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Heating With Oil – Carrier Performance™ Series Oil Furnaces

In October of 1990, the cost of residential heating with oil averaged $1.279 per gallon (1). By January of 2014, the price per gallon in oil-heated homes came in at $4.020 per gallon. If you forget to consider inflation and if you ignore the vast improvements in oil-burning technology, the rise in pricing paints an ugly picture. But American’s live in a new world of energy-efficient residential heating technology.

Seniors may remember the comfort of oil heat contaminated by the scent of wasted fuel, but those are days gone by. Modern oil-burning furnaces present a new experience: Exceptional home comfort free of oil-related odors and the extra expense of product waste.

Current heating with oil equipment burns clean, efficient and safe. And oil heat is a cost-effective solution to your winter comfort requirements. Here are some fast facts about residential oil heating technology:

  • As of the past decade, nearly 10 million U.S. homes reap the benefits of residential oil heating.
  • From 2003 to 2013, builders designed and constructed over 350,000 oil-heated homes (2)
  • Current heating with oil equipment exceeds 90% efficiency
  • Due to the effectiveness of Clearburn Science, modern oil heating equipment burns 95% cleaner than 1990 equipment
  • Risks of leakage in an underground oil storage tank is less than 1%
  • Every gallon of that $4.020 fuel produces a whopping 138,000 Btu’s of heating power
  • Modern oil companies are reliable, honest and friendly, receiving ratings of 94% and above for speed and quality of service.


Truth in Pricing – Cost of Heating With Oil

 During the 1970s and 1980s, the annual cost of oil-heated homes reflected the consumption of 1300 gallons per year. Modern systems produce the same comfort level for a mere 800 gallons of fuel oil per year. When adjusted for inflation, the current price of fuel oil heating has dropped by 23%.


Availability – Risks of Heating With Oil

In past years, American experienced several shortages in energy supplies. But perhaps only the seniors actually remember the associated waiting lines. For more than thirty years, the U.S. has remained relatively free of any significant problem with energy supplies. This statement stands in reserve of the natural disasters that have sometimes hinder the flow of energy in almost every form, including electricity and oil-based products. Currently, the U.S. government maintains a Strategic Petroleum Reserve that tops 700 million barrels. This reserves includes two million barrels of heating oil reserve.


Carrier Performance™ Series Oil Furnaces – Heating Gilbert With Carrier Products

Carrier heating and cooling products are not limited to heat pumps and air conditioning systems. The Carrier Performance™ oil furnaces series provide Phoenix heating with oil customers with efficient, flexible, durable and quiet home comfort during the harshest winters imaginable. Many of the products in the Performance™ lineup offer up to 86.6% AFUE. Units with the ENERGY STARÒ ratings provide the smartest heat saving you can get.

Systems include the Oil Furnace OVL, OVM and CVM. All utilize variable speed blowers and Hybrid Heat compatible with Performance EdgeÒ relative humidity or ComfortZoneÔ II thermostats. The choice is simple: Carrier heating with oil provides clean, inexpensive and energy-efficient home comfort at reasonable prices.

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