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ACH Mesa Trane HP Installation Backed By Trane Heat Pump Warranty

 Mesa Trane HP Installation – Benefits of Trane with ACH Warranty Protection

Every professional Mesa Trane heat pump installation includes the benefits of a Trane warranty and system protection program. However, product warranties do not necessarily assure speedy service, reliable repairs or even simple common courtesy during the correction process. Your newly installed Trane heating and cooling system carries some measure of manufacturer warranty, but not ever installer interprets that warranty with the same concern for consumer satisfaction. When you encounter a fault in a quality heating and cooling product, you expect a prompt response from your Mesa Trane HP installation team. But sometimes the product lacks the backing of a quality HVAC support team, and when this happens misery mounts upon misery.

Without adequate technical support, your heat pump upgrade experience quickly becomes a battlefield of disappointing phone calls followed by missed service appointments, loss workdays and uncomfortable home living conditions. American Cooling and Heating will not let that happen. Every heating and cooling product installed by ACH is protected by a reputation evidenced by:

  • 24-hour service
  • Expert troubleshooting and diagnosis training
  • NATE certified technicians
  • Complaint Free AZ Registar of Contractors Assurance
  • Custom HVAC Design Services
  • O.A.C. Financing Options
  • Straight-Forward Pricing
  • AND 100% guarantees of reliable heat pump installation and heat pump repairs.

With American Cooling and Heating, you don’t just buy a Mesa Trane HP installation – You buy the skills and services of the best-trained heating and cooling HVAC professionals in Mesa.


Take Advantage of the Trane Registered Limited Warranty Protection Program

Trane’s base Limited Warranty terms apply to all new Trane equipment. However, the terms of the Registered Limited Warranty are only available when your product is registered within 60 days of installation (1). Trane permits registration of your new heat pump via phone or Internet. Your Mesa ACH dealer will explain the details of the warranty and help ensure that your product is correctly registered with Trane.

Different warranties are linked to different heat pump models. Your American Cooling and Heating tech can help you understand what the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty covers and how an upgrade to the Trane Optional Extended Warranty may benefit your long-term heating and cooling goals. If your Mesa Trane HP installation did not come with complete warranty details, contact your ACH HVAC team ASAP. The company will immediately correct this shortcoming, including a full reprimand of the agent who failed to perform the expected duties. American Cooling and Heading places top priority on the quality and service of your Trane heat pump installation and warranty registration.


Trane Warranty Overview

Every Trane heating and cooling product model is unique for a specific application. As such, warranty terms vary from product to product. The basic Trane heat pump warranty covers your:

  • Compressor
  • Outdoors Coil
  • Functional internal parts
  • Controls functional internal parts
  • AND Thermostats functional internal parts.

Optional items that may be included in the warranty are covered under unit specific statements. For example: Internal functional parts for air cleaners and air handlers as well as internal components of furnaces and heat exchanger units are warranted sub-systems. Most Trane equipment includes an option for Extended Warranty protection. Products less than five years old that are covered by Trane’s Base Warranty may be upgraded to an Optional Extended Warranty. If you don’t currently hold an Optional Extended Warranty on your Mesa installed Trane Heat Pump, contact your local American Cooling and Heating office for immediate help in this matter.


What Is Included in the Trane Extended Warranty?

  • Incremental Coverage – You may acquire Trane Extended Warranty coverage in optional spans of 5 or 10-year increments. You may also limit coverage to parts only, to parts and labor, or to labor only. Some time restrictions do apply. Consult your Mesa Trane HP installation team for full details.
  • Transferable Warranty – In the event that you sell your Mesa home, your Trane Extended Warranty is fully transferable to the new owner.
  • Assured Replacement Advantage – The Trane Extended Warranty includes a built-in product replacement advantage.

All Trane warranty support requires that the homeowner follow the recommended routine maintenance procedures. If you do not follow the recommended guidelines, your Trane Extended Warranty Agreement may not cover repairs to your equipment. By arranging your services through the Mesa division of American Cooling and Heating, you can be certain that your system is maintained on the recommended schedule. Efficient and timely heat pump maintenance not only assures compliance with the Trane Warranty program, it assures energy efficient operation during peak power demands.

For more information on Mesa Trane HP Installation and Warranty Coverage, click here.








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