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Amana ASXC18: A Phoenix ACH Close-up On the Amana ASXC18

Amana premium air conditionersAC&H Central Air Conditioning Review of the Amana ASXC18

With 2013 in full swing and a tad over half finished, it’s a good time to consider which Air Conditioning systems provide the best value for your Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale or other Phoenix area home or business. Arizona-based American Cooling and Heating services, repairs and installs Amana A/C products as well as various other top line HVAC equipment. This review is not designed to favor one brand above another, but rather identifies the pros and cons of the Amana ASXC18.

Buying central air conditioning or heat pump equipment is never easy. The choices in brand name, available options, features, and the specifics of your Phoenix air conditioning installation needs can hinder a straight-forward purchase. By knowing which units of a given brand name stand out above the competitors, you can make a better choice. By knowing which units work well in AZ terrain, the choice becomes even more narrow. For your convenience, the experts at AC&H have put together a set of criteria that measure A/C performance based upon:

  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Price
  • AND Warranty.

Please keep in mind that all successful and efficient Phoenix Air Conditioning installations must include a measuring of site specifics, customer expectations and unit matching to existing structural conditions. Also understand that effective A/C selection also depends upon local climate, seasonal temperature variations and the associated energy requirements of the area.

The premium Amana ASXC18 makes a nice budget selection for Phoenix regional heating and cooling. Your home or business may be better suited to a smaller system or even a larger system. The AC&H tech team is on hand 24/7 to help you make the best air conditioning equipment choice for your precise needs.


Amana ASXC18, A Premium Air Conditioning Product at Budget-Level Pricing

For a premium A/C priced for budget-level cooling system, the popular Amana ASXC18 provides superior cooling performance, high-efficiency output and quiet operation. With reasonable pricing for reliable operation and durable performance, the ASXC18 comes in as a top value for 2013 A/C equipment. The Amana premium lifetime replace limited warranty topped off with a 10-year limited warranty on parts gets Arizona residents and businesses a cost-effective cooling unit that handles Arizona temperatures with relative ease.

As a total cooling package, the Amana ASXC18:

  • Provides up to 18 SEER performance
  • Uses R-410A Chlorine-Free Refrigerant
  • Is compatible with the Amana ComfortNet™ Communications System
  • Includes the features of Copeland ComfortAlert™ diagnostics routines
  • Takes advantage of the Copeland® UltraTech™ two-stage scroll compressor
  • Includes a factory-installed filter drier
  • Uses coil and ambient temperature sensors
  • Includes wire grille for fan discharge
  • Ships as a compact footprint unit
  • Coil guard is constructed of louvered steel
  • Sweat connection service valves make for easy access gage ports
  • AND includes a quiet, two-speed condenser fan motor.

Depending on the sub-model, the ASXC18 outputs a cooling capacity of 35,000 to 57,000  BTU/h. The condenser fan runs at 1/3 horsepower (RPM) on all sub-models, and the Amana ASXC18 voltage-phase-hz for all sub-models holds at 208/230-1-60. Unit height, width and depth on all sub-models is 38-1/4, 35-1/2 and 35-1/5 respectively.


What Do the Amana ASXC18 Specs Mean To You?

The Amana ASXC18 rates as a great budget pick. It’s quality Air Conditioning at reasonable pricing. The system is quiet, backed by an excellent warranty and priced less than the more expensive models that rank high for 2013 performance. On the downside, some Amana products come in with a reliable reputation issue that falls a bit below the central air conditioning systems offered by other vendors. The unit can achieve up to an 18-SEER rating, yet Consumer Search reports actual ranges that fall between 15 and 19. The measure of energy efficiency ratio (EER) hangs between 11.2 and 13.25, making it possible that your installed ASXC18 will miss the Energy Start rating that permits a tax credit.

Pricing of the ASXC18 ranges from a 3-ton at $2,550 to a 5-ton at $3,300. This makes the unit a great budget pick that still affords quality performance. The unit may miss out on federal tax credits and utility company rebates. However, the 10-year limited warranty on parts, and the availability of a lifetime limited warranty on the compressor and the condensing unit can easily makeup for minor gains through tax credits and utility rebates. All in all, the ASXC18 remains a top A/C budget-choice for 2013.


Quality of Installation Makes the Deciding Factor

The final performance factor of any installed Phoenix Air Conditioning system depends as much on the skills of the installer as it does the expected ratings of the unit. When correctly matched to your Gilbert, Mesa or Scottsdale home, the Amana ASXC18 provides an effective budget-solution to your heating and cooling needs.

American Cooling and Heating is fully trained and equipped to ensure that your selected A/C system:

  • Suits your personal comfort needs
  • Exceeds the requirements of your home structure and layout
  • Provides effective energy-efficient operation
  • Is cost-effective
  • Installed with professional care and consideration
  • Backed by a reliable warranty
  • AND is priced to fit your personal budget.


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