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Welcome to the Arizona Season For a New Heat Pump

Good news for residents of Phoenix, AZ. Your air conditioners and heat pumps are about to get a bit of rest. According to 12 News at Arizona Central, the current Metro Phoenix forecast calls for a few more days of dry skies and warm air, but high pressure relief is on the way. Look for a rise in moisture and a lowering in temperatures. Chances of rain and storms are on the horizon.

It’s the Arizona Season For Heat Pumps

Summer heat often forces area residents to buy new air conditioning equipment, but some have resisted the need. Yet recent Arizona temperatures have broken local and national records. The strain on home cooling units is evidenced by the increase in demand for air conditioning repairs. Everyone is glad to catch a wave of relief.

Even now, your home cooling unit may be on it’s last thrust of cooling breath. Perhaps you seen it coming, but you have held back on buying a new system due to financial setbacks – or even as a measure of sound financial planning. You know a new central cooling system won’t reap a great payback this late in the season. But perhaps, a heat pump can make it worth while to take the plunge. Now may indeed be the time to make preparations for the coming of cool weather and for next summer’s new burst of Phoenix heat rises.

Heat pumps give you the best of both worlds. During the sweaty Arizona summers, an air conditioning replacement may seem the primary road to follow. But now, cooler weather is on the way. With a heat pump, you can gain all the benefits of central cooling while also gaining an inexpensive victory over winter chills. Why crank up that gas sucking central furnace system when a new heat pump will suffice the present need?

Both air conditioners and heat pumps provide society with extended means of home comfort. Both are readily available and either can be quickly installed by your local Arizona air conditioning service expert. But heat pumps provide a slight bonus over standard central cooling.

The principle of operation is identical between the two systems: Both extract warm air from cold air. But a heat pump also includes a “reverse” switch. Where the AC pulls warm air from inside the home and replaces it with cool air, the heat pump can also pull warm air from outside the home and send inside the home.

Location – The Critical Component

It’s all a matter of where you live. Air conditioners are a bit more energy efficient at cooling, yet a heat pump provides inexpensive heat against external temperatures down to about 40 degrees. If the average outdoor temperature in your location typically drops below 40 degrees, a heat pump will provide insignificant savings in operation costs.

However, according to the National Weather Service in Phoenix, AZ, the months of November, December and January are the coolest months for the area. It’s a season when the average Arizona lows typically hit around 40 to 45 degrees. You may need a furnace for times when conditions exceed the average, but in most events a heat pump can provide the bulk of your Phoenix area heating and cooling needs.

Time to Bite the Bullet

If you’ve delayed on buying a new, state-of-the-art cooling system, perhaps now is the time to act upon the need. Your Arizona air conditioning replacement specialists can help you make the right choice for your home. Cut down on your cooling and heating expenses. Now is the time to reap the benefits of a new heat pump installation.

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