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Rheem Air Conditioning – Offering Copeland® Compliant Scroll® Compressor Air Conditioning Solutions

rheem-air-conditioning-heat-pump-condensing-unitsRheem Air Conditioning Division and the 1994 Adoption of Copeland® Compliant Scroll® Compressor Technology

The Rheem Air Conditioning Division operates from three facilities in the United States, all ISO 9000 certified and all in the lower states of the nation. Shipping throughout North American and other world regions, the full line of commercial and residential Rheem heating and cooling products come out of Fort Smith, Arkansas, Greenville, Alabama and Milledgeville, Georgia. The Rheem Manufacturing distribution network includes more than 15,000 locations throughout the world. Brand labels applied to Rheem heating and cooling products include: Rheem, Ruud and WeatherKing. The company currently employees approximately 3,500 direct workers.

Designed to ensure customer satisfaction, Rheem air conditioning products are designed to meet or exceed industry standards. And Rheem, as a company, is always seeking to grow and improve their product lines. For years, the Rheem Manufacturing Company A/C division has been making bold headlines in the realm of air conditioning technology. In December of 1998, the company released a press release declaring installation of over three million Copeland® Compliant Scroll® Compressors. Today, Rheem includes the Copeland as a standard component of every Rheem-crafted residential condensing unit.

Identified among the quietest, most durable condensing compressors on the market, Scroll compressors enhance home comfort for millions of Americans and residents throughout the world. According to William Lux, Rheem Vice President Marketing, “Compliant Scroll Compressors use an advanced orbiting technology that eliminates the need for pistons and valves found in old-fashioned reciprocating compressors,” (1). Mr Lux addresses the Copland Scroll as the “…most efficient compressor technology ever invented.” And we all know that efficient performance reduces the demand for HVAC maintenance calls.

It was in 1987 when Copeland first introduced the Compliant Scroll Compressors. By 1988, the Rheem air conditioning division accepted the performance tests and began installing the advanced Copeland compressors into residential heating and cooling equipment. The product was extremely successful, and in 1994 Rheem Manufacturing adopted an “all-scroll” initiative. The “Scroll Inside™” label is now a registered trademark of Rheem Manufacturing Company.Copeland Scroll Compressor

Simplicity is the core of the product’s success. Scroll technology incorporates two scroll-shaped elements that work to compress refrigerant gas in a reliable and continuous fashion. Gas entering from the outside of the scroll is regulated in a series of sealed crescent-shaped pockets that are form when the orbiting element contacts the stationary scroll. The process continues and the pockets grow progressively smaller as they near the center of the compressing cycle. The gas is continuously compressed right up to the moment of discharge.

According to the Copleland Director of Air Conditioning Marketing, Brandy Powell, the patented Copeland compliance process functions on a concept wherein two scroll components interact to consecutively achieve radial and axial compliance for best efficiency and durability. The advantages are as follows:

  • Minimized Gas Leakage – Applied centrifugal force enables the technology to achieve continuous flank contact, which assures maximum effective performance with minimum gas leakage.
  • Improved Reliability – Applied radial compliance between components enables the process to effectively, reliably and durably separate the presence of debris and/or liquid refrigerant.
  • Elimination of Tip Seals – By enabling the scroll to maintain continuous contact during all normal processes, applied axial compliance reduces leakage without need for tip seals.
  • Wear In Performance – Both the axial and the radial elements of the compliance process enable the scroll components to “wear in” as opposed to wearing out.


Rheem Air Conditioning Technology Always On The Move

Just because it was way back in 1994 when Rheem first adopted the all-inclusive Copeland® Compliant Scroll® Compressor Technology program, don’t think the company isn’t daily state-of-the-art. Here are just a few simple headlines to help you keep perspective (2):

* July 31, 2013 – Under the Rheem and the Ruud brands, the Rheem Air Conditioning division debuts a new gas furnace line capable of delivering efficiencies that exceed 98 percent AFUE.

* December 4, 2013 – Rheem expands heating, cooling and pool/spa product options and services by acquiring Heat Transfer Products Group (HTPG) and the associated refrigeration equipment technological opportunities.

* February 26, 2014 – U.S. Senator Shelby visits local Rheem water Heating Manufacturing Facility. Finding ways to enhance the community job market and the environment remains a priority with the Rheem air conditioning division.


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