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Manufactured Weather – How Carrier Heat Pumps Function

Carrier Heat Pumps – A Revamping of Manufactured Weather

Carrier Heat Pump Condensing Unit

Just a little over 114 years ago, escaping from the torment of 100-plus degree Arizona temperatures was limited to finding shade, taking cold showers or standing near to an electric fan. William Carrier had not yet coined the term “manufactured weather,” and the concept of air conditioning was a dream not yet formulated as an attainable project. A/C units were nonexistent. The concept of a Carrier Heat Pump was even further from thought..

But in 1902, Willis Carrier created a product that changed the world’s concept of heating and cooling and the principles of environmental control. The Carrier “manufactured weather” machines resolved the challenges of how to regulate indoor environments via the power of modern air conditioning. The age of healthier interior air flow, improved personal comfort and a new method for overcoming summer heat waves  – even those scorching air-twisters that shimmer above Phoenix AZ – had finally arrived.    

Modern Carrier air conditioning systems and Carrier heat pumps enable industries worldwide with the tools that promote better employee productivity, health and workplace comforts. In the global-wide residential home front, Carrier heating and cooling products help homeowners find reprieve, comfort and relaxation regardless of the bruising associated with exterior climate changes.

But what is it that makes a Carrier Heat Pump superior to standard central air conditioning?

Manufactured Weather – Carrier Heat Pumps Address Both Sides of the Coin

Throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States, over 20,000 air conditioning service dealers carry and install Carrier HP equipment and other Carrier HVAC products. The Carrier Company Website lists 31 dealers in the general Phoenix area, including regions that take in Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Glendale and Peoria. Carrier HVAC products are designed to handle even the most extreme demands for “manufactured weather.”

So how do Carrier HP systems work?

The functions of a heat pump are no mystery. The heat pump merely regulates the process of how heat moves. For example: Place a cup of hot coffee on an outside table and leave it untouched for several hours. The heat escapes into the atmosphere and the coffee grows cold – even when the external atmosphere is already very hot. Therein lie the fundamentals of what it means to “move” heat.

A Carrier Heat Pump flips the process. Rather than permitting heat to escape into the external atmosphere, a HP draws heat energy from the outside and “moves” it into an enclosed area – the rooms in your home or office.

But what happens when the outside temperature rises above the desired internal temperature? Your Carrier HP equipment merely reverses the direction of “movement.” As a result, the heat within your home or office gets relocated to the outside atmosphere. The temperature within your home drops and you experience cool and comfort – regardless of the current 110-degree Phoenix heat wave.

The point to remember: Heat Pumps do not generate heat; they merely relocate heat. Thus the cost of operating a heat pump is much less expensive than the price of electrical energy, gas or any other type of fossil fuel. An installed Heat Pump system provides a cost-effective energy-efficient solution to your Phoenix area need for “manufactured weather.”

About American Cooling and Heating

American Cooling and Heating is an acknowledge Arizona professional Carrier Heat Pump Installation company. AC&H Carrier services include residential, commercial and industrial heating and cooling solutions. Licensed, bonded and insured, AC&H is a member of the:

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AC&H A/C and Heat Pump installation, services and repairs extend to the following Arizona installed air conditioning product lines: 

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  • AND other major brands.

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