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Obsolete Mesa Residential Air Conditioning Reduces Home Selling Value

Mesa Residential Air Conditioning Sells HomeModern Installed Mesa Residential AC Plays Major Role In Selling Homes

Due to sweltering summers, real estate experts across the nation are advising sellers to install modern, efficient and quiet residential air conditioning systems. The rules for Mesa AZ are no different. Although this small region of Arizona can often boast sunny days, cool desert night winds, and a climate perfect for visitors and new home buyers, the core summer months in Mesa AZ bring abundant sunshine, low humidity, and sweltering 100-degree plus temperatures.

At any moment, one of the residing 175,000 plus Mesa homeowners may enter the home resale marketplace (1). Yet in many cases, obsolete Mesa residential air conditioning reduces the resale value of the home. According to James Lowenstern, president of Castles Unlimited real estate offices, installing modern and efficient home AC is “…among today’s top essentials.”

Mesa Residential Air Conditioning A Year-Around Necessity

Low humidity, dry clean air, and an average temperature of 86 degrees attract many visitors to Mesa. But 86 degrees still makes for a very hot day. When seeking to sell your home, you have to determine the payback that can accompany installing modern HVAC equipment. But that’s a decision that comes with little difficulty. Your competitors are pressing forward with a sure winner. Be assured that of itself newly installed central AC may not return the full value of initial installation cost. But it will help you sell your home quicker… and when combined with other home improvements the overall value of your Mesa AZ “home for sale” can actually surpass the total cost for upgrades all around.

By contrast, that old obsolete residential air conditioning system can crash the market value of your Mesa home. So even if you don’t upgrade the existing AC, providing the buyer with an allowance for upgrading to his or her preferred system may be your wisest choice.

Tips On Replacing Your Obsolete Mesa Residential Air Conditioning

1) Rebates, Energy Credits and More

Although from vendor to vendor HVAC products tend to hold to an average pricing scale, manufacturers offer different rebates at different seasons of the year. Furthermore, not every unit includes energy credits. So; before buying, take time to investigate rebates, energy credits and more.

2) Existing Duct work

It may seem a strange thing, but there are yet homes in Mesa that do not include installed central air conditioning. Lacking existing duct work may limit the AC options for your home. Also, lacking a sufficient number of ducts in the right width can be a problem. To best determine your current situation, schedule a “Free” Mesa AZ home air conditioning inspection with American Cooling and Heating.

3) Right Sizing

This is a job for the HVAC technician, but be careful of those who come in offering a “rule-of-thumb” solution. Right sizing your home air conditioning system involves more than merely matching square footage to a given system-rating factor.

4) Where To Locate The Condenser

Typically, the best location solution involves outside for the condenser and inside with the furnace air handler with the evaporator coil.

5) Warranties and Maintenance Contracts

Selling home involves lots of paperwork. Providing your Mesa home buyer with warranty and maintenance details for any existing or newly installed appliances, construction work or more will help beef up the sale.


Wall Street Journal Analyses the Effect of AC on Home Prices

How much more will home buyers pay for a residence equipped with modern central air conditioning? To answer this question, we turn to research performed by the editors of The Wall Street Journal.

The test involved an analysis of property listing in twenty-two metro areas. Some real estate sales responders reported that homes with central A/C often listed for 105% higher than residents that lacked central AC. The Wall Street Journal article also confirms that the National Association of Realtors reports that central air appears to be the primary force behind home buying decisions (2). Face it; everyone likes the energy savings that accompany modern installed air conditioning systems.




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