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Outdoor Air Conditioning Equipment – How To Hide The Outdoor AC Condensing Unit

Outdoor air conditioning equipment Outdoor Air Conditioning Equipment – An Eyesore and a Life Necessity

In Arizona, outdoor air conditioning equipment seems so common as to be a natural environmental phenomenon. But let’s face it, even with the slick and sleek design of modern exterior HVAC components, the look of a raw and exposed A/C condensing unit remains a bit of an eyesore in your garden and/or entertainment area.

When putting on a backyard cookout for friends and relatives, we sometimes wish the neighbors would accept temporary storage of the outdoor air conditioning components. But even with all complications included, those sometimes bulky hunks of metal that help cool your Arizona home also remain one of America’s favorite major appliances. To stay cool on the inside of your home, you have to have the A/C hardware that makes it happen.

However, it is possible to enjoy the comfort of home air conditioning technology without enduring an intrusion upon your outdoor living style. The following tips will help you conceal, hide or mask the external components of your Arizona air conditioning system.

Conceal Without Hindering: Know The Specs For Your Outdoor AC Condensing Unit

Before leaping into methods for concealing external A/C condensing units, ensure that you do not hinder the efficiency of your functional outdoor A/C equipment. Take time to gather to mind the basics of how an air conditioner system works. Know what keeps the technology efficient and happy. Plan a concealment application that allows the system room to breathe.

The harder your outdoor air conditioning equipment needs the work, the more function space it will require. All equipment that is designed with moving parts generates a measure of heat. However, equipment that moves hot air generates even more heat. The metal casing around your installed Arizona A/C components are perforated so that the system can breath quickly and easily. Adding any type of cover or shield can obstruct the airflow to and from your outdoor air conditioning condensing system.

Here is a basic rule: Before hiding the unit check the restrictions designated by the manufacturer of the HVAC system in question. Make a mistake while concealing your outside air conditioning components, and you may discover that the modifications include hidden repair expenses or an increase in your power bill.

Three Tips For Concealing Outdoor Air Conditioning Components

[houzz=]There it is, the brand new home, and along with it an unconcealed external A/C condensing system. But it doesn’t have to remain that way. Here are some simple ways to make that wonderful comfort necessity invisible, beautiful, or just slightly out of sight.

1) Ready Made Air Conditioning Concealment

Hide Outdoor Air Conditioning ComponentsIt’s easy to locate and install a ready made decorative outdoor screen. Component prices come in as low as $70 and can be purchased in panels that are easily arranged into “L”, “U” or straight line patterns. These ready made outdoor screens are crafted from durable resin materials, typically powder-coated, and designed water-resistant. Common sizes are available for most any application. Installation is simple enough so that any able-bodied homeowner can take care of the eyesore with less than an hour of physical labor.

2) Craft a Custom A/C Concealment Structure

Installing a fence or screen is among the most common methods for hiding outdoor air conditioning equipment from easy view. But maybe the ready-made market just doesn’t suit your fancy. That doesn’t mean you can’t design your own structure. Start by examining the environment and your personal needs. Take cues from some of the free self-styled “hide A/C ideas” tossed out on Pinterest, Houzz and other such sites.

But remember: Before crafting a dedicated structure, keep in mind that you must have space for system ventilation. Then, if the scheme fits, think outside the box. Perhaps merely concealing your Arizona A/C condensing system is a bit short of the greater possibilities. Before designing the air conditioning concealment structure, consider working in space for storing a lawnmower, garden supplies, and more. You might even end up with a structure that that not only disguises the outdoor air conditioning equipment but that also appears as a fully natural extension to your home.

3) Control The Eyes of the Viewer 

E.V.A. Lanxmeer path 2009The best landscape designers know how to guide the eyes. Even if one huge hunkering outdoor air conditioning condensing system occupies some limited area within your garden, a right laid path and uniquely planted greenery can redirect the eyes of your visitor to the beauty of the land rather than the exterior AC box in the corner. It’s a framed view, designed to keep the cooling system in the picture yet out of the viewer’s mind. Although this takes some considerable skill to pull it off, many a homeowner has already accomplished the task. You can too.


Parting Shots – Some Not-So-Well-Hidden Outdoors Air Conditioning Equipment

The following photos offer some rather unique concepts for hiding your exterior air conditioning compFEMA - 284 - Hazard Mitigation - raised air conditioning unitonents. Enjoy…  And if you neŘehenice, Křiváček, air-conditioninged a little help getting your current Arizona HVAC unit up and running, give us a call. American Cooling and Heating is always ready to respond, 24/7. We handle Arizona AC repairs, Arizona AC installations, and much, much more.

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