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Cashing In On 2013 Tax Credit Rebates For Phoenix AC Installation

2013 Tax Credit for AC InstallationAlthough your air conditioning unit may have to work harder due to extreme temperatures and extended summers, the cost of a Phoenix AC installation compares well with the national average. No matter where you live, the installation price for cooling services always boils down to unit size, quality of the purchased unit and any special circumstances concerning the layout and needs of your home.  

Without having the full details of your home or business, including size of structure, age of structure and other critical data, it is impossible to provide exact AC installation pricing. However, the average costs to install a central air conditioner can range from $2,500 to $15,000. In Phoenix, the typical costs a bit below average, ranging from $2,000 to $11,000. For personal reference, consider $9,000 a ballpark figure for a 4-ton indoor and outdoor 16-seer electric system, installed.  

The cost breakout works as follows: 

  • Contractor – Deals with the primary assessment of the home and with the overseeing of the AC installation process
  • Subcontractor – Performs any special services (electrical wiring, custom ductwork and such) for which the contractor is not licensed
  • Labor – Available for assisting the contractor and subcontractor
  • Material – Additional components and tools such as AC refrigerant, recovery machine, new ductwork, clamps and more
  • Tonnage of the unit – Depends upon the size of the structure, number of windows, quality of the insulation and other factors.

American Cooling and Heating is a fully qualified Phoenix AC contractor, equipped to handle every detail of the installation, including any tasks that would normally be assigned to a subcontractor. This assures that your home or business air conditioning project receives personal services from start to finish. 

Reducing the Overall Expenses

You can reduce the costs of AC installation in several ways. It starts by choosing a reputable Phoenix air conditioning installation professional. When searching for a company to handle your heating and cooling needs, demand knowledgeable technicians with the skill to do the job right the first time every time. Avoid any pricing scheme that falls too far below the national average. And remember: A poorly installed AC unit may save funds on the front-end but result in multiple hidden costs that only show up during normal system operation and maintenance.

The best costs savings involve five primary points: 

  • Size the central AC unit correctly
  • Stick with a full-service heating and cooling professional
  • Make sure the unit is installed correctly
  • Take advantage of seasonal discounts
  • Claim you 2013 Tax Credit Rebate. 

Claiming the 2013 Tax Credit Rebate

It was New Year’s Day when Congress approved reinstatement of several popular tax breaks. Both individuals and small businesses benefit from the legislative package. One extension, the “25C Tax Credit”, involves returns for homeowners who install energy efficient appliances in existing homes.

On January 2, 2013 the presiding President of the U.S.A. signed that legislation into law. Here is a partial listing of products include in the details of the plan: 

  • HVAC Components
  • Insulation
  • Home Roofing, Including Metal & Asphalt Materials
  • Non-Solar Water Heaters
  • Doors and Windows.

The credit, set at 10% of costs up to $500, expires on December 31, 2013. Specific energy efficiency levels apply. To get full details and to understand exactly how this program can reduce Phoenix air conditioning installation expenses, view the materials posted at the Database of State Incentives for Renewable & Efficiency (DSIRE).

If you need further help, the experts at Phoenix AC installer American Cooling and Heating can be reached at: (602) 734-5422. Get AC repair, AC replacement, and a choice from popular brands such as Amana, Carrier, Lennox and Trane. Skilled technicians are on hand now to answer your call.





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