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Why Your Phoenix AC Expert Should Analyze The External Condition of Your Home

Texas ebony for aid in AC efficiencyFace it: The cost of air-conditioning your Arizona home or business is expensive. According to Energy Star, the cost of heating and cooling the average home runs around $1,000 per year. That’s a very low-end figure. Some professional estimates set the expense of home cooling and heating on a par of $300 to $500 per month. That’s $3,000 to $5,000 plus per household. Almost half of the average homeowner’s total yearly energy bill goes toward heating and cooling expenses. If your Phoenix AC system is over twelve years old, you could be wasting as much as 30% of your current cooling costs.

When Phoenix, Arizona approved the 2004 International Energy Code (IEC), they were agreeing to an energy conservation process designed to provide an 18 percent reduction in the city’s residential energy consumption. This includes lowering the use of residential electricity by 21 percent. When the electrical adjustments are combined with the residential natural gas adjustments of the 2004 IEC, the city aims for a life cycle per home cost savings of $11,228. 

Effective Phoenix AC Installation Benefits From Environmentally Focused Home Improvements

One of the core methods for bringing about the changes required in the 2004 IEC program involves energy-centered home improvements. The program gives local authorities permission to implement enhanced energy-efficiency construction goals and “home energy retrofits” within the local community. Along with increased citywide energy savings, green energy changes provide cost-effective ways to enhance homeowner living conditions. By bringing together utilities, trade groups and product retailers such as your local Phoenix air conditioning contractor, the city of Arizona effectively provides homeowners with: 

  • Improved health due to better air quality
  • Better home comfort due to more efficient heating, cooling and air filtration
  • Saver living quarters
  • AND a reduction in energy expenditure. 

The Cost Efficiency of Environmentally Controlled Home Air Conditioning

External wind, sun, shade and precipitation determine the degree and extent of internal energy consumption. In summer, evergreen shade trees reduce the need for air conditioning. During the winter, evergreen windbreaks help reduce heat loss. In fact, strategically placed shade trees can reduce your home cooling energy costs by as much as 47 percent.

Perhaps your community falls within a government sponsored energy-efficiency heating and cooling program. Area governments are actively striving to persuade homeowners to plant and maintain windbreaks and shade trees. Incentive programs make the task even easier. Some regions of Arizona may already be involved in alternative voluntary programs wherein low-income households receive inexpensive or even free “home energy retrofits.”

Even if your home doesn’t fit into any of the benefit programs associated with the 2004 IEC program, ask your Scottsdale AC repair technician to examine your landscape. It’s already a proven fact: Just a few shade trees in the right position will reduce your home or business cooling expenses. If your old system is more than twelve years old, consider the cost savings associated with a new Glendale air conditioning installation. And when the AC professional arrives on site, make sure he or she checks out the lay of your land before the work begins.

Just a few knowledgeable tips from a trained Glendale AC repair center can help you push the efficiency of your air conditioning system to the max. Be sure to use desertadapted trees.


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