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Industry-leading A/C Service Expert in Arizona, American Cooling and Heating, Provides Tips for Surviving in a Global Warming Environment

Environmental Study Declares Arizona the Fastest-Warming State; American Cooling and Heating Provides Tips On How To Live Comfortably and Safely in a Warming World – Especially When AZ is Getting the Worst of It

Recent studies are supporting what many local homeowners have been talking about lately. Record temperatures are breaking out all over the Earth. If even the ice caps at the top of the world are melting, imagine what could happen in Arizona, many residents reason. Current news items have many local homeowners and climate experts worried. NASA recently released results of their analysis of US global surface temperatures, showing that since the year 2000, we’ve had nine of the 10 warmest years ever recorded. A new study from more specifically declares that Arizona is leading the pack of US states, racing toward global warming and more extreme weather at the highest speed of all.

The experts at American Cooling and Heating feel that no matter their individual stance on the political side of global warming, Phoenix and Scottsdale residents are rightly concerned about the future. Debates about whether humans are to blame for global warming aside, the earth is getting warmer and climate changes are always happening. We can’t count on the trend reversing itself any time soon.

It’s clear that we must adapt. For local residents who have been wondering about things like: Will we in the southwestern US keep getting hotter and drier year by year without relief? How can we adapt to more extreme weather? How can we help counteract the effects on our health? How can we preserve the environment? Will our budget survive as costs continually rise for natural gas, electricity and water.

Preparing for extreme weather

American Cooling and Heating provides local homeowners with a plan to deal with weather challenges while keeping their home environment comfortable and safe. These greater Phoenix area HVAC experts offer the following tips to help residents cope:

** Maintain existing A/C systems with annual professional service while planning for possible cooling system upgrades or replacement. As the professionals at American Cooling and Heating explain: “Annual or semi-annual preventive maintenance– and the equipment inspection that goes along with it, is crucial to help catch any impending safety or health issues like electrical problems, gas leaks or fire dangers. Proper maintenance service also extends the life of home comfort equipment and preserves its performance, keeping monthly operating costs (energy bills) as low as possible.” Moving into a new house, have the home comfort system inspected with a maintenance visit from an HVAC/R contractor before using your system or when planning to begin using it again after long disuse during winter months, for example.

** Consider upgrading the central air conditioner’s air handler or evaporator coil to enhance energy-efficiency and comfort. After assessing the condition of your system, the professionals at American Cooling and Heating can recommend compatible components from their supply of quality, industry-leading brands to upgrade your system.

** Evaluate the pros and cons of purchasing a new, highly efficient, central air conditioning system. The latest energy- and money-saving air conditioning technology is light-years ahead of systems on the market just a few year ago, generally resulting in long-term cost savings to homeowners. The professionals at American Cooling And Heating can provide individualized help to determine the return on new-system investment for local residents, taking into account their home’s construction, size and other specific factors. They can also factor in the cost of any needed cooling system repairs against using the funds toward a new system.

** Think about a heat pump for year-round home comfort and dependability. Although they’re called heat pumps, these refrigeration units provide some of the most efficient home cooling out there, since they operate by transferring heat rather than generating it. Although they provide great energy savings, there’s no compromise in home comfort with heat pump units. In cold weather, heat pumps can reverse their heat transfer process, providing economical heating that easily handles mild winters like ours.

** Prepare for new, more environmentally-friendly refrigerant. The local air conditioning experts explain that A/C replacement has taken on a new urgency with the imminent phase-out of R22 freon refrigerant, on which most existing cooling systems currently depend. Switching to a new air conditioning system will avoid the possibility of inconvenient R22 shortages and price hikes as it becomes scarce.

** Don’t miss out on the latest state and local power company incentives and government tax credits for the most energy-efficient products. These programs make new systems affordable and help recoup the costs of a new system quickly.

** Call for quick assistance from the local HVAC experts at American Cooling and Heating whenever necessary. In an emergency, their 24-hour Repair and Installation Service Teams are on standby to get to greater Phoenix area homes and businesses quickly when the need arises. The company’s highly skilled quick response teams help ensure the uninterrupted operation of essential cooling, refrigeration, ventilation (and heating) systems in the event of extreme weather or sudden breakdown.

Arizona Air Conditioning Service Center For AC Repair And AC Installation

American Cooling and Heating wants to make sure people have all the information needed to prepare for future heat waves, as well as energy and water shortages – without blowing their household budgets. Concerned homeowners are invited to bring their questions to the company for individualized options and advice. American Cooling and Heating— serving Arizona 24/7, 365, for the past 20 years.

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