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Heat Wave Safety for Outdoor Survival in High Ambient Temperatures – Viewpoints of an Arizona Air Conditioning Service Center

Arizona’s premier Phoenix A/C repair and A/C installation company, American Cooling And Heating, offers unique, air conditioning service viewpoint for survival in the high ambient area temperatures.

The area around Phoenix AZ ranks among the worst for high ambient temperatures. For the homeowner or the business owner, the cost of Air Conditioning Repair or A/C Installation involves time, some inconvenience and a major financial investment. But for the Phoenix A/C Service Technician, the cost of doing business during extreme Arizona heat waves can involve major health risks and precautions must be taken to avoid serious injury or death.

“Air Conditioning Service Techs and Installers face two major areas of extreme exposure to high ambient temperatures: 1) While installing primary exterior A/C equipment on the shade-less side of a home or business and 2) While installing air handlers in home attics or overhead business storage areas. Knowing how to avoid heatstroke and other high ambient temperature complications is critical to survival as an air conditioning technician,” AC&H Gilbert regional technical expert.

Triple digit temperatures make the external functions of A/C repair, A/C installation or A/C services difficult and risky. The symptoms of heatstroke, dehydration and serious breathing issues can come quickly and without opportunity for self-preservative reactions.

Working in the attic also presents serious health risks – even to an extreme that far exceeds the dangers of installing A/C products and systems under exposure to severe external temperatures. Studies performed by the Building Science Corporation conclude that Las Vegas and Phoenix attic temperatures typically hit 150-degrees during high ambient temperatures. The same tests allot 180-degrees as the max acceptable in an enclosed attic space near the sheathing.

* The Building Science Corporation is a science consulting firm working out of Boston, MA.

Identifying the Risk Factors of Arizona’s High Ambient Temperatures

The techs from American Cooling And Heatingunderstand the risks associated with their job, and they know how to practice high temperature safety. Here is some of the safety procedures implemented by the AC&H Phoenix air conditioning installation crews:

* Accept That Risk Factors Exist—Staying safe demands a safety conscious mindset. The AC&H air conditioning service crews deal with snakes, critters and weather conditions. Each situation involves certain risk factors. Staying safe is a matter of knowing how those factors can affect the tech’s health and survival.

* Know How To Recognize the Signs of Heatstroke – The danger begins with one or both of two less risky heat-related complications: 1) Heat cramps which involve fatigue, thirst, excess sweating and cramps, and 2) Heat exhaustion which follows on the tail of untreated heat cramp conditions. Heat exhaustion typically involves dizziness, headache, cool and moist skin, and muscle cramps. Drinking cool nonalcoholic fluids, finding shade, seeking reprieve in an air-conditioned environment of taking a cool shower can treat either condition. If the situation persists, seek immediate medical aid.

Heatstroke typically follows in the wake of untreated heat clamps and untreated heat exhaustion. The symptoms include:

• Elevated body temperature

• Hot dry skin due to a lack of sweating

• Upset stomach accompanied by nausea and vomiting

• Changes in skin color due to rising body temperature

• Shallow and rapid breathing

• Increasing and rapid heart rate

• Intense and throbbing headache

• A sense of confusion, sometimes accompanied by hallucinations, seizures or difficulty with communications and speaking

• Muscle cramps, weakness and sometimes limp muscles

• Unconsciousness.

Surviving in High Humidity, No Wind and Triple Digit Temperatures

Installing heating and cooling equipment when the humidity is high, the winds are silent and the Phoenix temperatures are cracking the triple digit mark demands attention to personal health details. It’s about doing a great job while taking care of self during the process. Whether working in Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale or any other AC&H serviced Phoenix region, the A/C techs avoid danger by practicing the following simple safety rules:

• Limited Exposure – Schedule work hours for early morning and evening hours. Take more breaks in shady or air-conditioned areas.

• Increased Intake of Fluids – Drink water when thirsty and when not thirsty. Also take in fluids that can increase body salt and body minerals. A common recipe is to mix Gatorade with 50% water.

• Avoid – Beverages that pump up the sugar level or that contain alcohol.

• Eat light – small infrequent meals that are easily digested, small sandwiches, protein bars, etc.

• Where protective clothing – sun hats, long sleeve cotton shirts, sunglasses, gloves, use sunscreen.

• When working in direct sunlight, get to shade at intervals to avoid overheating and if any sign of overheating begins, then immediately get to shade and cool down.

• When working in an attic, exit at intervals to prevent overheating and exit immediately upon signs of overheating.

• Take Advantage of Available Air Conditioning – The AC&H Phoenix A/C installation team travels in air-conditioned vehicles. When necessary, the techs crank up the company furnished, air conditioned trucks and enjoy a moment of body and mind refreshment.

• If heat related danger signs manifest then call an ambulance and seek medical attention.

American Cooling and Heating will do its best to provide service to it’s Arizona customers no matter what temperatures and harsh conditions there may be, providing quick and efficient Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Repair or Replacement. The company’s A/C services are available in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, and all surrounding areas in Arizona. Call today! AC&H will exceed all customer expectations in every sense of the word.

Disclaimer: American Cooling And Heating provides professional HVAC services only and the content contained herein is opinion only. For detailed heat wave safety measures, readers should check with a government-confirmed source of healthcare or safety authority. The information contained herein is meant for basic informational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as safety, health, or medical advice, substitute for a doctor’s appointment or to be used for diagnosing or treating a disease. Users of this information are advised to consult with their physician or verified by a licensed healthcare provider before making any decisions concerning their health. Safety related issues should be confirmed with OSHA or other licensed safety authority.

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