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Monsoon Safety – Phoenix AC Installation Tips For Dealing With The Severity of Arizona Weather Phenomenon

Phoenix AC Installation Designed to Promote Monsoon Safety

ACH Trane Air Conditioner SaleIt’s mid-week in the Arizona Monsoon Awareness Program. Area homeowners and business owners are keenly aware of the dangers associated with this serious Arizona weather phenomenon, but perhaps some don’t know exactly how to respond to the threats. American Cooling and Heating has geared up to help handle the increased demand for Gilbert AC repairs, new Scottsdale Air Conditioning installations, and all the other compounded AC service calls passing through the Phoenix area.

If you need emergency AC installation or Heat Pump repair anywhere from Chandler up to Peoria or from Scottsdale down to Buckeye, AC&H is on hand to provide immediate Air Conditioning Repairs or Air Conditioning Replacement on all major brands. American Cooling and Heating service trucks are fully stocked with components for Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Lennox, Rheem, Trane and others. The courteous AC&H technicians can correct Heat Pump problems, AC systems and furnace units. Call for an immediate appointment.

Arizona Air Conditioning Only One Component in Monsoon Safety Considerations

The Phoenix based American Cooling and Heating Website site is more than a mere sales tool to a for-profit Arizona Air Conditioning service center. The company strives to provide pertinent information relevant to current Valley Metro residents and businesses.

Dealing with the severity of Arizona weather phenomenon requires awareness of the total issue and not merely those components that are associated with Phoenix AC repairs. The following Monsoon safety tips will help you protect your family during the current Arizona Monsoon season.

Dust Storms

Linked to Microbursts, dust storms (haboobs) can kill. Never drive in a haboob. There are no reduced visibility options. If you get caught in a dust storm: 

  • Park the vehicle off the road
  • Turn off your headlights
  • Leave the vehicle in park and avoid putting your foot on the brake pedal.
  • Stay in the vehicle.
  • Do not move until the storm is passed. 

Flash Flooding

Understand the danger of moving water. Flash floods rank as the number one thunderstorm-associated killer. More often than not, the deaths occur in vehicles. Even water depths less than two feet can carry your truck or car into disaster. When flash flood warnings are in effect: 

  • Avoid entering moving water.
  • Keep close watch over young children. During thunderstorms, it only takes moments for a creek or a wash to turn deadly.
  • When traveling at night, avoid roads that are known for flooding. Darkness hinders your ability to judge water depth and road conditions. 

Wind – The Microbursts

Thunderstorms often produce sudden thrusts of downward air gusts, commonly called “downburst winds,” but technically identified as Microbursts. The force of a Microburst can exceed 100 mph. The danger to person and property is sudden, extensive and possibly deadly. Clouds of ground level dust may accompany the Microburst.

For safety during Monsoon thunderstorms: 

  • Get inside a sturdy structure
  • Avoid windows and glass doors
  • Use a battery operated radio to keep track of current news. 


According to the Arizona Division of Public Health Services (DPHS), heat related fatalities in the area are on the rise. In 2011, 206 U.S. citizens died as a result of extreme heat. This is 68 more heat related deaths than what occurred in 2010, and it is almost double the preceding ten year average.

The Arizona DPHS describes AZ heat as “more than a nuisance – it is lethal.” Authorities define heat as the nation’s number one weather-related killer. Recognize the threat and take appropriate defensive actions.

Here is how to survive the intense Arizona Monsoon temperatures: 

  • Restrict outdoor projects to the cooler hours of the day either mornings or evenings
  • Wear clothing suitable for extreme heat conditions
  • Take breaks, often and then more often
  • Take advantage of any nearby Air Conditioned structures
  • Drink water, in excess of all that you think you need
  • Keep an eye on the elderly, the young and people with known health conditions
  • Never leave children, pets or any other living creature in a vehicle that lacks adequate ventilation and/or functional air conditioning.
  • If you or someone with you experiences heat stroke — Call for emergency assistance. 

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