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Gilbert Residents Reaping Seasonal Savings on Affordable New Trane AC Units

Central AC InstallationAlready Favorable New Trane AC Affordability Enhanced By Seasonal Changes


In the realm of home comfort, what goes around always comes around. For the time being, Gilbert temperatures are in a downturn. But we all understand the nature of seasonal loops: Today’s cold spell is tomorrow’s heat wave. The months separating your home cooling system from the 110-degree plus scorch of yesterday will pass quicker than a kid’s Christmas toy.


  • Remember how hard your aged AC unit struggled against the grueling heat of this pass Arizona summer
  • Remember the super-sized cooling bills
  • Remember that odd chattering sound that came about every single time the outside condenser kicked into gear.


You knew then that the unit wasn’t going to make another season. But you bit your nails and hoped against hope until you essentially beat out the clock. That old worn out home cooling system actually managed to pull off one more victory over the Gilbert heat storms. But you know the death throbs are in place. Sooner rather than later, your existing air conditioning system is heading to the scrap mill.


And the comfort of your family hangs in the balance.


Perhaps you were ready even this year to buy a new cooling unit. But you just couldn’t catch that “perfectly affordable” new Trane AC deal. Well. The “ideal time” has finally arrived. The scent of A/C affordability is in the wind. Even now, American Cooling and Heating has determined to offer Gilbert residents the best post season pricing in the entire local new Trane Air Conditioning marketplace.


Save on Energy Cost While Also Saving On A New Gilbert New Trane AC


No one likes throwing money out the door. Yet an aged, poorly tuned or worn out home cooling system does exactly that. Inefficiency in home cooling is like inefficiency in an automobile engine: Both waste power and both lack in performance.


Unless delivered by nature, the cost of cold air is never cheap. But in many cases the cost is far higher than what needs to be. Modern Trane A/C systems stand unparalleled for energy efficiency. Many households save as much as 60 percent on the yearly energy bill. No matter the size of your home, Trane Air Conditioning equipment has a fit that will keep your household comfortable while also providing an economical and affordable replacement for a dying energy hog.    


Trane, A Name Built Upon Reliable Product Performance


  • In business since 1885New Trane AC - AZ Trane XR15 Heat Pump Unit
  • Incorporated in 1913 as a father and son manufacturing operation
  • Known for innovation and state-of-the-art product development
  • More than 29,000 employees worldwide
  • Over 400 business locations in more than 100 countries
  • AND Remember: Every minute of every day, someone somewhere is installing a new Trane Air Conditioning unit    

New Trane AC Units On Sale In Arizona


American Cooling and Heating offers premier Gilbert and regional Arizona air conditioning sales and service. Products include:


  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • Goodman
  • Amana
  • Rheem
  • Ruud
  • American Standard
  • AND all other major brands of Air Conditioning Package Units, Air Conditioning Split Systems, Air Conditioning Condensing Units, Air Conditioning Air Handlers, and all types of A/C Systems.





Gilbert Arizona Trane Air Conditioning Sales Not Hindered By Recent National Cold Snap

Trane Air conditioning Sales and Installation PackageGilbert Arizona Trane Air Conditioning Sales Not Hindered By Recent National Cold Snap: Arizona Cooling and Heating Presents Special A/C Buyer Incentives To Help Homeowners Reap Better Benefits From Personal Tax Refunds


American Cooling and Heating Responds To Recent Freezing National Temperatures By Slashing Prices On Gilbert AZ Air Conditioning Sales and Installations  

Even as National Geographic carries on about the coldest weather to bite the United States in decades, Gilbert AZ and other East Valley regions are experiencing moderate winter temperatures. But these Arizona winter comfort zones are often deceptive. The freezing polar vortex that recently whipped northern air down and across the southeast U.S. will not modify the blistering heat waves soon to come upon East Valley residents. So in response to recent freezing national temperatures, American Cooling and Heating is announcing a yearlong, 2014 Trane Air Conditioning sales and installation discount program.

Expect best pricing on all ACH installed East Valley Trane A/C and Trane heat pump systems. In 2011, 13.2% of Americans spent tax refunds on major purchase tickets, including home air conditioning and heating equipment. In a state where temperatures from June to September typically top 100-degrees, a new ACH installed air conditioning system adds value to the concept of major-ticket items. The American Cooling and Heating Trane A/C sales and Trane A/C installation package is designed to help homeowners make the most of tax refunds.

The sale covers all Trane air conditioning products, and includes a host of buyer incentives custom-designed to fit the Gilbert, Mesa and Phoenix home air conditioning installation necessities. As tax returns come in, blazing AZ temperatures follow in near proximity. Now is the time for Gilbert homeowners to stretch income dollars by talking advantage of the American Cooling and Heating 2014 air conditioning system sale. Local residents are already using tax refunds for home improvement, including the installation of a new heat pump, air conditioning system or Trane air filter system.

Rapid preparation for the upcoming Arizona summer can save on A/C installation charges, eliminate the cost of panic repair-or-replace of a crash-n-burn older air conditioning system, and ensure long-term warranty protection to boot. HVAC equipment maintenance helps prevent equipment failures, but sometimes the mechanics of an aged heat pump or overused air conditioning system just can’t reliably endure the raging 100-plus degree Arizona daily temperatures.

All ACH delivered and installed Trane air conditioning sales packages include:

  • Custom crafting for the installation environment
  • 24/7 guaranteed support
  • The best workmanship in the industry
  • Exact installation to manufacturer specifications and local/national codes
  • Availability of reduce-priced Air Conditioning maintenance package
  • Local technical support
  • AND much more.

Along with the Trane air conditioning sales package, the Company also sells and installs Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem and all other respectable brands. The ACH inventory of discount, tax refund ready heating and cooling products includes:

  • A/C Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • HP Package Units
  • Split Heat Pump Systems
  • AND More.

Trane Air Conditioning Sales and Installation units are available in SEER ratings from 13 SEER to 20+ SEER. For more information and a FREE commercial or in-home Arizona Trane A/C installation estimate, contact American Cooling and Heating ASAP.



* Disclaimer: Various details and facts presented within this paper reflect data reported by agencies not under the authority of American Cooling and Heating. The Company is not responsible for accuracy in matters beyond ACH control.

AZ Trane Heat Pump Sales: In Stock, Complete Trane HP Installation Packages

Trane heat pump sales ACHNATE Certified Arizona HVAC Professional, American Cooling and Heating Offers Valley-Wide Blowout Pricing on All Trane Heat Pump Sales and Installation Packages

It’s here: Tax season and perhaps the biggest Trane heat pump sales and installation promotion of 2014. And American Cooling and Heating holds the keys. Jump on board today.

Phoenix AccuWeather predicts regional temperatures rising into the mid-80s by as early as the first of March 2014 (1). Before the end of April, your daily East Valley lifestyle will include 90-degree heat bursts and boiling winds. By the end of May, Arizona temperatures will climb to 100-degrees daytime and 73-degrees nighttime. If your aged and struggling air conditioning or heat pump system endures on, the first of June 2014 will begin battles against 100-plus degree days and 80-plus degree nights. Taking advantage of the American Cooling and Heating blowout sale pricing on Trane Heat Pump sales and installation seems a reasonable early-warning response.

Tax Refunds and Blowout Trane Heat Pump Pricing Promote Comfortable Living

 According to the IRS 2012 End-of-Year filing statistics, the average U.S. tax refund came in at $2,803 per individual filer (2). The average 2012 individual refund for filers using direct deposit topped $2,900. Both figures were slightly down from reports from 2011. But how do Americans use these funds. For the 2013 filing season, better than 54% of the American public expects to receive a tax refund.

But how is it spent and what are the benefits of redirecting tax rebates toward home heating and cooling requirements?

In a paper reporting on how 1.5 million credit-constrained Americans spend tax refunds, Harvard Business School defines day-to-day necessities as the number one point of expenditure (3). For those in serious financial binds, items such as groceries, gasoline and the charges for rapid-refund deposits make short work of hands-on cash. Yet this tax group accounts for only 1.5% of the population. The bulk of Americans spend tax refunds as follows:

  • 7% Splurge on personal comfort
  • 9% Piddle the cash into nothingness
  • 26% Apply to necessities such as food, clothing, gas and home heating and cooling
  • 28% Invest or save
  • 30% Pay down existing debts or reduce the need for acquiring debt.

Investing in a new energy-efficient ACH installed Trane heat pump makes for wise use of tax refunds. Even if you typically splurge your refund on personal comfort, expenditures that promote better home cooling fits into that concept of personal spending interests. But using your tax refund to take advantage of the 2014 American Cooling and Heating valley-wide Arizona blowout pricing on all Trane heat pump sales and installation packages also helps reduce your acquired debt while meeting a long-term home necessity.  Modern Energy Star certified heat pumps reduce your yearly heating and cooling expenses by 9% over standard new models and 20% and more over what may be in your home. Installing a new Trane HP is an investment that can prevent you from:

  • Piddling away useful cash
  • Missing the meat of necessities on aged, inefficient and energy-devouring air conditioning equipment
  • AND dwindling saving due to unexpected future equipment failures.

The ACH 2014 Arizona binge sale on Trane heat pump installation and products packages provides you with competitive pricing, 24/7 air conditioning services, and the best Trane product support in the business. With a tax refund in the wind, and the urge to spend riding the currents, now is the time to schedule your FREE estimate on the cost of installing a new Trane heat pump at your Phoenix home. Financing available, new/old stock inventory, flexible payment plans, long-term product and service warranties.

  • You want honest and reliable HP and AC installation technicians. Call ACH Now!
  • You want professional and timely Trane AC and HP services. Call ACH Now!
  • You want extended warranty protection, emergency support and complete satisfaction: Call ACH Now!

Make your tax refund work for you. For more details on how to save on the cost of Trane heat pump products, click here.





Also servicing, installing and selling all other brands of heating and cooling equipment, including Amana, Goodman, Carrier and Rheem.



ACH Mesa Trane HP Installation Backed By Trane Heat Pump Warranty

 Mesa Trane HP Installation – Benefits of Trane with ACH Warranty Protection

Every professional Mesa Trane heat pump installation includes the benefits of a Trane warranty and system protection program. However, product warranties do not necessarily assure speedy service, reliable repairs or even simple common courtesy during the correction process. Your newly installed Trane heating and cooling system carries some measure of manufacturer warranty, but not ever installer interprets that warranty with the same concern for consumer satisfaction. When you encounter a fault in a quality heating and cooling product, you expect a prompt response from your Mesa Trane HP installation team. But sometimes the product lacks the backing of a quality HVAC support team, and when this happens misery mounts upon misery.

Without adequate technical support, your heat pump upgrade experience quickly becomes a battlefield of disappointing phone calls followed by missed service appointments, loss workdays and uncomfortable home living conditions. American Cooling and Heating will not let that happen. Every heating and cooling product installed by ACH is protected by a reputation evidenced by:

  • 24-hour service
  • Expert troubleshooting and diagnosis training
  • NATE certified technicians
  • Complaint Free AZ Registar of Contractors Assurance
  • Custom HVAC Design Services
  • O.A.C. Financing Options
  • Straight-Forward Pricing
  • AND 100% guarantees of reliable heat pump installation and heat pump repairs.

With American Cooling and Heating, you don’t just buy a Mesa Trane HP installation – You buy the skills and services of the best-trained heating and cooling HVAC professionals in Mesa.


Take Advantage of the Trane Registered Limited Warranty Protection Program

Trane’s base Limited Warranty terms apply to all new Trane equipment. However, the terms of the Registered Limited Warranty are only available when your product is registered within 60 days of installation (1). Trane permits registration of your new heat pump via phone or Internet. Your Mesa ACH dealer will explain the details of the warranty and help ensure that your product is correctly registered with Trane.

Different warranties are linked to different heat pump models. Your American Cooling and Heating tech can help you understand what the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty covers and how an upgrade to the Trane Optional Extended Warranty may benefit your long-term heating and cooling goals. If your Mesa Trane HP installation did not come with complete warranty details, contact your ACH HVAC team ASAP. The company will immediately correct this shortcoming, including a full reprimand of the agent who failed to perform the expected duties. American Cooling and Heading places top priority on the quality and service of your Trane heat pump installation and warranty registration.


Trane Warranty Overview

Every Trane heating and cooling product model is unique for a specific application. As such, warranty terms vary from product to product. The basic Trane heat pump warranty covers your:

  • Compressor
  • Outdoors Coil
  • Functional internal parts
  • Controls functional internal parts
  • AND Thermostats functional internal parts.

Optional items that may be included in the warranty are covered under unit specific statements. For example: Internal functional parts for air cleaners and air handlers as well as internal components of furnaces and heat exchanger units are warranted sub-systems. Most Trane equipment includes an option for Extended Warranty protection. Products less than five years old that are covered by Trane’s Base Warranty may be upgraded to an Optional Extended Warranty. If you don’t currently hold an Optional Extended Warranty on your Mesa installed Trane Heat Pump, contact your local American Cooling and Heating office for immediate help in this matter.


What Is Included in the Trane Extended Warranty?

  • Incremental Coverage – You may acquire Trane Extended Warranty coverage in optional spans of 5 or 10-year increments. You may also limit coverage to parts only, to parts and labor, or to labor only. Some time restrictions do apply. Consult your Mesa Trane HP installation team for full details.
  • Transferable Warranty – In the event that you sell your Mesa home, your Trane Extended Warranty is fully transferable to the new owner.
  • Assured Replacement Advantage – The Trane Extended Warranty includes a built-in product replacement advantage.

All Trane warranty support requires that the homeowner follow the recommended routine maintenance procedures. If you do not follow the recommended guidelines, your Trane Extended Warranty Agreement may not cover repairs to your equipment. By arranging your services through the Mesa division of American Cooling and Heating, you can be certain that your system is maintained on the recommended schedule. Efficient and timely heat pump maintenance not only assures compliance with the Trane Warranty program, it assures energy efficient operation during peak power demands.

For more information on Mesa Trane HP Installation and Warranty Coverage, click here.








Gilbert Trane Heat Pump Installation – Excellences From ACH HP Installation

Gilbert Trane Heat Pump Installation -- Stop the IclesTotal Home Comfort Begins With Gilbert Trane Heat Pump Installation by ACH

For fast, efficient and reliable Gilbert Trane heat pump installation and repair services, choose American Cooling and Heating (ACH). In 1910, James Trane invented the Trane Vapor Heating System, a low-pressure heating device designed to deal with the bitter cold of Wisconsin winters (1). Yet some parts of Arizona also endure deep-freeze winters. For example: Feb 4th, 1996 records the lowest-ever Wisconsin temperature at a mere minus 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet Hawley Lake in AZ trails that dip by only a few degrees. On January 7th, 1971, AZ experienced a record state low of minus 40 degrees.

Of course such national temperature extremes are not the Arizona average. Typically January Gilbert AZ temperatures rarely drop below 38 degrees. The average seasonal low throughout Phoenix, Gilbert and other regional Valley communities tops 42 degrees. Whereas, according to Country Studies U.S., the average lows in Wisconsin are more to the tune of 12 degrees (2). Obviously James Trane had much greater motivation for heat management than the typical Arizona resident, yet that’s part of the reason you choose to live in Gilbert, AZ rather than Janesville, Wisconsin. It’s also one of the reasons that a Gilbert Trane Heat Pump installation by American Cooling and Heating remains a best-choice, cost-efficient and effective solution to your home or business heating and cooling requirements.


From 1913 to Present, Trane Heat Pumps Fit the Needs of Gilbert Residents

Success followed distribution and in 1913 James Trane and son Reuben Trane incorporated to form the Trane air conditioning and heating company. A one hundred year history backs the air conditioning equipment ACH installs in modern Gilbert homes and businesses. When you combine Trane manufacturing expertise, proficiency and quality with ACH technical HP installation skills, managing Gilbert AZ inside temperatures is in the hands of top HVAC industry leaders. Whether the day is cold or the day is hot, American Cooling and Heating installed Trane AC equipment fires up, revs up and holds up for your long-term comfort and convenience.

In July of 2013, American women voted Trane home equipment the best heating and air conditioning brand available (3). The Women’s Choice Award, based on a national survey that included over 5,000 women, provides you with Trane system reliability-assurance. American Cooling and Heating provides you with the assurance that trained technicians will help you select the most cost-effective and operationally efficient heat pump Gilbert system for your home or business.

For best comfort and energy efficiency, you need a Trane matched Air Conditioning system that uses multiple components designed and engineered for maximum efficiency in your environment. For example: the Trane XL20i manages the hottest Gilbert summers while also providing perfect comfort during the winter. Identified among the top products in the industry, the Trane XL20i is available with SEER ratings up to 19.0 and HSPF ratings up to 9.0.

All Trane air conditioning and Trane HP systems are engineered for performance, efficiency and durability. You want comfort, quiet operation and energy efficiency without waste. Having already installed hundreds of Gilbert AZ heat pumps and other heating and cooling equipment products, ACH understands the local environment and can ensure that your new Gilbert Trane heat pump installation works best to meet your specific comfort requirements.

Here’s what to expect from American Cooling and Heating:


  • Free estimate on all heat pump installation projects
  • 24-hour service
  • Factory warranty plus installation warranty
  • Trained and experienced Gilbert Trane heat pump installation crews
  • Bonded, licensed and insured contractor services
  • Competitive pricing on all commercial and residential heating and cooling components, installation and repairs
  • Friendly, honest and reliable technicians
  • Local support
  • Much More.















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