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Heat Pump Package Units SEER2 Replacement, Upgrade, or New Install

Decisions: Customized Heat Pump Package Unit Replacement

Optimizing home or office air conditioning comfort in Arizona can be a daunting investment. Efficient, cost-effective, and reliable heat pump package units replacement requires customized adjustments. With so many units and features to choose from, the list of options can feel overwhelming.

From new HVAC installs to upgrades to system replacements, homeowners encounter many purchase decisions. Select the wrong type of HVAC system, and your comfort levels suffer. Decide on the wrong heat pump package model, and you lose out on significant cost savings, in energy expenses, as well as unit pricing.

The following tips will help you decide which heat pump package unit replacement best suits your unique home environment.

Know When Your Heat Pump Needs Replacing

Heat pumps move thermal energy by absorbing heat, transferring, and then releasing heat from one space to another. When heating a home, the hot air from outside is collected and later released inside. When cooling a home, the heat is taken from inside and released outside. But like all devices with moving parts, heat pumps eventually wear out and need replacement or upgrading.

Point to consider: Functional is not the same thing as cost-efficient, reliable, and comfortable. Just because a home heating and cooling system continue to churn does not mean that it is churning as it should. Here are a few signs to help you decide if a heat pump packing unit replacement is in order.

1. Excessive Need for Heat Pump Repairs

From time to time, all machines break down. But be sensible. When the call for repairs or the routine costs in system upkeep exceeds regular maintenance and minor corrections, it may be time for a heat pump package unit replacement, upgrade or new installation.

2. Excessive Increase In Your Heating and Cooling Energy Bills and Energy Consumption

Due to rate hikes, we expect an occasional yearly increase in home heating and cooling expenses. However, when the monthly consumption of energy kicks into a steady rise in the energy bills, something may be going wrong in the heat pump system. Before making an immediate judgment, rule out other household appliances. But if all other possibilities for energy loss are eliminated, and only the heating and cooling system remains a problem, it may be time to invest in a new, customized heat pump package unit replacement.

3. Excessive or Unusual Noises From Your Existing Heat Pump Package Unit

Excessive or unusual noises from heating and cooling equipment is a sign of a critical need for service or replacement. It is like with a squeaky wheel, leave it unchecked, and the bearings eventually seize.

Sometimes abnormal noise in an HVAC system track down to dirty filters, fault ductwork, or loose vents. Correcting this type of problem is usually rather simple. However, sometimes the noise relates to worn out motors, damaged fans, and more. A most important point of all: Find the cause of the sound and repair if possible. Otherwise, do not wait for a seize. Consider upgrading or replacing your heat pump package unit asap.

4. Excessive Imbalance In Household Room Temperatures

Efficient heating and cooling require balanced distribution in airflow and temperature. When some rooms get too cold while others get too hot, something in your HVAC system is out of whack. The same is true when you are getting an imbalance in relative humidity. These problems may relate to simple conditions such as leaks in the ventilation system, an open window in the home, or a clogged filter. However, when necessary repairs and maintenance fail to correct the problem, consider that you may need an upgrade or replacement heat pump package system.

5. Excessive Age On The Existing Unit

We live in a world where people upgrade their cell phones almost every year, and sometimes even more often. That is because technology improves, and a change can kick in new benefits. A ten to twelve lifespan is the average run for heating and cooling equipment. Some units may last much longer. But can even a well-functioning aged-out heat pump provide the cost benefits of a new packaged heat pump unit replacement? What do you think?

To schedule a free replacement estimate or comprehensive service and testing of your existing heating and cooling system, contact the service team at American Cooling And Heating Authorized Dealer for Trane, Ruud, Goodman, and other Major Package Heat Pump brands.

Types of possible Package Units for Replacement

Packaged or self-contained, heating, and cooling units combine all components into a single cabinet that is typically installed outdoors on concrete slabs or flat rooftops. Routed through the roof or wall, the associated ductwork distributes the airflow to and from the installed package.

Individual components within a packaged HVAC unit vary according to the style and needs of the system. The three base styles include packaged AC-only units, packaged heat pump units, and packaged gas/electric systems. Professional installers can provide the distinctions for which unit best fits an individual need.

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