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Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Technology, and Applied Physics?

Improving Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Performance Via Magnetic Cooling

In the Popular Mechanics article “A Brief History of Air Conditioning,” the author begins the timeline in 1758 with Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley (1). Franklin “I invented everything,” and Hadley, professor at Cambridge University, discovered the cooling powers of evaporation of volatile liquids. Alcohol and similar type liquids, when applied to an object, evaporate quicker than water. The process is actually capable of freezing water.

Now leap forward in time to 2014. to an applied physics letter printed in AIP Scitation. The abstract of the letter, “Anisotropy-enhanced Giant Reversible Rotating Magnetocaloric Effect in HoMn2O5 Single Crystals,” begins by presenting the foundation for applied magnetic and magnetocaloric properties. The authors, M. Balli, S. Jandl, P. Fournier, and M. M. Gospodinov discuss the power of applying rotation rather than in-and-out implementation to the single crystal HoMn2O5 contained by the cb plane in a stable magnetic field. The process proves capable of driving efficient rotary magnetic refrigerators.


Magnetic Cooling, A Novel Path To Improved Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

The advantages of rotary magnetic refrigeration technology include reduced energy demands, elimination of harmful cooling fluids, and a simpler way of doing things. The end result: An environmentally friendly cooling process that works better and easier than modern fluid-compression refrigeration methods. Described as the key to better “green” air conditioning and refrigeration technology by the Canadian-Bulgarian research team credited with development of the process, rotary magnetic technology revolves around solid magnetic substances defined by the team as magnetocaloric materials. The primary efficiency of the process lies in the ability to scale in direct proportion to the generated magnetocaloric effect.

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According to “Magnetocaloric effect and magnetic cooling near a field-induced quantum-critical point (3)” released by NCBI resources, the magnetocaloric effect (MCE) is defined as a “temperature change in response to an adiabatic change of the magnetic field.” Past applications of magnetocaloric refrigeration have been focused on cryogenic temperatures. However, the new applications point clearly to extending the power of the process to meet the need for room air conditioning. Previously, paramagnetic salts were the choice materials applied to low-temperature refrigeration — including room temperature control. However, the efficiency of MCE, ease of operation, and adaptability of the process under applied microgravity conditions paramagnets now offer a reliable alternative to standard dilution refrigerators and space cooling technology.


How It Works, A Simple Example

Ferromagnetic materials, known for a tendency to heat up when magnetized and to cool down when the magnetic field is removed, is considered a magnetocaloric material. Magnetic fields cause ferromagnetic materials to achieve a higher state of order. However, even as order is achieved, the increase in the material’s temperature generates disorder within the atomic lattice. By contrast, removal of the magnetic influence results in a more ordered atomic lattice, which in turn causes a reduction in the material’s temperature. The essential power of magnetic refrigeration: It uses heat transfer via fluid to recapture the produced cooling energy.

It may not be in your home tomorrow, but air conditioning, refrigeration and applied physics is coming your way. The power of magnetic cooling technology and the eco-friendly solutions of a rotating magnetocaloric cooling system may well change the path of both modern domestic and modern industrial air conditioning and refrigeration function. Simple. Efficient. And compact Arizona home air conditioning. You got to like it.


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2)      Applied Physics Letters June 10, 2014 (DOI: 10.1063/1.4880818). :






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