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Climatemaster Geo Thermal Heat Pumps

Homeowners just like you are growing more anxious every day as energy prices fluctuate wildly. Even worse, no permanent relief is in sight.

What can you do to protect your family from this costly trend?

Reduce your consumption of energy. You can improve your home’s “energy efficiency” with improved appliances, more nsulation, and newer or fewer windows… but, did you know that over 50% of your utility costs come from heating, cooling, and water heating? Now, that’s something you can control… it’s called the Tranquility™ geothermal system from ClimateMaster.

The opposite of anxiety… is Tranquility™.

Using EarthPure™ Ozone Safe Refrigerant*, the Tranquility™ is a breakthrough in efficiency – providing you with the greatest energy savings of any space conditioning system and unprecedented environmental protection at the same time. The Tranquility 27™ with two-stage compressor and variable speed fan, and the single stage Tranquility 20™ offer the latest in geothermal technology.


The Tranquility 27™ is the highest efficiency water-source heat pumps on the planet offering an unprecedented 27EER* to 31EER**


Low Utility Bills: Components and design so highly evolved make Tranquility™ the most efficient energy saver anywhere.
Flexibility: You get heating, central air conditioning, and domestic hot water… three important benefits from a single compact unit.

Comfort: Tranquility 27™ automatically adjusts to satisfy changing weather conditions by using advanced Two-Stage compressors and variable speed air delivery system that responds to your comfort needs.
Safe and Clean: Geothermal heating and cooling has no flame, no flue, no odors, and no danger of fumes.
Homeowner Satisfaction: Independent consumer surveys rate geothermal systems as having the highest customer satisfaction compared to other types of heating and cooling systems.

Noise-Free Operation: Unlike traditional air conditioners or heat pumps, geothermal units have no noisy outdoor fans to disturb you or your neighbors.

System Performance Monitor: Automatic alert system let’s you know if the system is not running at peak performance.**

Long System Life: The elegant yet durable design of the Tranquility™ series ensures long life, dependable operation and low maintenance. All Tranquility™ air coils are specifically treated for longevity.
MERV 11: Superior air filtration improves indoor air quality. Compared to traditional fiberglass air filters, the MERV 11 removes up to 9 times more dust, lasts 3 times longer and captures nearly 100% of pollen and spores.

Warranty: 10-year limited warranty standard.***
Two-Stage ComfortThe Tranquility 27™ is so sophisticated it automatically adjusts itself to provide the optimum, consistent indoor air temperatures regardless of the weather extremes.

Advanced Two-Stage Technology allows the Tranquility 27™ to operate at the most efficient level for all weather conditions. The Tranquility 27™ has the industry’s highest efficiency ratings.

Advanced two-stage design allows the Tranquility 27™ to “match” performance to meet all weather conditions:
On those cold winter days the second stage automatically engages when needed to keep your home warm and comfortable.
During the hottest months the second stage automatically engages when needed to provide additional cooling.
In mild spring and fall months only the first stage is needed to provide optimum indoor comfort.
Ninety percent of the year the Tranquility 27™ runs on low stage. The second stage kicks in automatically only when needed in the hottest and coldest months of the year. Using an electronic variable-speed fan motor, the Tranquility 27™ assures you of high comfort, maximum efficiency, superior year-round dehumidification, and low utility bills.

The energy-efficiency criteria for geothermal heat pumps to qualify for the Energy Star program requires an EER rating of 14.1 (closed loop systems) or 16.2 (open loop system). The Tranquility 27™ (two-stage) has a EER rating of 27; the Tranquility 20™ (single stage) has a EER rating of 20 – showing that not all Energy Star qualified systems are equal.

Tranquility 27™. The most energy efficient space conditioning system available from any manufacturer, anywhere on the planet.

How it works:

The earth absorbs almost 50% of all solar energy and remains a nearly constant temperature of 50°F to 70°F depending on geographic location. Working with an underground loop system, a ClimateMaster geothermal unit utilizes this constant temperature to exchange energy between your home and the earth as needed for heating and cooling.

In winter, water circulating inside a sealed loop absorbs heat from the earth and carries it to the unit. Here it is compressed to a higher temperature and sent as warm air to your indoor system for distribution throughout your home.

In the summer, the system reverses and expels heat from your home to the cooler earth via the loop system. This heat exchange process is not only natural, but is a truly ingenious and highly efficient way
to create a comfortable climate in your home.

Horizontal Loops

Horizontal Loops are installed in areas where the soil conditions allow for economical excavation. Taking up more land area than any other loop type, they are used where space permits. Trenches are normally 5 feet deep. Normally, several hundred feet of trench is required.

Vertical Loops

Vertical Loops are used extensively where land area is limited. A pair of pipes with a special U-Bend assembly at the bottom are inserted into a bore hole that averages between 150 to 250 feet in depth per ton of equipment.





Ultra High Efficiency

Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning in efficiencies over 15 SEER using R410a or Puron refrigerant are also considered Earth Friendly because of their extremely low electric consumption and their non-ozone depleting qualities.

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