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The Life and Times of Industrial and Commercial Air Conditioning Products

Brief History of Technology in Industrial and Commercial Air Conditioning

Past commercial and industrial air conditioning market trends focused on green building technologies with low-energy cooling systems. The approach to air conditioning strived for indirect evaporative systems that would provide greater influx of outside air at a significantly reduced energy demand. This process and the associated system design aimed to provide vapor compression systems as a supplement to indirect heat exchangers.

Dating back to 2005, when the need for a reduction in commercial cooling energy consumption became self-evident, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) began funding the Desert CoolAire performance prototype project. Preliminary field testing began in 2006. The chosen test areas included Boise, Idaho and Sacramento, California. Comparison tests were also run in areas of milder climates such as Portland, Oregon.

Future modeling sites included high-temperature, full-cooling seasons in regions such as Arizona and California. Overall investigations focused on best case, evaporator operation.

Support for the project included the Sacramento Municipal Utility District and the American Public Power Association. The research evidenced great value in the performance of Indirect Evaporative Coolers (IEC). In fact, the IEC systems demonstrated a 50 percent savings on performance demand, an increased performance capacity and significant savings in energy consumption. At times, the systems delivered 100 percent outside air throughout the cooling season.

Key successes of the project are as follows:

  • The hybrid systems successfully met the cooling and heating needs of the tested commercial spaces
  • Peak performance of the prototype units came in at 15 EER on 103°F
  • Peak performance of the IEC section came in at 25 EER
  • Demand savings consistently reached 2-3 kW
  • Average energy savings touched on 23 percent
  • Short comings in projected energy savings appeared mostly due to poor compressor and fan performance
  • Simulation runs revealed high hopes for future generations including the likelihood of a peak EER capable of hitting 25 at 103°F.

Back to the Future – Current Technology in Industrial and Commercial Air Conditioning

New advanced cooling technology studies include the application of a permanent magnet motor drive for compressors. The units offer a two fold promise: 1) Lower environmental impact and 2) Reduced operating costs. The development project involves various major players in the air conditioning industry, including Carrier, DuPont and Lockheed-Martin.

The new system aims to provide significant advancements in the commercial air conditioning arena. Possible benefits include:

  • As much as 15 percent yearly energy savings
  • Increased efficiency in the centrifugal compressor as compared to current air conditioning systems
  • A lighter, quieter and smaller compressor
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Automated variable-speed, on-demand efficiency management.

The unit is purposed to drive 25-ton plus rooftop air conditioning systems.

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Recent reports indicate that commercial buildings in the United States occupy better than 62 billion square feet of indoor space. All total, nearly 4.6 million commercial buildings consume ¼ of the yearly U.S. demand for electricity. Space cooling accounts for over 15 percent of that demand.

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