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Trane Heating and Cooling IBS 2016 Showing Highlights Superior Furnace Technology

Arizona Trane Gas FurnacesIBS 2016: On Display, Superior Furnace Technology From Trane Heating and Cooling

Las Vegas, January 19, 2016: Indoor home comfort systems provider, Trane Heating and Cooling division of Ingersoll Rand breaks 25-year record with release of the most advanced Trane furnace platform in a quarter century. Along with an extended collection of effective, efficient and reliable residential indoor comfort systems, the new Trane S-Series Furnace rocks the 2016 International Builder’s Show (IBS 2016).

“When installing Arizona residential heating and cooling equipment, ACH takes hold of Trane heating and cooling products as a resource to the best possible performance in indoor home comfort equipment,” Mr. Scot Morgan, President American Cooling and Heating.

Trane Heating and Cooling Product Close-up – The Trane S-Series Furnace

How does a leader in the home indoor comfort industry go about producing a new furnace platform? It starts with a revamp from the core up. It also includes professional input from a select group of contractors, homebuilders, HVAC installers and nationally recognized heating and air conditioning technicians. Yet it even exceeds the expectations that such a collaborated effort can focus on every aspect of modern air conditioning technology. In short, the Trane S-Series Furnace evokes the technology of the industry’s first integrated furnace control board.

But what happens when an HVAC manufacturer incorporates an integrated furnace control board? It’s simple. The unit suddenly features:

  • Quicker setup and instant installation flexibility
  • Improved airflow via the Trane Vortica® II blower
  • On-board intuitive diagnostics technology
  • Corrosive-resistant durability-enhanced s/s primary and secondary heat exchangers
  • 3-way options for unit positioning
  • Optional venting configuration, all with position-specific down flow
  • And a Trane Heating and Cooling IBS 2016 Showcase of Superior Furnace Technology.

Precision Trane Cooling and Heating In a Nutshell

Precision indoor home comfort demands the efficiency of the Trane TruComfort™ variable speed air delivery system. Outside temperatures tend to drift: From low to high and back to low and from high to low and back to high. With the right type of installed HVAC equipment, this natural process can be used to help craft better system efficiency. Trane TruComfort™ systems employ a state-of-the-art technology performs that very task. By operating at precise speeds as necessary to insure optimal home indoor comfort, the unit enables the indoor/outdoor fans and the compressor to function at variable-speed efficiency. Furthermore, the system BTU changes according to the changes in the outdoors temperature. Speed variations are incremented in bites as small as 1/10 of one percent. Heat management can be zeroed in to as little as ½ degree of any given thermostat setting.

Other Trane HVAC News-Bytes From the Trane IBS 2016 Press Release

superior-furnace-technology-trane-truecomfort.jpgTo make the most of your Arizona residential heating and cooling dollar, ACH also recommends that you investigate the performance of a Trane variable speed A/C system. Running at 22 SEER, the Trane XV20i gains industry recognition as one of the more efficient home air conditioning systems. At IBS 2016, Trane also talked up the XC95m Modulating Furnace. Running with up to 97.3 percent efficiency, these units just plain kick the competition out of the water. Both the XC95m Modulating Furnace and the Trane TruComfort™ variable speed air delivery system incorporate Trane ComfortLink™ II communicating technology. This means all primary system components can connect as one for the most in optimal Arizona residential heating and cooling performance.

No Trane orientated PR can go without also mentioning the Trane CleanEffects™ response to America’s demand for improved indoor air quality. This patented breakthrough in modern air management technology delivers 99.98 percent efficiency in removal of bacteria, cooking grease, dust, fungus, mildew, pollen and more from your Arizona indoor air. Trane CleanEffects™ for quality Arizona indoor air home comfort.

Nor can we close out without a word of praise for the Trane Nexia™ Smart Home System. Homeowners demand control of all their Arizona residential heating and cooling products. Nexia™ fits the bill. The system integrates all compatible smart devices into an efficient one-app solution that can be managed from anywhere and at anytime via installed WIFI connections. Bridge the gap. Adjust home heating and cooling controls. Monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures.

About American Cooling and Heating

Built on integrity and quality workmanship, ACH was founded in 1993. Services include full-home heating and cooling management as well as industrial and commercial air conditioning installation and management. With years in the HVACR industry, American Cooling and Heating has identified, employed and trained the best A/C technicians and craftsmen in the state. All members of the ACH team must pass intensive background checks, drug testing, skill related testing, and the final company stamp of approval.



Heating With Oil – Carrier Performance™ Series Oil Furnaces

In October of 1990, the cost of residential heating with oil averaged $1.279 per gallon (1). By January of 2014, the price per gallon in oil-heated homes came in at $4.020 per gallon. If you forget to consider inflation and if you ignore the vast improvements in oil-burning technology, the rise in pricing paints an ugly picture. But American’s live in a new world of energy-efficient residential heating technology.

Seniors may remember the comfort of oil heat contaminated by the scent of wasted fuel, but those are days gone by. Modern oil-burning furnaces present a new experience: Exceptional home comfort free of oil-related odors and the extra expense of product waste.

Current heating with oil equipment burns clean, efficient and safe. And oil heat is a cost-effective solution to your winter comfort requirements. Here are some fast facts about residential oil heating technology:

  • As of the past decade, nearly 10 million U.S. homes reap the benefits of residential oil heating.
  • From 2003 to 2013, builders designed and constructed over 350,000 oil-heated homes (2)
  • Current heating with oil equipment exceeds 90% efficiency
  • Due to the effectiveness of Clearburn Science, modern oil heating equipment burns 95% cleaner than 1990 equipment
  • Risks of leakage in an underground oil storage tank is less than 1%
  • Every gallon of that $4.020 fuel produces a whopping 138,000 Btu’s of heating power
  • Modern oil companies are reliable, honest and friendly, receiving ratings of 94% and above for speed and quality of service.


Truth in Pricing – Cost of Heating With Oil

 During the 1970s and 1980s, the annual cost of oil-heated homes reflected the consumption of 1300 gallons per year. Modern systems produce the same comfort level for a mere 800 gallons of fuel oil per year. When adjusted for inflation, the current price of fuel oil heating has dropped by 23%.


Availability – Risks of Heating With Oil

In past years, American experienced several shortages in energy supplies. But perhaps only the seniors actually remember the associated waiting lines. For more than thirty years, the U.S. has remained relatively free of any significant problem with energy supplies. This statement stands in reserve of the natural disasters that have sometimes hinder the flow of energy in almost every form, including electricity and oil-based products. Currently, the U.S. government maintains a Strategic Petroleum Reserve that tops 700 million barrels. This reserves includes two million barrels of heating oil reserve.


Carrier Performance™ Series Oil Furnaces – Heating Gilbert With Carrier Products

Carrier heating and cooling products are not limited to heat pumps and air conditioning systems. The Carrier Performance™ oil furnaces series provide Phoenix heating with oil customers with efficient, flexible, durable and quiet home comfort during the harshest winters imaginable. Many of the products in the Performance™ lineup offer up to 86.6% AFUE. Units with the ENERGY STARÒ ratings provide the smartest heat saving you can get.

Systems include the Oil Furnace OVL, OVM and CVM. All utilize variable speed blowers and Hybrid Heat compatible with Performance EdgeÒ relative humidity or ComfortZoneÔ II thermostats. The choice is simple: Carrier heating with oil provides clean, inexpensive and energy-efficient home comfort at reasonable prices.

For more information on Gilbert AZ  heating with oil, click here.


















Gilbert Home Heating Safety Tips From American Cooling and Heating AZ

Gilbert Home Heating Safety Tips The Dangers of Using Alternative Heat to Make Up For A Worn-out Heat Pump

As winter chills bring new dips in Arizona temperatures, the importance of Gilbert home heating safety practices rises to the surface. Rather than trusting your installed Gilbert heat pump, some of you will cut corners by using space heaters, home fireplaces and other quick heat, room-regulated heating sources. Arizona-based American Heating and Cooling is here to help Gilbert residents practice wise home heating safety.

Modern heat pump technology provides energy efficient home heating at a fraction of the cost previously associated with effective HP performance. However, some Gilbert homeowners have not yet taken advantage of present-day opportunities. If you are trying to squeeze yet one more year out of an aged energy-hog Gilbert home heating system, consider the risks associated with freestanding heat units of any type.

Dedicated to protecting lives, poverty and the environment, the Gilbert Fire Department is always on guard and ready to provide you with rapid and effective emergency response (1). They strive to prevent fires before they start, but there are limits to the control the Gilbert Fire Department has over your lifestyle.

They can warn you of known fire risk factors. They can provide tips to help you know how to protect your home and your family. In the event that a fire does break out, they can strive to minimize the loss of life and property. Yet none of these goals can be accomplished without the purposed aid of each and every Gilbert citizen.

Many people think that it can’t or won’t happen to them. Yet national and state statistics prove that most injuries or deaths related to fire occur in the home. You can help protect yourself by installing tested and approved portable fire extinguishers. But you must understand that a fire extinguisher is not intended to permit you to control a large fire. In fact, a fire extinguisher is only useful against small fires that occur within a range of limited conditions.

Coal Stoves, Fireplaces and Spaces Heaters – A Major Cause of Home Fires

The 2001-2010 U.S. Fire Administration report on fire-related deaths reveals a 10-year decline in the national statistics (2). The figures are reported based upon deaths per million populations. Thus some of the decline is attributed to the increase in the U.S. population. But one must also wonder how much of the decline can be linked to new heating and cooling technology that reduces the need for homeowners to practice heating with more risky heat sources.

In a recent 24-hour period, the Grand Canyon fire protection volunteers responded to eight house fires. Fireplaces, space heaters and freestanding wood-burners or coal-burners account for much of the risks. Leaving such heating sources unattended increases the possibility of a home fire.

For the best in Gilbert Home Heating Safety, follow these tips:

  • Update your heating equipment – Switching to a state-of-the-art Gilbert Heat Pump, Oil System or Gas Heating System will save you money on the cost of energy and greatly reduce your risks of a heating-related house fire.
  • Space heaters need space – If you must rely on a space heater or a fireplace, remember to clear the area. From bedding to newspapers and from carpets to furniture, your home is a stockpile of combustible components. For safe operation, keep three feet or more between your heater and any combustible items.
  • Practice fireplace safety – This means use a fire screen, clear the area and never leave an unattended fire in the pit.
  • Inspections – Before cranking up any heating system for the new season, including your Gilbert Heat Pump, arrange for professional inspection and cleaning.
  • Avoid misuse of equipment – In the plain and simple of it, cooking ranges are not designed to heat your home.
  • Avoid extension cords – Electric space heaters demand lots of current. Make sure you plug directly into the wall outlets. Also never sleep while running any type of freestanding heat system.
  • Smoke alarms – Make sure yours works and test it regularly.


American Cooling and Heating – Providing Gilbert Home Heating Safety Checks

American Cooling and Heating is your complete Arizona heating and cooling service center. Perhaps you are not ready to update to a modern Gilbert Heat Pump installation. The heating inspection team at ACH understands that delay is sometimes necessary. But you cannot afford to ignore the importance of an HVAC seasonal inspection and tuneup. ACH guarantees:

  • Free estimates
  • Same day service
  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Reliable HVAC professionals
  • Skill to handle all models and brands
  • No mess and no pressure.
  • An honest report on the condition and reliability of your installed Gilbert heating system.


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HVAC Maintenance and Repair: Tips by Gilbert AZ HVAC Service Center ACH

Gilbert AZ HVAC ServicesEstablishing a simple and doable Gilbert AZ HVAC preventative home maintenance plan ensures that your heating system remains in top shape. Basic heat pump or furnace upkeep demands one to three hours per year in personal effort and routine filter replacements ranging from $40 to $100 in costs.

According to the ten-day forecast from Weather Underground, current Gilbert, AZ nighttime lows ranging between 45°F and 51°F remain in effect. It’s going to get worse and the demand on your home heating system will increase. This means a jump in the cost of staying comfortable on the inside of your home.

But you can reduce the cost for Gilbert AZ HVAC operations and repairs.

The team at American Cooling and Heating recommends a professional inspection at the beginning of spring and at the beginning of fall. Heavy-duty HVAC maintenance and repair involves opening the primary system, inspecting and cleaning the wiring, the mechanisms of the unit and examining the condition of the duct system. It’s usually a bit more than the typical Gilbert homeowner should attempt. But that doesn’t prevent you from practicing basic cooling and heating and preventative home maintenance.

Prolong the life of your Gilbert AZ HVAC system. Apply the following energy efficiency best practices for extended life and better service from your heating and cooling equipment.

Standards for Routine HVAC Maintenance and Repair

Whether heating and cooling with a dual-stage power-efficiency Trane XL20i heat pump or an Amana premium packaged dual-fuel gas and heat pump system, effective preventive home maintenance of your Gilbert AZ HVAC demands certain immediate actions:

  • Buy and install a pleated, high-efficiency air filter
  • Maintain a clear airflow path around your outdoor heat pump or AC system
  • Control the accumulation of grass, leaves or any other loose substances or materials that can hinder the performance of your external units.

Additional energy efficiency best practices include monthly and seasonal maintenance. Upgrading your HVAC filter system to a pleated unit with electrostatic particle management only works if the remains unclogged by pet hair, dust or other obstacles. Inspect the filter monthly. Replace it every ninety days regardless of appearance. Additional seasonal HVAC maintenance and repair practices include:

  • Checking the visible refrigerant lines for damaged insulation
  • Cutting off the water supply to the furnace humidifier during the summer
  • Replacement of the humidifier filter and engaging the water supply during the winter.

Following up on the immediate and the seasonal, make sure your Gilbert AZ HVAC inspection, maintenance and repair program includes annual servicing. Along with scheduling heating and cooling preventive home maintenance from American Cooling and Heating, here are some annual energy efficiency best practices that you can handle yourself:

  • Inspect the balance of the outdoor units to ensure that erosion has not caused the pads to become unleveled
  • Inspect your in-home registers to ensure that they are blocked or closed thus placing unnecessary strain on your heat pump, ac or furnace system
  • Prevent excess buildup of algae and mold by pouring a mixture of bleach and water down the inside condensate drain.

As a final step, replace the battery in your carbon monoxide detector. While you are at it, replace the batteries in your fire alarms. The U.S. Consumer product safety commission reports an estimate of 14,000 CO poisoning incidents during 2009. The average yearly CO poisoning death rate falls on 14 people per year. Don’t be one of the few.

American Cooling and Heating For Reliable Gilbert AZ HVAC Services

ACH provides 24/7 emergency Gilbert AZ HVAC maintenance and repair services. The company installs all major brands of heating and cooling equipment. For more information, click here.







Will the Trane HR15 Heat Pump Fit Your Mesa HP Installation Goals?

 Examining the Trane HR15 Heat Pump as a Residential Mesa HP Installation Solution

In this close-up look at the Trane XR15 heat pump series, Arizona-based American Cooling and Heating leaps beyond the concept of HP specifications, performance ratings and pricing. Right-sizing residential Mesa HVAC equipment installation demands knowledge that exceeds verbatim brochure statements. It’s time for heat pump vendors, HVAC installation teams and manufacturers to provide consumers with a more concrete reason for why a specific HP best suits the needs of their home. 

In a day that is driven by articles and talk of energy efficient heating and cooling, most Arizona homeowners already understand the terminology and measures of efficiency applied to home, office and commercial HVAC products. The same is true of Trane heat pump and air conditioning equipment. For over 100 years, the name Trane has represented heating and cooling products of quality, innovation and reliability. It began in 1913 and carries through even unto today. Trane products available for use in your Mesa HP installation project excel in every aspect of performance. The company is committed to providing American and the world with the best possible heating and cooling solutions for every need.


Trane HR15 Heat Pump – Basic Specifications

If you are ready to upgrade or install a new Mesa heat pump, you have reviewed or you are in the process of reviewing the basic definitions of SEER and HSPF. If you need a refresher, click here to view the ACH heating and air conditioning glossary. From Air Change to Zoning, the detailed and alpha-sorted American Cooling and Heating glossary defines every aspect of HVAC terminology. Make yourself at home.

However, Trane heat pumps are classified by model, series and performance expectations. Each series can be clearly identified by specific features. When considering the Trane HR15 heat pump for your Mesa AZ home, the basic specs are as follows:

  • SEER Ratings – Up to 16.50
  • HSPF Performance – Up to 9.00
  • Compressor – Available in Trane Climatuff®
  • Coil – Utilizes the exclusive features of the Trane Spine Fin™
  • Refrigerant – R-410A
  • Warranty – 10 years on compressor, outdoor coil and internal functional parts.


Comparison Considerations – Why the Trane XR15 Heat Pump in Mesa?

While investigating and comparing heating and cooling systems, you may want to contrast the efficiency versus costs of the Trane XR15 heat pump series to the company’s XR16 and XR13. Although your choices may be limited by the size of your home, overlap between models and series does occur. Under certain conditions, it may be advisable to downgrade or upgrade your Mesa heat pump installation plans. Perhaps a smaller XR16 makes a better fit than a large XR15 or perhaps a smaller XR15 makes a better fit than a larger XR13. These are questions that you must ask your Mesa heat pump installation expert.

For example: The low-end Trane 1.5 ton XR15 model 4TWR5018G pumps out 18,000 BTUH while the low-end Trane 2.0 ton XR13 4TWR3024D pumps out 23,000 BTUH. However, the XR13 is not supported by the EcoRebates associated with the XR15. Likewise, the low-end Trane 2.0 ton HR16 4TWR6024A heat pump puts out 24,000 BTUH while the 2.0-ton Trane XR15 4TWR5030G models push out the same 24,000 BTUH. Yet the low-end XR16 may cost as much as $1000 more than the XR15 (1).

For quick comparison of price versus efficiency, consider the following:

  • XR13 — Priced about half as high as the XR16, and only 1/3 less than the XR15
  • XR16 — Priced twenty-percent higher than the XR15 and nearly fifty-percent higher than the XR13
  • XR13 — Performance efficiency only twenty-percent less than the XR16 and roughly fifteen-percent less than the XR15
  • XR16 — Highest performance efficiency of the group yet only eight to ten percent better than the XR15 (2).

Consider then: When comparing cost to efficiency, the Trane XR16 delivers slow return on a long-term investment. However, the unit is designed to provide better control over the internal temperatures of your Mesa home. Likewise, the Trane XR13 provides the most efficiency gain for the cost yet misses out on the EcoRepates and may not be suited for your specific home conditions.

The Trane XR15 heat pump is not always the best choice, but you should consider it as a great mid-range option. With the XR15, you get:

  • Reasonable initial pricing
  • Remarkable performance efficiency
  • Quicker payback than what comes with the more pricey systems
  • AND the same quality American Cooling and Heating Mesa heat pump installation services regardless of your system choice.

Only a trained air conditioning expert can really help you determine which heating and cooling system is right for your Arizona home. The ACH team is on hand to provide 24/7 free heat pump installation estimates.  You want honest guidance, straightforward pricing and reliable heat pump installation. Call ACH now.







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