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Mesa Air Conditioning Buying – 5 Air Conditioning Buying Tips

Goodman Air Conditioning On Sale NowMesa Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide – Getting The Best In A/C Installation As Well As Performance

You don’t have to live in Mesa Arizona to make use of this Mesa Air Conditioning buyer’s guide. However, as a special promotion to Mesa residents, from now until July 9th, 2014 American Cooling and Heating is giving a “10% Discount On HVAC Maintenance Services*” to Mesa, AZ homeowners. So make it happen. The ACH 24/7 HVAC service team is on-call, stocked for repairs, and ready to roll into your neighborhood.

Meantime, the following Air Conditioning and Heat Pump buyer-tips can help every homeowner get the right product for the right price and backed by the right A/C installation team.

Make Quick, Simple, Reliable HVAC Buying Decisions


1) Unit Sizing

Avoid HVAC contractors who size units according to floor area alone. It takes about an hour for an A/C technician to match a structure’s cooling needs to the guidelines established by Manual J of the ACCA (Air Conditioner Contractors of America). Measurements must include window space, wall space, and the total area of ceiling space, as well as floor area. All new A/C installation estimates performed by American Cooling and Heating also take into account:

  • Homeowner comments and suggestions
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of the existing attic, crawlspace and wall insulation
  • Number of occupants living in the home
  • Latent cooling load (humidity of the air)Mesa Air Conditioning At ACH
  • Sensible cooling load (best air temperature for your home)
  • The average daily indoor and outdoor temperatures, and shade areas
  • The color of the roof on the home
  • AND more.


2) Mesa Air Conditioning System Efficiency

Spend a few dollars more and up the efficiency of your system. New federal regulations demand that all new A/C systems rate 13-SEER or higher. However, the improved Return on Investment (ROI) in energy savings makes it well worth exceeding 13-SEER. Ask your American Cooling and Heating HVAC estimator to point you toward any current ACH “FREE” system upgrade plans. And be sure you stick with ENERGY STAR labeled systems. Saving a penny on a less efficient heat pump or A/C unit is not worth what you loose by stepping out from beneath the ENERGY STAR umbrella of performance commitment.


3) Hardcopy Quotes

Springing for the lowest bid can lead to missing paperwork and quoted cooling load calculations that don’t include all of the ACCA “Manual J” configurations. Get everything in writing and get it in advance of paying for the job. Sure some papers may have to wait until after the service is completed for the final signing, but that should not prevent your HVAC contractor from presenting you with up-front copies.


4) Moisture Management

Air Conditioning condensers and Heat Pumps are similar in cooling function, but the moisture handling efficiency varies between models. The American Cooling and Heating technical team will suggest an air conditioning system that best suits the regional climate for Mesa, or any other specific area of Arizona.


5) Avoid Over-Sizing

Although tonnage and SEER share some points in common, increasing the A/C SEER rating is not the same as increasing the system tonnage. Take care that your Mesa Air Conditioning installation does not include a system that is oversized for your home.

According to Home Energy Saver, better than 1/3 of the installed home air conditioning systems are oversized and less efficient than is to be expected (1). Contractors, they say, often tend to oversize units by as much as 1/2 ton or more. This causes the units to turn on and off more often than necessary, and perform poorly as a dehumidifier. For the homeowner, it means:

  • Higher electric bills
  • AND A reduced level of home comfort.


Mesa Air Conditioning From A Reliable Local Company

American Cooling and Heating provides valley-wide air conditioning and heating services for residential, commercial and industrial customers. The company has outlets and offices in various Phoenix metro regions, including outlets for Mesa Air Conditioning installation. ACH installs and services air handlers, furnaces, heat pumps, refrigeration, air conditioning condensing units and other HVAC equipment. Licensed, bonded and insured for HVAC installation and services, ACH carries a standing A+ rating with the Arizona BBB. Products sold, installed and serviced included Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Trane and more.

And remember: From now until July 9th, 2014 American Cooling and Heating is giving a “10% Discount On HVAC Maintenance Services*” to Mesa, AZ residents who own their home. Plus: All HVAC installation and service work performed by American Cooling and Heating is 100% Workmanship Guaranteed. For more information on Mesa Air Conditioning buyer options, click here.






  1. Maintenance must be performed by an authorized American Cooling and Heating HVAC technician.
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