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Replacng Your Air Conditioning System With a New Heat Pump

Owning a home is never burden free. Appliances, particularly the big-ticket items such as heat pumps, central air conditioning units and furnaces, don’t last forever. A major part of effectively managing your home finances requires that you deal with the maintenance of heating and cooling equipment. But sometimes, you can’t keep it working. If a replacement is in order, perhaps a new heat pump installation project is your best solution.

Aiming For the Best in Current Technology

Choosing a new home heating and cooling solution involves several major decisions. Brand name, energy-efficiency and SEER ratings all play into the picture, but these are the backend options – choices that come after identifying the primary reasons for installing new air conditioning equipment. The preliminary choices involve the following concepts:

  • Location – Cold weather regions have a lower demand for central air conditioning, but demand advanced heating resources. Likewise, high temperature areas such as Arizona and other Southwestern states require extra expenditures in home cooling resources.
  • Condition of the Home – Older homes may have less efficient insulation in the ceilings and walls, drafty windows and leaky ductwork. Even new homes can sometimes benefit from a bit of general upkeep and repair. Make the upgrades before choosing a heating and cooling system.
  • Long-Term Goals – Perhaps you are seeking a short-term presale solution to a worn out central air conditioner system or an obsolete furnace unit. Or maybe you are outfitting a summer cottage that sees very light seasonal traffic. Compare the need to the cost.
  • Benefits of Advanced Technology – In a survey performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 9.6 percent of the Arizona test group suffered from asthma. Only eight other states exceeded the Arizona average. Modern heating and cooling technology also includes advanced air filtration systems that can help reduce the home sufferings of allergy and asthma patients. If this affects you, plan it into the purchase cost.
  • Extended Benefits of a Heat Pump – In the Arizona desert, a little extra boost in heating can greatly reduce the overall heating bill. Heat pumps function in the same manner as standard central air conditioning, however they also include the ability to reverse the process thereby lifting heat from the outside air and using it to warm your home at a reduced cost. Arizona is prime heat pump country.

Something Has Got To Change

If you can’t keep it working, why not contact your local Arizona heat pump installation professional. New equipment ensures that you get the best in energy efficiency, home comfort and trouble-free service. When the old system suffers from recurring problems, repair costs mount up quickly. A new heat pump can ease your mind, eliminate the complications and provide better management of your home finances.

Heat pumps function best when installed correctly in a well-insulated and well-sealed house. They produce warm air, not hot air, yet this is often more than sufficient for your Arizona heating needs. A typical gas burning furnace pumps out heat to the tune of 150 degree F. A typical heat pump comes in at 100 to 120 degrees F.

When the Arizona heat pump service expert knocks on the door, you can get the best in central air conditioning while gaining the added benefits of cheaper heat during the early months of winter and sometimes even year-round. It is a variable alternative to standalone cooling and standalone heating.

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