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Is Your Amana Air Conditioning Installation Designed For Scottsdale, Arizona?

Amana Air Conditioning Installation Designed For Scottsdale, ArizonaImprove Your AC Performance With a New Scottsdale Amana Air Conditioning Installation

For efficient operation, your Scottsdale Amana Air Conditioning system must provide something better than 24/7 condenser services. Yet many Arizona homeowners are unaccustomed to the features of an energy-efficient and correctly installed Amana AC unit. They are, in stead, running poorly designed older units that struggle 24/7 against extreme Scottsdale temperatures. This results in a concept of equipment performance that leaves homeowners feeling like the air conditioning process is designed to blow endless streams of cold air.

Yet AC units do not siphon cold atmosphere into the home. Rather they work to reduce humidity while striping the interior air of excess heat. When the Amana Heat Pump is correctly installed and effectively designed to meet the specific requirements of your Scottsdale home, the process provides cost-efficient heating and cooling. Triple digit Arizona temperatures should not force your AC or Heat Pump into a continuous run cycle. If it does, your system:

The expense of fighting Scottsdale, Arizona heat waves with an under-sized, over-sized, out-dated or poorly maintained heat pump or central air conditioning system is four-fold:

  1. Excess running results in higher energy bills
  2. Excess running decreases the life expectancy of your Scottsdale AC
  3. Excess running can trigger AC freeze up, which results in a hot day in the old homestead
  4. Excess running means a higher AC maintenance cost, a disproportionate rate of repair calls and additional loss of work time.

Scottsdale Amana Air Conditioning Installation That Suits Your Arizona Home

Known for durability and reliability, Amana Heat Pumps and Amana Central Air Conditioners are available on several levels of effectiveness. Not every Scottsdale homeowner needs the best of the best. For example: The Distinctions™ line of Amana Heat Pumps are designed to provide inexpensive AC efficiency ranging from 13 SEER units to the SSZ16 Distinction 16 SEER performance product.

Likewise, the Premium line of Amana Heat Pumps starts with a 13 SEER ASZ13 unit and then fires up to the high performance power of the 18 SEER / 9.5 HSPF ASZC18 HP with ComfortNet™ Communication System. This is top-line Amana home heating and cooling. The Amana ASZC18 ships complete with:

  • R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant
  • Short-cycle protection via SmartShift™ technology
  • Short-cycle compressor protection
  • The Copeland® UltraTech™ two-stage scroll compressor
  • Onboard storage of six fault codes accompanied by onboard diagnostic indicator lights
  • The Copeland ComfortAlert™ extended diagnostics system
  • Various factory-installed components, including filter drier, high-capacity muffler and a compressor crankcase heater
  • Pressure switches for low/high operation
  • A two-speed condenser fan motor
  • Standard Lifetime Limited Warranty protection for the compressor
  • Available Asure extended warranty for up to 99-years (compressor only) of affordable, worry-free professionally installed Scottsdale Amana Air Conditioning comfort.

Throughout the continuance of 2013, the Amana ASZC18 Heat Pump as well as many other Amana Air Conditioning products is eligible for U.S. tax credits on high-efficiency residential heating and cooling equipment. In fact, most Amana HVAC products provide exceptional energy savings, often include various cost saving rebates and incentives and, if purchased before the close of December 2013, may be eligible for a U.S. tax credit.

So stop blowing air, wasting energy and consuming your hard earned dollars: Click here to contact American Cooling and Heating.










American Cooling And Heating Announces Amana Air Conditioning Dealership And Availability Of Amana Air Conditioning And Heating Products

Amana Products Have Some Of The Best Warranties In The HVAC Industry

Amana Air Conditioners offer Arizona homeowners the most comprehensive A/C warranty on the market.American Cooling And Heating launches Amana Dealership with aggressive new Amana AC Installation and Amana AC Service support.

“Our company provides and installs Amana air conditioning products, one of the best supported HVAC systems on the market. American Cooling And Heating: There when you need us, providing state-of-the-art Amana air conditioning support in Mesa AZ, Scottsdale AZ and surrounding Phoenix AZ areas,” Management of American Cooling And Heating

AC Installation and support – The backbone of any warranty

American Cooling and Heating proudly announces backbone support for new Amana Air Conditioning products. As a company known for quality AC installation, services and customer support, American Cooling and Heating values the Amana Lifetime Limited Warranty. It strengthens the company’s identity as a reliable Arizona HVAC resource center, and it makes for satisfied customers.

Happy customers make the best foundation for name recognition. The professional HVAC service technicians at American Cooling and Heating focus on the kind of AC service and AC products that win lifetime clients. Amana products help make that happen.

Amana Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Amana Lifetime Limited Warranty is designed to provide the original, registered, single-family homeowner with an air conditioning system that will endure the harsh climate that Arizona residents have learned to respect. The Amana Lifetime Limited Warranty assures the original owner that the compressor in their high-efficiency Amana air conditioner or heat pump system is backed by a full replacement policy.

If the warranted compressor in your Amana unit fails, a new no-cost condensing unit is provided to the original purchaser so long as that buyer lives in the same single-family residence. A 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty applies to all remaining components of the A/C unit. For an example of the warranty details, please review the American Cooling and Heating PDF file on the Amana ASXC18 unit.

Product considerations: American Cooling And Heating Amana product launch

The choice in home cooling products can be somewhat overwhelming. In the mind of the average homeowner, options, brand names and even AC terminology can blend together until there seems no end to confusion. The following breakdown of unit specifications will help reduce the perplexity.

The following Amana air conditioners and heat pumps use chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant, ComfortNet™ Communication System compatible controls and a factory-installed filter drier:

** ASX18 with Expanded ComfortAlert™ diagnostics built in 
** ASX16 with High-density foam compressor sound blanket 
** ASX14 with High- and low-pressure switches 
** ASZ18 with 18 SEER and 9.5 HSPF high-efficiency performance 
** ASZ16 with 16.0 SEER, 9.75 HSPF and 34K BTU 
** ASZ14 with SmartShift™ technology to promote a quiet, reliable defrost process.

Each of the above units offer the Amana Lifetime Limited Warranty* protection for the compressor to the original, registered, single-family, homeowner of a properly matched system using these high-efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps. If the original owner should have a compressor failure, Amana will replace the air conditioner or heat pump with a comparable Amana® brand product. In Arizona, the plan requires online registration within 60 days of unit installation.

Although some features are downwardly compatible, additional features of the Amana ASX18 include:

** Up to 18 SEER Performance 
** Scroll compressor – Two-Stage Copeland® UltraTech 
** Special duel low-voltage outdoor wiring configuration 
** Integrated diagnostic indicator lights 
** Coil temperature sensors 
** Ambient temperature sensors 
** Condenser fan motor – two-speed. 
** All of the listed units are also AHRI certified.

A note concerning R-410A Refrigerant

This environmentally friendly air conditioning refrigerant product contains no chlorine. By using R-410A refrigerant, Amana products help eliminate the release of harmful gases into the earth’s ozone layer.

Developed as the new standard in refrigerant compounds, R-410A conforms to the terms and conditions of the Montreal Protocol. This agreement between various countries assures a global discontinuation of refrigerants that are based on hydrochloro-fluorocarbon (HCFC) chemical compounds.

American Cooling and Heating as well as Amana and all major air conditioning manufacturers have made the necessary retooling investments to assure citizens of environmentally friend home cooling processes.

American Cooling And Heating installs the latest in Amana HVAC Products

Don’t let the weather in Arizona bind up your future. A/C service expert, American Cooling And Heating provides and installs high quality Amana products in Mesa AZ, Scottsdale AZ and the surrounding Phoenix area.

The product is dependable. The warranty is right. And American Cooling and Heating makes certain that AC installations meet or exceed Amana warranty requirements.

For the best in Amana AC service or Amana AC installation, American Cooling and Heating knows the product, trusts the manufacturer and provides a comparable labor warranty. They show up on time, equipped with the right components and know how to match the specific air conditioning needs to the best-fit Amana HVAC solution.

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