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Gilbert Trane Heat Pump Installation – Excellences From ACH HP Installation

Gilbert Trane Heat Pump Installation -- Stop the IclesTotal Home Comfort Begins With Gilbert Trane Heat Pump Installation by ACH

For fast, efficient and reliable Gilbert Trane heat pump installation and repair services, choose American Cooling and Heating (ACH). In 1910, James Trane invented the Trane Vapor Heating System, a low-pressure heating device designed to deal with the bitter cold of Wisconsin winters (1). Yet some parts of Arizona also endure deep-freeze winters. For example: Feb 4th, 1996 records the lowest-ever Wisconsin temperature at a mere minus 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet Hawley Lake in AZ trails that dip by only a few degrees. On January 7th, 1971, AZ experienced a record state low of minus 40 degrees.

Of course such national temperature extremes are not the Arizona average. Typically January Gilbert AZ temperatures rarely drop below 38 degrees. The average seasonal low throughout Phoenix, Gilbert and other regional Valley communities tops 42 degrees. Whereas, according to Country Studies U.S., the average lows in Wisconsin are more to the tune of 12 degrees (2). Obviously James Trane had much greater motivation for heat management than the typical Arizona resident, yet that’s part of the reason you choose to live in Gilbert, AZ rather than Janesville, Wisconsin. It’s also one of the reasons that a Gilbert Trane Heat Pump installation by American Cooling and Heating remains a best-choice, cost-efficient and effective solution to your home or business heating and cooling requirements.


From 1913 to Present, Trane Heat Pumps Fit the Needs of Gilbert Residents

Success followed distribution and in 1913 James Trane and son Reuben Trane incorporated to form the Trane air conditioning and heating company. A one hundred year history backs the air conditioning equipment ACH installs in modern Gilbert homes and businesses. When you combine Trane manufacturing expertise, proficiency and quality with ACH technical HP installation skills, managing Gilbert AZ inside temperatures is in the hands of top HVAC industry leaders. Whether the day is cold or the day is hot, American Cooling and Heating installed Trane AC equipment fires up, revs up and holds up for your long-term comfort and convenience.

In July of 2013, American women voted Trane home equipment the best heating and air conditioning brand available (3). The Women’s Choice Award, based on a national survey that included over 5,000 women, provides you with Trane system reliability-assurance. American Cooling and Heating provides you with the assurance that trained technicians will help you select the most cost-effective and operationally efficient heat pump Gilbert system for your home or business.

For best comfort and energy efficiency, you need a Trane matched Air Conditioning system that uses multiple components designed and engineered for maximum efficiency in your environment. For example: the Trane XL20i manages the hottest Gilbert summers while also providing perfect comfort during the winter. Identified among the top products in the industry, the Trane XL20i is available with SEER ratings up to 19.0 and HSPF ratings up to 9.0.

All Trane air conditioning and Trane HP systems are engineered for performance, efficiency and durability. You want comfort, quiet operation and energy efficiency without waste. Having already installed hundreds of Gilbert AZ heat pumps and other heating and cooling equipment products, ACH understands the local environment and can ensure that your new Gilbert Trane heat pump installation works best to meet your specific comfort requirements.

Here’s what to expect from American Cooling and Heating:


  • Free estimate on all heat pump installation projects
  • 24-hour service
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  • Trained and experienced Gilbert Trane heat pump installation crews
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  • Friendly, honest and reliable technicians
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