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Cost of Phoenix Air Conditioning Installation

Is It Time To Hire A Professional Phoenix Air Conditioning Installation Company?

The April 2013 valley weather forecast for Phoenix AZ and the surrounding areas, such as Meza, Scottsdale and Buckeye predicts temperatures rising toward the mid-90s by mid-month. Chances of precipitation are hanging near 0% and the humidity has already reached 14%. It’s going to be another long, long cooling season.

Perhaps your current AC system is chugging along rather well. On the other hand, you may already have the Internet open to a Yellow Page listing of local Gilbert AC installation providers. Right now the big word in your mind is Cost.

Installing new central air conditioning can get expensive. Even on low-priced units, you may have to replace certain supplemental components such as ductwork, internal vents or even the air conditioning and refrigeration (ACR) field services pipe. With each additional component, the cost of materials increases. With each additional component, the price of installation also increases.

Air conditioning service prices vary from state to state and city to city. This article presents an overview of general pricing for the installation of central air conditioning systems. However, the closing statements focus on pricing Phoenix AC installation projects.

Central Air Conditioning Installation Cost: An Overview

Although no two AC installations are exactly alike, many similarities exit. Thus the primary procedures remain constant for all home or small business AC projects. However, the individual processes vary in relationship to pre-existing conditions and building size. For example: Pre-existing forced hot air heating ductwork may eliminate excess installation materials and labor. Whereas installation in a new home will likely require the installation of ducts, ACR pipe and perhaps even some custom landscaping. 

According to the 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics the median pay for educated, trained and qualified heating, AC and refrigeration mechanics and installers hovered around $20.50 per hour. When dealing with companies that promote quality services above discount pricing, expect that they will also be paying for the top skilled, field technicians. Yet you must always remember that up-front pricing for quality work always come back in lifetime savings.

AC installation is not a DIY project. It requires special equipment and should be installed according to industry standards as developed by the US Energy Conservation department. On a national average, installing a central air conditioning unit will range from $2650 up to $15000 plus.

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Your Gilbert area AC contractor should adhere to the following cooling unit installation standards: 

  • Install a doorway for access to the evaporator coil for cleaning and maintenance
  • Ensure adequate space for the indoor components of installation, maintenance and system repair
  • Use efficient duct-sizing methodology
  • Whenever possible, avoid installing ductwork in the attic
  • Use proper duct sealing methods, including heaver insulation for attic ducts
  • Right-counts the register and return air requirements
  • Ensures that airflow to condensing units are not hindered by nearby objects
  • Positions the external unit for best performance, best noise control and best safety practices
  • Uses an exact refrigerant charge.

Breaking Out the Specifics of Costs

The pricing for a new central air condition installation includes 4 primary points of payment: 

  1. Contractor – Oversees the entire project
  2. Subcontractor – Provides any necessary sub-licensed services
  3. Labor – Cleanup detail and technician assistance
  4. Materials – Ranging from the primary unit to the necessary recovering machine.

Phoenix Area Pricing For Central Air Conditioning Installation

Pricing the exact cost for installing AC in any given home must be based upon critical details as listed above. However, Phoenix prices typically run a bit below the national average. For example: A 16-SEER, 4-ton indoor and outdoor Meza AC installation would touch on $9000. But when pricing for your home or business, you can’t go by unit size and SEER ratings alone.

You don’t want a unit that is too small or a unit that is too large. Make certain that your Phoenix AC Installation Professional is licensed, insured, bonded and up-to-date on current AC sizing practices. Doing things right can help you save as much as thirty percent on your yearly cooling bill. You need an AC contractor who wants to do the job right, knows how to do the job right and cares enough about customer satisfaction to ensure that the job is done right.

For fast, 24-hour air conditioning and heat pump installation and services, call American Cooling and Heating today.





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