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Built Tough to Withstand the Seasons, Trane 13-SEER Air Conditioners are Crafted to Conquer Years of High Temperature Abuse

Arizona A/C Service Company American Cooling and Heating Announces Support for One of Trane’s Most Aggressive HVAC Systems

Announcing authorized service for Trane 13-SEER Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

American Cooling And Heating provides support for all Trane 13-SEER models including R22 and 410A bearing units, and now provides authorized service for all Trane residential Air Conditioning and Heat Pump systems.What do homeowners do when an AC unit falters and the Phoenix, AZ temperatures kick up into the 90’s and above? The Trane 13-SEER family is one of the best heating and cooling systems on the market, but this family of home cooling systems was first introduced in 2006. If a home or small business is sporting an early model of the Trane 13-SEER, that could amount to over six years of hard labor against the toughest conditions that Phoenix, AZ weather can produce and with Trane products you can expect many more years of service to come.

Still Hanging Strong, Built To Last With Climatuff Compressors

Unlike any electrical/mechanical device, the Trane 13-SEER is more durable to overuse, compressor failure, and other complications associated with combating extreme outside temperatures. Trane designs and manufactures the finished compressor, and also builds most of the internal parts, each one meets Trane’s engineer’s specifications.The Climatuff compressor is designed to give years of comfort and comes with a 10 year limited Warranty. When homeowners turn on the air conditioning system, they expect cool air and quick relief from external Arizona temperatures. When things go wrong, an entire family can get very unhappy, very quickly.

Contact American Cooling And Heating For Trane A/C Service

Folks in Chandler AZ, Phoenix, AZ and other local regions call upon American Heating and Cooling. Reliable air conditioner repairs require the services of technicians with in-depth knowledge of the system in question. Homes around Chandler, AZ are subjected to the same harsh temperatures as Phoenix. In many cases, the Trane 13-SEER is more than sufficient for the task, but every once in a great while…… The professionals at American Heating and Cooling understand how Trane systems function, the product design and the product’s limitations. Repairing home and commercial air-conditioning systems is no part-time job.

Don’t let the heat make your family miserable. American Cooling and Heating now provides efficient, 24-hour service throughout the entire area of Phoenix, AZ.

Trane 13-SEER HVAC Lineup – In the Beginning

At the 2006 Marketing and Product Extravaganza, Trane introduced the commercial and private sector to the 13-SEER HVAC family lineup. The grand event centered around the concept of Trane’s new residential, mid-range and commercial HVAC products. The theme of the presentation focused on a boxing ring. The sales point was simple: The new Trane line-up entered the ring and quickly knocked out the competition through a series of packaged systems. Speaking with mock pomp and authority, the ring announcer, Mike Ray, residential manager of Trane product marketing, introduced various company personnel, all dressed in hopped-up boxing apparel and a robe. Each bore nicknames symbolic of the product being introduced. Among other units, the activities presented Trane distributors with a first viewing of the Trane 13-SEER XR13 and XB13 family of heat pumps and air conditioners.

Features of the 13-SEER units include:

Climatuff® compressor

Spine Fin™ outdoor coil

Full-side louvered panels protect your investment

Baked-on powder paint resists rust

Unique DuraTuff™ non-corrosive basepan

Quick-Sess cabinet with full coil protection

Sound insulator (on select models)

Special component features include:

Exclusive Spine Fin™ Coil

Cooling efficiency requires aggressive methods of heat transfer. Trane’s Exclusive Spine Fin™ Coil design uses a unique bonding of spines and aluminum refrigerant tubing to provide superior heat transfer technology. The system is corrosion resistant, durable even in Arizona climates and provides longer lasting outdoor service.

Climatuff Compressor

Trane typically designs and manufactures in-house compressors from scratch, even down to most of the internal parts. The Trane Climatuff Compressor ships with a 10 year limited Warranty, and is designed to pump strong and long to ensure that your Chandler, AZ home air conditioning system dissipates the heat and keeps you cool for the long haul. This unit family is branded as the “most rigorously tested compressor in the industry.”

Don’t Let the Phoenix, AZ Temperature Mug-up Your Home – Stay Cool with a Trane 13-SEER

New or already installed, a Trane 13-SEER air conditioning system can keep ones family cool. The trained technicians at American Cooling and Heating know the Trane 13-SEER systems inside out. They arrive on-site with service trucks fully equipped with the components most often known to fail. They also arrive on time and fully enabled to make quick and complete repairs.

In the event that your Chandler, AZ, Phoenix, AZ or other local area home does not currently have an installed air condition system, American Cooling and Heating also provides full parts, installation and service for the Trane 13-SEER models.

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