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Gilbert Trane Heat Pump Installation – Excellences From ACH HP Installation

Gilbert Trane Heat Pump Installation -- Stop the IclesTotal Home Comfort Begins With Gilbert Trane Heat Pump Installation by ACH

For fast, efficient and reliable Gilbert Trane heat pump installation and repair services, choose American Cooling and Heating (ACH). In 1910, James Trane invented the Trane Vapor Heating System, a low-pressure heating device designed to deal with the bitter cold of Wisconsin winters (1). Yet some parts of Arizona also endure deep-freeze winters. For example: Feb 4th, 1996 records the lowest-ever Wisconsin temperature at a mere minus 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet Hawley Lake in AZ trails that dip by only a few degrees. On January 7th, 1971, AZ experienced a record state low of minus 40 degrees.

Of course such national temperature extremes are not the Arizona average. Typically January Gilbert AZ temperatures rarely drop below 38 degrees. The average seasonal low throughout Phoenix, Gilbert and other regional Valley communities tops 42 degrees. Whereas, according to Country Studies U.S., the average lows in Wisconsin are more to the tune of 12 degrees (2). Obviously James Trane had much greater motivation for heat management than the typical Arizona resident, yet that’s part of the reason you choose to live in Gilbert, AZ rather than Janesville, Wisconsin. It’s also one of the reasons that a Gilbert Trane Heat Pump installation by American Cooling and Heating remains a best-choice, cost-efficient and effective solution to your home or business heating and cooling requirements.


From 1913 to Present, Trane Heat Pumps Fit the Needs of Gilbert Residents

Success followed distribution and in 1913 James Trane and son Reuben Trane incorporated to form the Trane air conditioning and heating company. A one hundred year history backs the air conditioning equipment ACH installs in modern Gilbert homes and businesses. When you combine Trane manufacturing expertise, proficiency and quality with ACH technical HP installation skills, managing Gilbert AZ inside temperatures is in the hands of top HVAC industry leaders. Whether the day is cold or the day is hot, American Cooling and Heating installed Trane AC equipment fires up, revs up and holds up for your long-term comfort and convenience.

In July of 2013, American women voted Trane home equipment the best heating and air conditioning brand available (3). The Women’s Choice Award, based on a national survey that included over 5,000 women, provides you with Trane system reliability-assurance. American Cooling and Heating provides you with the assurance that trained technicians will help you select the most cost-effective and operationally efficient heat pump Gilbert system for your home or business.

For best comfort and energy efficiency, you need a Trane matched Air Conditioning system that uses multiple components designed and engineered for maximum efficiency in your environment. For example: the Trane XL20i manages the hottest Gilbert summers while also providing perfect comfort during the winter. Identified among the top products in the industry, the Trane XL20i is available with SEER ratings up to 19.0 and HSPF ratings up to 9.0.

All Trane air conditioning and Trane HP systems are engineered for performance, efficiency and durability. You want comfort, quiet operation and energy efficiency without waste. Having already installed hundreds of Gilbert AZ heat pumps and other heating and cooling equipment products, ACH understands the local environment and can ensure that your new Gilbert Trane heat pump installation works best to meet your specific comfort requirements.

Here’s what to expect from American Cooling and Heating:


  • Free estimate on all heat pump installation projects
  • 24-hour service
  • Factory warranty plus installation warranty
  • Trained and experienced Gilbert Trane heat pump installation crews
  • Bonded, licensed and insured contractor services
  • Competitive pricing on all commercial and residential heating and cooling components, installation and repairs
  • Friendly, honest and reliable technicians
  • Local support
  • Much More.















Will the Trane HR15 Heat Pump Fit Your Mesa HP Installation Goals?

 Examining the Trane HR15 Heat Pump as a Residential Mesa HP Installation Solution

In this close-up look at the Trane XR15 heat pump series, Arizona-based American Cooling and Heating leaps beyond the concept of HP specifications, performance ratings and pricing. Right-sizing residential Mesa HVAC equipment installation demands knowledge that exceeds verbatim brochure statements. It’s time for heat pump vendors, HVAC installation teams and manufacturers to provide consumers with a more concrete reason for why a specific HP best suits the needs of their home. 

In a day that is driven by articles and talk of energy efficient heating and cooling, most Arizona homeowners already understand the terminology and measures of efficiency applied to home, office and commercial HVAC products. The same is true of Trane heat pump and air conditioning equipment. For over 100 years, the name Trane has represented heating and cooling products of quality, innovation and reliability. It began in 1913 and carries through even unto today. Trane products available for use in your Mesa HP installation project excel in every aspect of performance. The company is committed to providing American and the world with the best possible heating and cooling solutions for every need.


Trane HR15 Heat Pump – Basic Specifications

If you are ready to upgrade or install a new Mesa heat pump, you have reviewed or you are in the process of reviewing the basic definitions of SEER and HSPF. If you need a refresher, click here to view the ACH heating and air conditioning glossary. From Air Change to Zoning, the detailed and alpha-sorted American Cooling and Heating glossary defines every aspect of HVAC terminology. Make yourself at home.

However, Trane heat pumps are classified by model, series and performance expectations. Each series can be clearly identified by specific features. When considering the Trane HR15 heat pump for your Mesa AZ home, the basic specs are as follows:

  • SEER Ratings – Up to 16.50
  • HSPF Performance – Up to 9.00
  • Compressor – Available in Trane Climatuff®
  • Coil – Utilizes the exclusive features of the Trane Spine Fin™
  • Refrigerant – R-410A
  • Warranty – 10 years on compressor, outdoor coil and internal functional parts.


Comparison Considerations – Why the Trane XR15 Heat Pump in Mesa?

While investigating and comparing heating and cooling systems, you may want to contrast the efficiency versus costs of the Trane XR15 heat pump series to the company’s XR16 and XR13. Although your choices may be limited by the size of your home, overlap between models and series does occur. Under certain conditions, it may be advisable to downgrade or upgrade your Mesa heat pump installation plans. Perhaps a smaller XR16 makes a better fit than a large XR15 or perhaps a smaller XR15 makes a better fit than a larger XR13. These are questions that you must ask your Mesa heat pump installation expert.

For example: The low-end Trane 1.5 ton XR15 model 4TWR5018G pumps out 18,000 BTUH while the low-end Trane 2.0 ton XR13 4TWR3024D pumps out 23,000 BTUH. However, the XR13 is not supported by the EcoRebates associated with the XR15. Likewise, the low-end Trane 2.0 ton HR16 4TWR6024A heat pump puts out 24,000 BTUH while the 2.0-ton Trane XR15 4TWR5030G models push out the same 24,000 BTUH. Yet the low-end XR16 may cost as much as $1000 more than the XR15 (1).

For quick comparison of price versus efficiency, consider the following:

  • XR13 — Priced about half as high as the XR16, and only 1/3 less than the XR15
  • XR16 — Priced twenty-percent higher than the XR15 and nearly fifty-percent higher than the XR13
  • XR13 — Performance efficiency only twenty-percent less than the XR16 and roughly fifteen-percent less than the XR15
  • XR16 — Highest performance efficiency of the group yet only eight to ten percent better than the XR15 (2).

Consider then: When comparing cost to efficiency, the Trane XR16 delivers slow return on a long-term investment. However, the unit is designed to provide better control over the internal temperatures of your Mesa home. Likewise, the Trane XR13 provides the most efficiency gain for the cost yet misses out on the EcoRepates and may not be suited for your specific home conditions.

The Trane XR15 heat pump is not always the best choice, but you should consider it as a great mid-range option. With the XR15, you get:

  • Reasonable initial pricing
  • Remarkable performance efficiency
  • Quicker payback than what comes with the more pricey systems
  • AND the same quality American Cooling and Heating Mesa heat pump installation services regardless of your system choice.

Only a trained air conditioning expert can really help you determine which heating and cooling system is right for your Arizona home. The ACH team is on hand to provide 24/7 free heat pump installation estimates.  You want honest guidance, straightforward pricing and reliable heat pump installation. Call ACH now.







Why Your Phoenix AC Expert Should Analyze The External Condition of Your Home

Texas ebony for aid in AC efficiencyFace it: The cost of air-conditioning your Arizona home or business is expensive. According to Energy Star, the cost of heating and cooling the average home runs around $1,000 per year. That’s a very low-end figure. Some professional estimates set the expense of home cooling and heating on a par of $300 to $500 per month. That’s $3,000 to $5,000 plus per household. Almost half of the average homeowner’s total yearly energy bill goes toward heating and cooling expenses. If your Phoenix AC system is over twelve years old, you could be wasting as much as 30% of your current cooling costs.

When Phoenix, Arizona approved the 2004 International Energy Code (IEC), they were agreeing to an energy conservation process designed to provide an 18 percent reduction in the city’s residential energy consumption. This includes lowering the use of residential electricity by 21 percent. When the electrical adjustments are combined with the residential natural gas adjustments of the 2004 IEC, the city aims for a life cycle per home cost savings of $11,228. 

Effective Phoenix AC Installation Benefits From Environmentally Focused Home Improvements

One of the core methods for bringing about the changes required in the 2004 IEC program involves energy-centered home improvements. The program gives local authorities permission to implement enhanced energy-efficiency construction goals and “home energy retrofits” within the local community. Along with increased citywide energy savings, green energy changes provide cost-effective ways to enhance homeowner living conditions. By bringing together utilities, trade groups and product retailers such as your local Phoenix air conditioning contractor, the city of Arizona effectively provides homeowners with: 

  • Improved health due to better air quality
  • Better home comfort due to more efficient heating, cooling and air filtration
  • Saver living quarters
  • AND a reduction in energy expenditure. 

The Cost Efficiency of Environmentally Controlled Home Air Conditioning

External wind, sun, shade and precipitation determine the degree and extent of internal energy consumption. In summer, evergreen shade trees reduce the need for air conditioning. During the winter, evergreen windbreaks help reduce heat loss. In fact, strategically placed shade trees can reduce your home cooling energy costs by as much as 47 percent.

Perhaps your community falls within a government sponsored energy-efficiency heating and cooling program. Area governments are actively striving to persuade homeowners to plant and maintain windbreaks and shade trees. Incentive programs make the task even easier. Some regions of Arizona may already be involved in alternative voluntary programs wherein low-income households receive inexpensive or even free “home energy retrofits.”

Even if your home doesn’t fit into any of the benefit programs associated with the 2004 IEC program, ask your Scottsdale AC repair technician to examine your landscape. It’s already a proven fact: Just a few shade trees in the right position will reduce your home or business cooling expenses. If your old system is more than twelve years old, consider the cost savings associated with a new Glendale air conditioning installation. And when the AC professional arrives on site, make sure he or she checks out the lay of your land before the work begins.

Just a few knowledgeable tips from a trained Glendale AC repair center can help you push the efficiency of your air conditioning system to the max. Be sure to use desertadapted trees.


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