FWHF036A1000A

42K        6177933              16.00     4TTR6042B1000A             4FWHF042A1000A

48K        6177941              16.00     4TTR6049B1000A             4FWHF061A1000A

60K        6177944              14.00     4TTR6061B1000A             4FWHF061A1000A


Trane Model XR17 10Year Compressor, 10 Year Parts

BTUS     ARI#       SEER      OUTDOOR           INDOOR UNIT

24K        5819968              17.50     4TTR7024A1000A             TAM7A024H21SA

36K        5806011              18.00     4TTR7036A1000A             TAM7A0C42H31SA

48K        5996231              17.00     4TTR7048A1000A             TAM7A0C48H41SC

60K        5802239              16.00     4TTR7060A1000A             TAM7B0C60H51SA


Trane Model XL18i  10Year Compressor, 10 Year Parts

BTUS     ARI#       SEER      OUTDOOR           INDOOR UNIT

24K        5819682              17.50     4TTX8024A1000A             TAM7A0A24H21SA

36K        5804078              17.50     4TTX8036A1000A             TAM7A0C42H31SA

48K        5942931              17.00     4TTX8048A1000A             TAM7A0C48H41SA

60K        5800803              16.00     4TTX8060A1000A             TAM7A0B60H51SA

Trane Model XL20i 2 Stage DUAL (2) COMP. & MULTI SPEED INDOOR UNIT.


Trane Model XL20i  12Year Compressor, 1o Year Parts

BTUS     ARI#       SEER      OUTDOOR           INDOOR UNIT

24K        4738359              20.00     4TTZ0024A1000C             TAM7A0A30H21SA

36K        4792311              19.00     4TTZ0036B1000A             TAM7A0C36H31SA

48K        5290906              18.00     4TTZ0048B1000A             TAM7A0C48H41SA

60K        4770456              18.00     4TTZ0060A1000A             TAM7A0C60H41SA

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