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Arizona Air Conditioning Company Reviews

Reliable Phoenix Air Conditioning ReviewPhoenix Air Conditioning Reviews For Reliable AC Service

Gaining a reputation for reliable Phoenix air conditioning services is never a singular process. It starts with being good at what you do, but that too never comes easy. There is a learning process wherein broad-scope knowledge of product, acquirement of superior technical skills and dedication to customer satisfaction begin long before company doors are opened for active HVAC services.

In this article, we explain why American Cooling and Heating (ACH) ranks among the best Phoenix air conditioning companies in the market.

3 Reasons ACH Pulls Rave Arizona HVAC Reviews

From a consumer’s perspective, the term “reliable Phoenix AC Company” often relates to the concept of:

  • Honest employees
  • Up-front pricing
  • On-time delivery
  • Value-added warranty
  • AND Excellency in products and services.

From the business viewpoint, the term “reliable Phoenix AC Company” includes all of the concepts expressed in a consumer’s viewpoint, and then ups the ante. For ACH, reliable HVAC services includes:

  • Office and shop working conditions
  • Employee benefits
  • A well-stocked parts warehouse
  • Trained, knowledgeable, skilled and reliable HVAC techs
  • Modern in-house equipment, parts and tools
  • Reliable and well-maintained fleet of company vehicles
  • AND All this while without ever falling short in our commitment to thoughtful, value-added assurance of customer satisfaction.

Although our primary focus settles on being a great and reliable Arizona AC service company, reaping rave Phoenix air conditioning reviews comes as a natural byproduct of our tested and proven business characteristics. We set and meet stringent personal performance commitments and goals.

1) Phoenix Air Conditioning Services – The Plan

Successful business plans need not be complicated, but they must purposefully define clear and achievable company goals. Product performance marches side-by-side with reliable technical services. Financial success walks hand-in-hand with consumer faith in the durability of our company. In every area of ACH company evaluation, our plan lays out a proven path to steadfast company growth in the Arizona HVAC market center. Thus our customers are assured of reliable service guarantees.

2) Phoenix Air Conditioning Services – Zeal For Quality

Discussions concerning company financials seldom show up as a component of rave Phoenix air conditioning reviews. Yet strong company profits assure company longevity, which in turn establishes enduring company presence as a reliable Arizona heating and air-conditioning resource.

Yet zeal for quality is the foundation of financial success. By coupling love of product and service to company goals and an overwhelming zeal for quality in performance, we find ourselves always seeking the best for ACH customers.

3) Phoenix Air Conditioning Services – The Commitment

According to business coach Ron Finklestein, “company culture” defines the core path for proficient and effectual success in business (1). At American Cooling and Heating, every employee performs in the areas best suited for their specific skill-sets. We assist, motivate, and train according to company goals and plans. Effective customer satisfaction requires satisfied employees. Our team has a focus on customer needs, and the processes that fully reflect and uphold the integrity of ACH.

Reliable HVAC Service Reviews in Phoenix Arizona

Although companies that promote “reputation management” clutter the Internet, any promise of positive online reviews ultimately hinges on the effectual success of the company being promoted. We are not here to reap rave phoenix AC reviews. In fact, nearly every HVAC repair company in Arizona has a listing on Angie’s List, BBB, Facebook, Yelp and more.

But truth is simple: Product and service reliability eventually bores down to the attitude and ethics of the company. The rave Phoenix air conditioning reviews for ACH are driven by our commitment to a formal business plan, our focused zeal for quality, and our assurance of an affirmative customer experience. We enjoy the benefits of great reviews. But we thrive by providing the Phoenix AZ community with the following professional heating and cooling resources:

  • Reasonably priced products and services
  • Individually customized HVAC solutions
  • Timely service response
  • Reliable warranties
  • An attitude that puts customers first
  • AND a faithful dedication to company integrity in all matters of Phoenix air conditioning services.

Request Service From American Cooling and Heating:

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1) Entrepreneur, “What Successful Businesses Have In Common




Mesa Air Conditioning Service, Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

AC Repair In AZ, mesa air conditioning serviceMesa Air Conditioning Service War Against Sizzling Mesa Heat Index

Although current Mesa temperatures lean toward mild and comfortable, in Arizona even the winter is open season for Air Conditioning repair services. When coming down from triple-digit summer temperatures, we tend to visualize a well-deserved break for the home cooling system.

Don’t be fooled.

In the just released Bert Sperling Heat Index, the region of Phoenix-Mesa, AZ comes in number one among the top ten sizzling cities in the US (1). To make it brief: Mesa, Phoenix and other nearby areas run an average 100-plus high temperature and a tough 77 degree average nighttime low. Relative humidity at high temperature stands around 20 percent. When compiled into the Sperling research, Phoenix-Mesa, AZ hits a 97.7 top-in-the-nation heat index rating.

In this article Arizona-based American Cooling and Heating provides residents with five signs that indicate a heat pump in need of repair.

Five Signs Your Mesa Home Cooling System Is Hurting

1) AC Failure – Foul Odors

Aside from a dusty scent that often accompanies the first yearly engagement of your heating components, your AC system should function odor free. Pay attention to abnormal scents. Musty smells indicate a possibility of bacteria in the ductwork, or perhaps an open tear that enables the system to suck air from the crawlspace. Keep watch also for hints of frayed, overheated or burned wiring. Foul odors pose safety concerns for you and your family. Do not let this go unchecked.

2) AC Failure – Abnormal Sounds

Trane heat pumps rate among the best in the market, yet even the highest ranked sound-suppressant units produce a certain level of expected noise. However, clanging, grinding, squeaking, and squealing are typically signs of major complications. To ignore such abnormal sounds is to invite a future filled with more costly solutions.

3) AC Failure – Strong Air Flow, Poor Cooling

Various system problems can result in strong airflow yet poor cooling. Low coolant stands as the most typical problem, but identifying and repairing the leak that caused the issue must precede the recharge. On the more costly side, your system may be suffering from a failed compressor. On the simple side, maybe someone accidentally set the thermostat to “fan only” mode.

4) AC Failure – Leakage Near The System

The indoor air handler on your Mesa home heat pump requires a system for drainage of moisture. Without controlled drainage, water will begin to accumulate near the system. Causes for drainage failure include a clogged drain line and/or a frozen control regulator. Also keep watch for signs of leaking refrigerant. In either event, immediate investigation is necessary. From prompt Mesa heat pump servicing, call our air conditioning specialist today.

5) AC Failure – Weak Air Flow

A faulty blower can cause weak airflow throughout your entire home. Problems such as debris inside a vent, a closed register, or damaged ductwork will be regional in nature. Before calling for Mesa AC service, check the obvious. And don’t forget to check and clean the air filter.

Mesa AZ Heating and Cooling Services

The homeowner can fix some home AC problems. But when the problem exceeds simple solutions, you need quick action from a reliable Mesa AZ heating and cooling services company. For more information, contact American Cooling and Heating now!







  1. Bert Sperling, “Index Sizzling Cities Ranked – Our New Heat


Trane HVAC Pulls the 2016 Lifestory Research Award For Most Trust™

Trane HVAC Most Trust Award Illustrated by Kids With WolfTrane HVAC Scores Another Great Consumer Product Recognition Position

Just released March 3, 2016 from the Trane HVAC residential press release pages: Lifestory Research, for the second year running, positions Ingersoll Rand’s Trane A/C product division the Nation’s Most Trusted™ Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System. According to the specs of the study, Lifestory Research polled the evaluation results from 17 thousand plus national consumer opinions. The goal: To determine how trust impacts consumer evaluation of the available HVAC brand products.

Why is the ACH service team not surprised by the results of the study? As a long time service provider offering the regions most-trusted A/C Arizona sales and air conditioning installation options, American Cooling and Heating stands our Trane system installs with a 100% Workmanship guarantee. Knowing the company and the product ensures that our A/C service techs accurately size the system and the layout that is best suited for a given Arizona home. And right-sized, rightly installed home cooling and heating systems endure the test of time and workload.

The Lifestory Research “Most Trust™” index ranked Trane with a score of 109.9, a score that came in no less than 7 points above all other competitors. When you buy the best, you get the best. In the words of Eric Snider, the chief research officer and the president of Lifestory Research:

“Trust is the new measure by which consumers evaluate brands and companies.”

Lifestory, a reliable national self-regulating marketplace research firm, provides timely product analysis on a international, national and regional data line to:

  • Energy utilities
  • Financial institutions
  • Product manufacturers
  • Real estate companies
  • AND many other groups that routinely provide residential consumers with the products and services that are necessary in meeting the requirements for maintaining a safe and comfortable home.

Noted for in-depth market and consumer data collection, Lifestory Research enables manufacturers, service providers and consumers to make intelligent and confident-driven business and buying decisions. Among other purposed projects, the Nations Most Trust™ Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System studies used by Lifestory incorporate modern behavioral economics, sociology and psychology into a state-of-the-art data analytics process. In the end result, companies such as Trane HVAC are better able to deliver high-efficiency quality performance residential home cooling and heating comfort solutions.

ACH, The Arizona Trane HVAC Professional of Choice

Defined “technically excellent” in all areas of Arizona A/C service and installation, American Cooling and Heating has been here since 1993. From skill-related testing to background checks, every member of the ACH Arizona home heating and cooling service team meets the highest expectations in the industry. Products serviced include:

  • Amana
  • Carrier
  • Goodman
  • Rheem
  • York
  • AND, of course, the entire line of Trane HVAC products.

For licensed, bonded and insured residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC and refrigeration services Valleywide, contact ACH today.

And remember: Our Arizona A/C estimates are always “Free.”

Trane HVAC affects Arizona Lifestyle


Trane Heating and Cooling IBS 2016 Showing Highlights Superior Furnace Technology

Arizona Trane Gas FurnacesIBS 2016: On Display, Superior Furnace Technology From Trane Heating and Cooling

Las Vegas, January 19, 2016: Indoor home comfort systems provider, Trane Heating and Cooling division of Ingersoll Rand breaks 25-year record with release of the most advanced Trane furnace platform in a quarter century. Along with an extended collection of effective, efficient and reliable residential indoor comfort systems, the new Trane S-Series Furnace rocks the 2016 International Builder’s Show (IBS 2016).

“When installing Arizona residential heating and cooling equipment, ACH takes hold of Trane heating and cooling products as a resource to the best possible performance in indoor home comfort equipment,” Mr. Scot Morgan, President American Cooling and Heating.

Trane Heating and Cooling Product Close-up – The Trane S-Series Furnace

How does a leader in the home indoor comfort industry go about producing a new furnace platform? It starts with a revamp from the core up. It also includes professional input from a select group of contractors, homebuilders, HVAC installers and nationally recognized heating and air conditioning technicians. Yet it even exceeds the expectations that such a collaborated effort can focus on every aspect of modern air conditioning technology. In short, the Trane S-Series Furnace evokes the technology of the industry’s first integrated furnace control board.

But what happens when an HVAC manufacturer incorporates an integrated furnace control board? It’s simple. The unit suddenly features:

  • Quicker setup and instant installation flexibility
  • Improved airflow via the Trane Vortica® II blower
  • On-board intuitive diagnostics technology
  • Corrosive-resistant durability-enhanced s/s primary and secondary heat exchangers
  • 3-way options for unit positioning
  • Optional venting configuration, all with position-specific down flow
  • And a Trane Heating and Cooling IBS 2016 Showcase of Superior Furnace Technology.

Precision Trane Cooling and Heating In a Nutshell

Precision indoor home comfort demands the efficiency of the Trane TruComfort™ variable speed air delivery system. Outside temperatures tend to drift: From low to high and back to low and from high to low and back to high. With the right type of installed HVAC equipment, this natural process can be used to help craft better system efficiency. Trane TruComfort™ systems employ a state-of-the-art technology performs that very task. By operating at precise speeds as necessary to insure optimal home indoor comfort, the unit enables the indoor/outdoor fans and the compressor to function at variable-speed efficiency. Furthermore, the system BTU changes according to the changes in the outdoors temperature. Speed variations are incremented in bites as small as 1/10 of one percent. Heat management can be zeroed in to as little as ½ degree of any given thermostat setting.

Other Trane HVAC News-Bytes From the Trane IBS 2016 Press Release

superior-furnace-technology-trane-truecomfort.jpgTo make the most of your Arizona residential heating and cooling dollar, ACH also recommends that you investigate the performance of a Trane variable speed A/C system. Running at 22 SEER, the Trane XV20i gains industry recognition as one of the more efficient home air conditioning systems. At IBS 2016, Trane also talked up the XC95m Modulating Furnace. Running with up to 97.3 percent efficiency, these units just plain kick the competition out of the water. Both the XC95m Modulating Furnace and the Trane TruComfort™ variable speed air delivery system incorporate Trane ComfortLink™ II communicating technology. This means all primary system components can connect as one for the most in optimal Arizona residential heating and cooling performance.

No Trane orientated PR can go without also mentioning the Trane CleanEffects™ response to America’s demand for improved indoor air quality. This patented breakthrough in modern air management technology delivers 99.98 percent efficiency in removal of bacteria, cooking grease, dust, fungus, mildew, pollen and more from your Arizona indoor air. Trane CleanEffects™ for quality Arizona indoor air home comfort.

Nor can we close out without a word of praise for the Trane Nexia™ Smart Home System. Homeowners demand control of all their Arizona residential heating and cooling products. Nexia™ fits the bill. The system integrates all compatible smart devices into an efficient one-app solution that can be managed from anywhere and at anytime via installed WIFI connections. Bridge the gap. Adjust home heating and cooling controls. Monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures.

About American Cooling and Heating

Built on integrity and quality workmanship, ACH was founded in 1993. Services include full-home heating and cooling management as well as industrial and commercial air conditioning installation and management. With years in the HVACR industry, American Cooling and Heating has identified, employed and trained the best A/C technicians and craftsmen in the state. All members of the ACH team must pass intensive background checks, drug testing, skill related testing, and the final company stamp of approval.



Trane HVAC Equipment – Rated By Consumer Reports As A Standout AC Product

Trane Tracer Concierge HVAC Control SystemFlashback To 2014 HVAC Equipment Ratings

Once again Trane HVAC products shine with the best. It came out in the 2014 Consumer Reports brand-name review of the nine most popular HVAC brands in air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces. Readers of CR posted over 55 thousand comments. The topics discussed included conversations covering seven years of home heating and cooling products and thoughts about product performances. The HVAC equipment lineup included, Amana, Carrier/Bryant, Goodman, Lennox, Rheem, York, and the twin brand Trane / American Standard units.

The product rankings wherein Trane equipment prevailed included:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Gas Furnaces
  • AND Heat Pumps.

Actual Trane HVAC equipment performance is as follows:

Trane Air Conditioner Performance

  • Trane ratings taking #1 and #2
  • Defect rate a mere 11%. Low score competition scored 17% defect rate

Trane Gas Furnance Performance

  • Trane came in strong, once more taking dominance of position #1 and position #2
  • Defect rate touched 12%. Low score competition rated #9 with a defect rate of 26%

Trane Heat Pump Performance

  • Trane ratings – Another great standing by taking position #1 and position #3
  • And, although the Trane performance defect rating came in at 17%, homeowners should consider that this was the average lowest score products was also 17% thus indicating a universal failure complication with heat pump products.

Special Points of Interest

Consumer Report - Trane HVAC Equipment PerformanceIn the category of standard central A/C systems, American Standard pulled performance top place for systems with the lowest need for repairs (Trane came in Third but one should remember that these two products are lines from the same parent company). As to heat pump performance with the least need for repairs, American Standard again took first place while Trane tied for second place with Carrier. Thus we have the same company holding top honors for HVAC equipment needing the least in repair-related service work.

For performance comparison, consider that all other HVAC competition came in with a 19 to 27 percent demand for product repair calls. As to natural gas furnace systems, Trane once more bested the pack by providing low-demand on repair calls. Trane gas furnace units maintained a low 13 percent demand for repair whereas the bottom line competition slumped down to a whopping demand for system repairs on 26% of their natural gas HVAC equipment furnace products.

Zoom In 2015 Consumer Reports On Heat Pump HVAC Equipment Performance

Our readers also reported that when the more-repair brands of central air systems do break, they are more likely than most other brands to leave the home without cooling for at least a day, as reported by about one in 10 people who owned the more repair-prone brands,” (From Consumer Reports article, Brands Most Likely To Keep You Cool Season After Season (1)).

According to survey responses, homes using a brand of central heat pump that rates among the higher repair-prone listings end up leaving 12 percent of the owners without cooling for time periods exceeding one day. Furthermore, 11 percent of those homeowners report a $150 plus repair price tag.

Causes associated with such “extra” home cooling expenses include considerations for the greater complexity of a heat pump versus a central A/C system. Even though worse case scenarios present a 21 percent HVAC system repair ratio among heat pumps versus a 13-percent HVAC system repair ratio in homes running central air conditioning units, homeowners must understand that the duel nature of a heat pump means you are using a system that may well run year-round rather than merely seasonally.

Further CRNRC surveys reveal a basic consumer complaint wherein central air conditioning system repairs are defined as “a real hassle.” As to total-system breakdown, three percent of the homeowners using central A/C report complete system failures whereas four percent of the homeowners using a heat pump system complain of the same problem.

Trane HVAC Equipment

As one of the major HVAC system manufacturers in the world, Trane offers reliable heating and cooling equipment to businesses, homes, and industry. Pricing per product is relatively the same regardless of the vendor. However, the quality of the product installation and the reliability of the workmanship warranty can greatly differ from vendor to vendor.

If you want professional Arizona HVAC service and/or system installation for a reasonable price and from an established and reliable Trane HVAC equipment sales, installation and service center, contact American Cooling and Heating now!




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