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Communicating With Your Phoenix AC Repair Center – Introduction to Central AC Systems

Communication, an important part of AC repair workAfter the recent 72-degree days, you may already know you need a Phoenix AC repair center. CBS 5 AZ puts it this way: “Tons of sun…a wonderful winter.”

A late season storm may turn the tide, but it will be a short-lived change. The cooling season is just around the corner. Even if you don’t yet know what to expect from your air conditioning system now is a good time to take action. Stay ahead of the crowd. Get an AC checkup ASAP.

But, good comfort choices aren’t just about choosing the best Phoenix AC installation or repair team. You also need to know something about the equipment. When you have to call for a Chandler AC repair tech, it helps to know the jargon used by heating and cooling professionals.

You can count on American Cooling and Heating to guide you straight, but we like to provide our customers with as much useful information as we can. We wouldn’t be here without you. The following introduction to Central Air conditioning equipment and installation processes is crafted just for you.


From Amanda to Trane, The Core Design of Central AC Systems Function Alike

However, aside from primary system blueprints, central air conditioners share five key requirements:  

  1. They must be installed and connected to ductwork
  2. The ductwork must be right sized for the unit and for your home
  3. Climate plays a major role in product selection
  4. Performance is directly proportional to the condition of your home and the right sizing of the AC unit to your home
  5. Reliability depends as much on the skills and reputation of the Phoenix AC contractor as it does the quality of the installed unit.

As to Phoenix air conditioning installation and repair, look for a company with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, complaint-free membership in the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and a history of customer satisfaction. Don’t forget to confirm matters concerning license, bonding and insurance. Also take advantage of the consumer resources available via the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). You will find American Cooling and Heating throughout the ACCA Phoenix area listings.   

As to unit comparisons, provides a comprehensive selection of articles, efficiency ratings and wholesale pricing details for current central AC models. You can also take advantage of the free AC&H air conditioning and heating consumer literature.


Reliability of Central Air Conditioning As Measured By The Installation Pros

According to research performed by the editors of Consumer Search, Goodman products (Amana brands, Goodman and Janitrol) brought in more complaints and criticism than any other brand of cooling product. However, the majority of professional AC contractors argue that the issue is not due to the quality of the Goodman products so much as it is related to inexperienced, lazy or shoddy installation technicians.

Typically, companies such as Carrier and Trane establish rigid installation and repair requirements for technicians. Goodman is known to allow less skilled and poorly trained repairmen the freedom of installing their central air conditioning systems without extended company training. Some say that when dealing with Goodman AC products, you should always find a skilled AC contractor. Management at American Cooling and Heating says you need skilled technicians for any type of AC installation or repair in the Phoenix area or elsewhere.

If you want your system to cool efficiently, last as it should and reduce your energy expenses, follow these simple steps: 

  • Hire the right Phoenix AC contractor
  • Right size the system for your home
  • Perform yearly maintenance.

We are here to help you get started. Get a summer checkup now. Our skilled techs can examine your system’s: 

  • Electrical components and wiring
  • Operating pressures, including refrigerant charge
  • Airflow and temperature management
  • Air filter and thermostat life expectation
  • Amperages and motors
  • Outdoors coil
  • AND much more.


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