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Trane heat pump sales ACHNATE Certified Arizona HVAC Professional, American Cooling and Heating Offers Valley-Wide Blowout Pricing on All Trane Heat Pump Sales and Installation Packages

It’s here: Tax season and perhaps the biggest Trane heat pump sales and installation promotion of 2014. And American Cooling and Heating holds the keys. Jump on board today.

Phoenix AccuWeather predicts regional temperatures rising into the mid-80s by as early as the first of March 2014 (1). Before the end of April, your daily East Valley lifestyle will include 90-degree heat bursts and boiling winds. By the end of May, Arizona temperatures will climb to 100-degrees daytime and 73-degrees nighttime. If your aged and struggling air conditioning or heat pump system endures on, the first of June 2014 will begin battles against 100-plus degree days and 80-plus degree nights. Taking advantage of the American Cooling and Heating blowout sale pricing on Trane Heat Pump sales and installation seems a reasonable early-warning response.

Tax Refunds and Blowout Trane Heat Pump Pricing Promote Comfortable Living

 According to the IRS 2012 End-of-Year filing statistics, the average U.S. tax refund came in at $2,803 per individual filer (2). The average 2012 individual refund for filers using direct deposit topped $2,900. Both figures were slightly down from reports from 2011. But how do Americans use these funds. For the 2013 filing season, better than 54% of the American public expects to receive a tax refund.

But how is it spent and what are the benefits of redirecting tax rebates toward home heating and cooling requirements?

In a paper reporting on how 1.5 million credit-constrained Americans spend tax refunds, Harvard Business School defines day-to-day necessities as the number one point of expenditure (3). For those in serious financial binds, items such as groceries, gasoline and the charges for rapid-refund deposits make short work of hands-on cash. Yet this tax group accounts for only 1.5% of the population. The bulk of Americans spend tax refunds as follows:

  • 7% Splurge on personal comfort
  • 9% Piddle the cash into nothingness
  • 26% Apply to necessities such as food, clothing, gas and home heating and cooling
  • 28% Invest or save
  • 30% Pay down existing debts or reduce the need for acquiring debt.

Investing in a new energy-efficient ACH installed Trane heat pump makes for wise use of tax refunds. Even if you typically splurge your refund on personal comfort, expenditures that promote better home cooling fits into that concept of personal spending interests. But using your tax refund to take advantage of the 2014 American Cooling and Heating valley-wide Arizona blowout pricing on all Trane heat pump sales and installation packages also helps reduce your acquired debt while meeting a long-term home necessity.  Modern Energy Star certified heat pumps reduce your yearly heating and cooling expenses by 9% over standard new models and 20% and more over what may be in your home. Installing a new Trane HP is an investment that can prevent you from:

  • Piddling away useful cash
  • Missing the meat of necessities on aged, inefficient and energy-devouring air conditioning equipment
  • AND dwindling saving due to unexpected future equipment failures.

The ACH 2014 Arizona binge sale on Trane heat pump installation and products packages provides you with competitive pricing, 24/7 air conditioning services, and the best Trane product support in the business. With a tax refund in the wind, and the urge to spend riding the currents, now is the time to schedule your FREE estimate on the cost of installing a new Trane heat pump at your Phoenix home. Financing available, new/old stock inventory, flexible payment plans, long-term product and service warranties.

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Make your tax refund work for you. For more details on how to save on the cost of Trane heat pump products, click here.





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