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Drop Those Costs! Six-Point Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Plan That Can Save You Money

Arizona Air Conditioning Service Center Introduces Energy Saving Tips And Advice

In Compliance With Energy Star Suggestions For Best Efficiency A/C Systems, American Cooling and Heating Presents Phoenix Area Residents With Six-Point, Energy Star Efficiency Tips, Including an Equipment Maintenance Check List

Staying cool costs money. In the summer, air conditioning is the big energy ticket item. The Alliance to Save Energy says that the 2012, residential household energy bill will run around $2,200. They also say that simple changes can ease the strain and keep your home more comfortable at the same time.

The following American Cooling and Heating Six-Point Energy Star Efficiency plan can help you ease the burden on your A/C system, your pocketbook and your family’s comfort demands:

1) Air Filters

When things appear to be functioning correctly, homeowners forget the importance of changing their HVAC air filter. Yet dirty filters reduce air flow, force your system to work hard and result in wasted energy. Change the HVAC filter once a month. It will reduce cooling expenses and prevent the build up of dust and dirt, which may even eliminate the future need for at least one service call.

2) HVAC System Tune Up

What would it cost to repair your automobile if you never changed the oil until the engine seized up? Although special circumstances such as landscaping-related dust and debris may prompt a need for a special maintenance call, once a year is typically sufficient for a home HVAC system. Spend a little to save bunches. The American Cooling and Heating, 24-hour on-call service center is every-ready at your disposal.

Use the following A/C maintenance checklist for a safety guide:

Reasonable thermostat settings 
Secure electrical connections 
Lubrication of moving parts 
Functioning condenser drain 
Functional controls 
Dirt on the condenser coils 
Refrigerant level – Typically requires a technician 
Clean blower components 
Clean filters.

Your local contractor American Cooling and Heating can perform the complete HVAC maintenance checklist at a very reasonable costs to you.

3) Programmable Thermostat

Not all home air conditioning systems have an installed programmable thermostat. Yet when correctly installed and properly used, a programmable thermostat can reduce your yearly energy costs by as much as $190. An American Cooling and Heating technician is on-hand now to help you update to an energy-efficient thermostat system.

4) Leaking Duct System

Low air pressure moving through your home may be the result of an improperly sealed heating and cooling duct system. As much as twenty percent of your cooling and heating cost may be coming to rest in the crawlspace beneath your home or in your attic.

Your American Cooling and Heating technician is more than willing to help you better understand the true cause of your heating and cooling complications.

5) Upgrade to a New Energy-Efficient HVAC System

Old systems cost more to operate than the modern energy-efficient products produced by Amana, Carrier, Rheem and others. A new energy-efficient home HVAC system can reduce your yearly energy bill by as much as $200.

If your system is older than ten years or if it is not keeping your home livable and comfortable, perhaps you should have it evaluated by a quality HVAC contractor.

American Cooling and Heating offers a free air conditioning inspection and estimate.

6) Proper Installation

Perhaps a new system is the only answer to your home cooling complication. If so, seek the best in performance, energy efficiency and installation services. Improper HVAC installation can reduce your energy efficiency by as much as 30 percent – not to mention the excess wear and tear on your equipment.

These tips presented by American Cooling and Heating, currently serving the entire Phoenix area, including Paradise Valley AZ, Gilbert AZ, Mesa AZ, and Scottsdale AZ, and all other areas in Arizona.

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