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AC Repair In Arizona, A Countermeasure To Combat The Hot Weather And Preserve Your Indoor Comfort

Hot AZ Weather





Air conditioning repair is an especially critical issue for homeowners in Arizona, where temperatures routinely exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. A prolonged cooling system outage can be avoided by performing routine maintenance on an air conditioner. Air conditioning service typically requires a professional repair technician to clean parts of the system, lubricate bearings, and possibly replace a broken part.

Hot Arizona Weather

The hot Arizona weather makes air conditioning particularly important to homeowners. A high-pressure ridge over Arizona causes temperatures that are significantly higher than those in the surrounding area, according to the National Weather Service. The average daily high in Phoenix normally reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit by mid-May. However, the weather in Arizona has been unusually warm during 2012. The temperature in Phoenix reached 105 degrees Fahrenheit on April 22, 2012. This trend is expected to continue and the high temperatures in Arizona should routinely exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the coming summer. Therefore needed AC repairs in AZ should be made as quickly as possible during the summer.

Air Conditioning Repair 

An air conditioner contains many parts that may require repair or replacement. Bad wiring is a common problem and is usually caused by a bad connection, electrical supply issues, ordinary wear or animals chewing through the insulation. A central air-conditioning unit typically has two fan motors, one for the indoor unit and one for the outdoor unit. Fan motors usually stop working due to normal wear, and they typically must be replaced rather than repaired. Additional parts on air conditioners that may require replacement due to wear include the thermostat, capacitors, compressors and condensers.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Routine maintenance on an air conditioner can delay or prevent professional AC service. The air filter on an air conditioner accumulates dirt over time, and it will eventually become clogged. This will cause an air conditioner to run almost constantly and have difficulty keeping the home at the desired temperature. Check the air conditioner’s filter each month and replace it every one to three months.

Often found are other objects blocking the air intake to the outside air conditioning unit. This typically includes overgrown shrubs, leaves and grass. Ensure that the intake is clear to provide the air conditioner with an adequate supply of air. A check for accumulated water around the air conditioner should be made. The presence of water can indicate a clogged drain that a repair technician will need to flush or repair.

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