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Heat Pump Package Units SEER2 Replacement, Upgrade, or New Install

Decisions: Customized Heat Pump Package Unit Replacement

Optimizing home or office air conditioning comfort in Arizona can be a daunting investment. Efficient, cost-effective, and reliable heat pump package units replacement requires customized adjustments. With so many units and features to choose from, the list of options can feel overwhelming.

From new HVAC installs to upgrades to system replacements, homeowners encounter many purchase decisions. Select the wrong type of HVAC system, and your comfort levels suffer. Decide on the wrong heat pump package model, and you lose out on significant cost savings, in energy expenses, as well as unit pricing.

The following tips will help you decide which heat pump package unit replacement best suits your unique home environment.

Know When Your Heat Pump Needs Replacing

Heat pumps move thermal energy by absorbing heat, transferring, and then releasing heat from one space to another. When heating a home, the hot air from outside is collected and later released inside. When cooling a home, the heat is taken from inside and released outside. But like all devices with moving parts, heat pumps eventually wear out and need replacement or upgrading.

Point to consider: Functional is not the same thing as cost-efficient, reliable, and comfortable. Just because a home heating and cooling system continue to churn does not mean that it is churning as it should. Here are a few signs to help you decide if a heat pump packing unit replacement is in order.

1. Excessive Need for Heat Pump Repairs

From time to time, all machines break down. But be sensible. When the call for repairs or the routine costs in system upkeep exceeds regular maintenance and minor corrections, it may be time for a heat pump package unit replacement, upgrade or new installation.

2. Excessive Increase In Your Heating and Cooling Energy Bills and Energy Consumption

Due to rate hikes, we expect an occasional yearly increase in home heating and cooling expenses. However, when the monthly consumption of energy kicks into a steady rise in the energy bills, something may be going wrong in the heat pump system. Before making an immediate judgment, rule out other household appliances. But if all other possibilities for energy loss are eliminated, and only the heating and cooling system remains a problem, it may be time to invest in a new, customized heat pump package unit replacement.

3. Excessive or Unusual Noises From Your Existing Heat Pump Package Unit

Excessive or unusual noises from heating and cooling equipment is a sign of a critical need for service or replacement. It is like with a squeaky wheel, leave it unchecked, and the bearings eventually seize.

Sometimes abnormal noise in an HVAC system track down to dirty filters, fault ductwork, or loose vents. Correcting this type of problem is usually rather simple. However, sometimes the noise relates to worn out motors, damaged fans, and more. A most important point of all: Find the cause of the sound and repair if possible. Otherwise, do not wait for a seize. Consider upgrading or replacing your heat pump package unit asap.

4. Excessive Imbalance In Household Room Temperatures

Efficient heating and cooling require balanced distribution in airflow and temperature. When some rooms get too cold while others get too hot, something in your HVAC system is out of whack. The same is true when you are getting an imbalance in relative humidity. These problems may relate to simple conditions such as leaks in the ventilation system, an open window in the home, or a clogged filter. However, when necessary repairs and maintenance fail to correct the problem, consider that you may need an upgrade or replacement heat pump package system.

5. Excessive Age On The Existing Unit

We live in a world where people upgrade their cell phones almost every year, and sometimes even more often. That is because technology improves, and a change can kick in new benefits. A ten to twelve lifespan is the average run for heating and cooling equipment. Some units may last much longer. But can even a well-functioning aged-out heat pump provide the cost benefits of a new packaged heat pump unit replacement? What do you think?

To schedule a free replacement estimate or comprehensive service and testing of your existing heating and cooling system, contact the service team at American Cooling And Heating Authorized Dealer for Trane, Ruud, Goodman, and other Major Package Heat Pump brands.

Types of possible Package Units for Replacement

Packaged or self-contained, heating, and cooling units combine all components into a single cabinet that is typically installed outdoors on concrete slabs or flat rooftops. Routed through the roof or wall, the associated ductwork distributes the airflow to and from the installed package.

Individual components within a packaged HVAC unit vary according to the style and needs of the system. The three base styles include packaged AC-only units, packaged heat pump units, and packaged gas/electric systems. Professional installers can provide the distinctions for which unit best fits an individual need.

American Cooling And Heating provides Ruud Package Heat Pump In Arizona
Ruud Package Heat Pump
American Cooling And Heating provides Trane Package Heat Pump In Arizona
Trane Package Heat Pump
American Cooling And Heating provides Goodman Package Heat Pump In Arizona
Goodman Package Heat Pump

Reasonable AC Installation Phoenix AZ Homes

Trane Air Conditioners And Heat Pump Units In AZPhoenix AZ Resources For Reasonable AC Installation

If someone says, “Define the core components of reasonable AC installation,” the wise homeowner conceives a mixed response wherein “Reasonable” means right priced for the quality, the product, and the required services. There is a difference between shoddy components and cost-efficient components. There is a distinction between substandard HVAC equipment and just-the-right-unit for the purpose. And there is a valuable division between lazy, careless technicians and in skilled technical air conditioning installation professionals.

So it seems that the concept of “reasonable pricing” for a new or replacement heat pump installation or A/C system should exclude a focus on “cheap.” Now that doesn’t mean that “rational AC pricing” means “expensive” pricing. It merely eliminates time and money wasted on price comparisons that fail to match product-to-product, warranty-to-warranty, service-to-service, and reliability-to-reliability. 

Definition of Reasonable AC Installation Sometimes Distorted By Unlicensed Operators

In conclusion to a 2015 drive to eliminate unlicensed contractor work in the state of Arizona, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZ ROCK) successfully netted 30 offenders (1). Two of the unlicensed operators are already lised on AZ ROC’s “Top Most Wanted List.” In total:  

  • Nine offenders were arrested
  • Five offenders were cited for criminal and civil offenses
  • AND 16 received AZ ROC warnings for advertising without being in possession of a proper Arizona contractor’s license.

Note: Advertisements placed by the guilty parties covered false business cards, private websites, and adds on Craigslist.

One of the offenders, specifically known for performing poor work and taking money without completing the jobs already faced nine prior complaints. At the time of arrest, he was also facing four outstanding Warrants. Another of the offenders was picked up for scamming an 86-year-old woman out of $26,000. Thankfully, most of these unlicensed construction contractors were involved in work dealing with roofing, pool services and other home improvement tasks.

Yet the fact remains: Too many unskilled and untrained people are actively affecting the Phoenix concept of “sensible A/C installation pricing” (2). From false advertisement to shoddy and incomplete work, the danger of mistaking “cheap” for “reasonable” cannot be denied. They are in every profession: unlicensed amateurs seeking to mislead innocent homeowners faulted only for looking for the best deal. 

American Cooling and Heating: A Real HVAC Contractor With Reasonable AC Installation Pricing  

You want quality products, superior quality, reliable service and “reasonable pricing.” American Cooling and Heating understands what it takes to battle desert temperatures, and we know how to do it using the most cost-effective HVAC installation game plan.

Keeping you comfortable is our business. The ACH service guarantee begins with a “Free” onsite appraisal. Our schedule is flexible, for the estimate and for the installation. We handle the whole nine yards, including filing your warranty paperwork and registering your new heat pump or air conditioning system according to the manufacturer’s specs.

And we understand the true meaning of “realistic A/C installation pricing.” This means that we are competitive with any legitimate Phoenix AZ HVAC sales and service center. And then, we go the extra mile. We offer professional in-home behavior and attitude, from wearing booties to protect your flooring to using temp attic boards to save from harm your ceilings. And it is all followed up by a full and complete after-market cleanup. And don’t forget our American Cooling and Heating lifetime A/C installation labor warranty.

Air conditioning condensers and heat pumps on sale today. So stop burning energy. ACH does “reasonable AC installation” in Phoenix, Tucson and many other regions within the Valley. Call now…. 



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Arizona Air Conditioning Benefits From New Energy Saving Technologies

Arizona Air Conditioning - Temperature key for the "five-year average global temperature anomalies from 1880 to 2010" video

Can New Innovations in Arizona Air Conditioning Cut Your Rate of Energy Consumption?


Arizona Air Conditioning – Even as global warming increases and temperatures rise, the technology to produce more energy efficient HVAC equipment moves forward. Throughout the world, including Phoenix, Mesa and other Arizona regions, the demand for reliable cost-efficient home and office A/C performance is on the increase. The heat wave is here and the future will bring even more.

But will the new innovations in air conditioning actually reduce your Arizona energy bills?

Rising Energy Consumption Reflects A Worldwide Growth In Air Conditioning Demands

Even as the summer sun settles beneath the horizon and fall slips upon Phoenix AZ and other U.S. cities, the luxury of home air conditioning remains a worldwide desire. China and India are finally coming to age, demanding home cooling equipment and driving an A/C buying spree that is increasing at the rate of 20 percent per year.  According to the national energy experts, home cooling in the United States requires as much as 185 billion kilowatt-hours of yearly energy consumption. How much demand will ride the coattails of China and India?

Somehow, we must learn to beat the heat without fueling the fires of global warming. We cannot continue to fuel cooling systems with fossil fuels. According to Cheryl Martin deputy director of the U.S. Advanced Research Project Agency for Energy (ARPA-E), prevention and control lies in technology that can reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning equipment.

ARPA-E Funding Applied to New Innovations in A/C Technology

By using chlorofluorocarbons and other refrigerants to absorb heat, conventional air conditioning systems collect internal heat and then expel it into the outside environment. The process requires electricity to power compressors and pumps. New alternatives seek to replace refrigerant materials with solid materials that consume less energy. ARPA-E funding encourages a development of technology that will enable a thermoelectric solid to absorb heat. 

  • The end goal: Produce cheaper refrigerators and air conditioning equipment
  • What makes it effective: A lack of moving parts
  • The results: Fewer breakdowns and better reliability in rural areas.

A/C Technology That Uses Membranes and Water Condensing Processes

A project that began with funding via ARPA-E makes use of specialty membranes capable of producing cool air by condensing water. Under development by Dais Analytic Corp, ADMA and other “new innovation air conditioning” performers, the projects have become so effective as to pick up financial backing from the U.S. Navy. The system is being designed to meet the air conditioning and dehumidifier needs for troops and equipment in Afghanistan and Iraq. Efficiency improvements are expected to reach 30 percent or more. This means less fuel consumption, less transportation needs and less life endangerment due to fewer convoys.

Think about how effective such a cost-efficient system would be as an alternative Arizona Air Conditioning solution. A system that supports Navy troops is well worth consideration for home use.

Time is, of course, an issue. From development to commercial, home and office use, membrane technologies will go through many changes. The Navy is pushing. Expect the technology to move forward quickly and efficiently. ARPA-E discussions even include the possibility of cooling via the power of magnets or sound waves.

Affects on Mesa, Scottsdale and Other Phoenix Arizona Air Conditioning Requirements

According to the National Weather Service Phoenix AZ, recent Valley temperatures have exceeded 122 °F+. Some stretches of 100 °F+ temperatures have run as long as 76 days. More efficient Arizona air conditioning can benefit the people and the city. Meeting the growing demand for better cooling in a way that cost-effectively reduces the greenhouse consequences should be a priority of every citizen.

 For more information on how new Air Conditioning technology can improve your Phoenix home comfort level, click here.


HVAC Phoenix Arizona Consumer Guide For Air Conditioning Replacement

HVAC Phoenix Arizona ServicesShould You Replace Your HVAC Phoenix Arizona Equipment?

According to the HVAC Phoenix Arizona field service team at American Cooling and Heating, the technology of modern home and business air conditioning equipment enables A/C installers to better custom-fit heating and cooling products to the precise needs of Arizona Air Conditioning customers. Energy Star qualified heat pumps and central A/C units provide better service, better long-term energy savings and better reliability than the decade old counterparts of yesteryear.

When your heating and air Phoenix equipment needs indicate product replacement, consider the following important points of interest: 

  • How do the up-front costs compare to the projected long-term savings?
  • Will current rebates or other buyer incentives help reduce the purchase and installation price?
  • Which brand best fits your specific HVAC Phoenix Arizona environment?
  • How do you compare brand reputation and dependability to actual air conditioning brand performance? 


Installing Phoenix Air Conditioning, The First Step

Functionality is the primary concern, but the age of your home A/C system also plays a major role in choices. The following checklist comes from resources at Energy Star, but it also includes several “common-sense” thoughts from the Heating and Air Phoenix professionals at American Cooling and Heating: 

  • Age – If your A/C is over 10 years old, a newer unit can reduce your Arizona cooling and heating cost by as much as 30 percent
  • Excessive Noise – Some older units are just plain loud, but sometimes excessive noisy indicates problems with the indoor coil; call for service at: East (480) 699-2516   Central (602) 734-5422   West (623) 335-7697
  • Functionality – If your existing Phoenix Air Conditioning system is damaged beyond a cost-effective repair, upgrading becomes a no-brainer.
  • Performance – If your existing heating and air Phoenix equipment is undersized for the selected environment and cooling area, upgrading can save you money and provide a better level of home comfort
  • Reliability – When an older cooling system begins to accumulate frequent repair bills and energy consumption costs, a unit replacement may provide a less expensive and more comfortable solution to the problems.


Installing Phoenix Air Conditioning, Paying Yourself

A decision to install new home A/C equipment is guided by to areas of motivation: 1) Home comfort and 2) The cost of energy. Yet, like young lovers walking in the moonlight, comfort and costs go hand in hand. When your Arizona home’s HVAC system fails to provide family comfort, that system typically consumes excess energy. Installing new Phoenix Air Conditioning is of little value if it fails to provide you and your family with comfort and energy efficient costs savings. Make sure the two decision-making components align.


Installing Phoenix Air Conditioning, Shopping for SEER

The A/C standard, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) indicates the expected efficiency of a given cooling unit. Higher SEER ratings typically indicate better cooling at lower operating expenses. There is, however, a break line, a point where gain in your particular situation gets maxed out. When buying new HVAC Phoenix Arizona equipment, ask your installer to clearly explain the benefits of each level of SEER increase. In short: Don’t oversize the unit.


A/C Buying Guide Conclusion

The end is rather clear: To save money and ensure home comfort, replace your Arizona Heat Pump or A/C system with a durable, accurately sized and professionally installed system. Look for rebates and other price reductions. Remember also that there is a difference between a warranty and a guarantee. The first insures the product. The second ensures the quality of the installation and the customer support. For information on the American Cooling and Heating customer guarantee, click here.



Is Your Amana Air Conditioning Installation Designed For Scottsdale, Arizona?

Amana Air Conditioning Installation Designed For Scottsdale, ArizonaImprove Your AC Performance With a New Scottsdale Amana Air Conditioning Installation

For efficient operation, your Scottsdale Amana Air Conditioning system must provide something better than 24/7 condenser services. Yet many Arizona homeowners are unaccustomed to the features of an energy-efficient and correctly installed Amana AC unit. They are, in stead, running poorly designed older units that struggle 24/7 against extreme Scottsdale temperatures. This results in a concept of equipment performance that leaves homeowners feeling like the air conditioning process is designed to blow endless streams of cold air.

Yet AC units do not siphon cold atmosphere into the home. Rather they work to reduce humidity while striping the interior air of excess heat. When the Amana Heat Pump is correctly installed and effectively designed to meet the specific requirements of your Scottsdale home, the process provides cost-efficient heating and cooling. Triple digit Arizona temperatures should not force your AC or Heat Pump into a continuous run cycle. If it does, your system:

The expense of fighting Scottsdale, Arizona heat waves with an under-sized, over-sized, out-dated or poorly maintained heat pump or central air conditioning system is four-fold:

  1. Excess running results in higher energy bills
  2. Excess running decreases the life expectancy of your Scottsdale AC
  3. Excess running can trigger AC freeze up, which results in a hot day in the old homestead
  4. Excess running means a higher AC maintenance cost, a disproportionate rate of repair calls and additional loss of work time.

Scottsdale Amana Air Conditioning Installation That Suits Your Arizona Home

Known for durability and reliability, Amana Heat Pumps and Amana Central Air Conditioners are available on several levels of effectiveness. Not every Scottsdale homeowner needs the best of the best. For example: The Distinctions™ line of Amana Heat Pumps are designed to provide inexpensive AC efficiency ranging from 13 SEER units to the SSZ16 Distinction 16 SEER performance product.

Likewise, the Premium line of Amana Heat Pumps starts with a 13 SEER ASZ13 unit and then fires up to the high performance power of the 18 SEER / 9.5 HSPF ASZC18 HP with ComfortNet™ Communication System. This is top-line Amana home heating and cooling. The Amana ASZC18 ships complete with:

  • R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant
  • Short-cycle protection via SmartShift™ technology
  • Short-cycle compressor protection
  • The Copeland® UltraTech™ two-stage scroll compressor
  • Onboard storage of six fault codes accompanied by onboard diagnostic indicator lights
  • The Copeland ComfortAlert™ extended diagnostics system
  • Various factory-installed components, including filter drier, high-capacity muffler and a compressor crankcase heater
  • Pressure switches for low/high operation
  • A two-speed condenser fan motor
  • Standard Lifetime Limited Warranty protection for the compressor
  • Available Asure extended warranty for up to 99-years (compressor only) of affordable, worry-free professionally installed Scottsdale Amana Air Conditioning comfort.

Throughout the continuance of 2013, the Amana ASZC18 Heat Pump as well as many other Amana Air Conditioning products is eligible for U.S. tax credits on high-efficiency residential heating and cooling equipment. In fact, most Amana HVAC products provide exceptional energy savings, often include various cost saving rebates and incentives and, if purchased before the close of December 2013, may be eligible for a U.S. tax credit.

So stop blowing air, wasting energy and consuming your hard earned dollars: Click here to contact American Cooling and Heating.










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