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Trane Air Conditioning Warranty Enhancements: What is the Trane Registered Limited Warranty?

Trane Registered Limited WarrantyPhoenix, Arizona – Effective July 31, 2013, Definition of Air Conditioning Coverage Under the Trane Registered Limited Warranty

In May of 2009, Trane enhanced the standards on limited AC equipment warranties and established a new Air Conditioning equipment warranty registration process. Company press releases identified the change as a display of Trane’s commitment to product durability, quality and reliability. The Trane Registered Limited Warranty program ensured Arizona buyers as well as national buyers of long-term support even during tough economic times.

The new limited Trane warranty system has now been around for over six years yet many Phoenix regional and other buyers do not fully understand the importance of this program. Trane air conditioning warranties are available on all residential Trane heating and cooling equipment that is correctly installed in an  approved residential setting. You, as a Phoenix regional residential Trane customer, may have have access to either a Trane Base Limited Warranty or a Trane Registered Limited Warranty.

But what is the Trane Registered Limited Warranty and what does it cover?


The Specifics of a Trane Warranty Program

When you hire an Arizona AC Installation company to provide Air Conditioning services for your Phoenix home, you want a product that provides worry-free AC service. Trane has always provided one of the most complete Manufacturers Limited Warranties in the HVAC industry. But the harsh Arizona summers can push heating and cooling equipment to the limits. Some Phoenix regional residents like the comfort of having a little extra security. For you, the future-conscious buyer, Trane offers Optional Extended Warranties designed to increase your protection no matter how unforgiving the Phoenix temperatures may become.

Registering the Installed AC Phoenix

Terms of the Trane Registered Limited Warranty require that buyers register their Trane Air Conditioning product within 60 days of installation. The user-friendly Trane registration process can be completed by phone (1-800-554-6413) or by logging in to the official Trane website. Products not registered within the allotted time default to coverage under the terms of Trane’s Base Limited Warranty program.

Warranty Specifics Determined by Installed HVAC Model

Trane warranty terms vary by product type and model. Arizona residents planning to install a Trane Air Conditioning product can get detailed product-specific warranty information by contacting  American Cooling and Heating or visiting the Trane web page that defines your system.

Before making that buying decision, sit down with your Arizona heating and cooling professional. The trained technicians at AC&H can help you understand the warranty and any areas of the Trane Manufacturers Limited Warranty that are specific to your selected model. The American Cooling and Heating dealer will also explain to you the distinctions between the Manufacturers Limited Warranty and the Optional Extended Warranty.

Although the specifics of the Trane Registered Limited Warranty may vary by product, the following overview details the typical type of coverage:

  • Air Conditioners — Including compressor, internal functional parts and outdoor coil system
  • Air Cleaners – Excludes filters but includes all other internal functional parts
  • Air Handlers – Covers all internal function components
  • All-in-One Units – Includes coil, compressor, internal functional components and, where applicable, the heat exchanger
  • Coils – Covers all functional internal components
  • Controls and Thermostats – Comprises operative internal parts
  • Furnaces – Pertains to heat exchanger and functional internal components
  • Heat Pumps – Includes Compressor, functional internal components and the outdoor coil unit
  • Humidifiers – Pertains to inner functional elements.


Final Steps: Registering Your Arizona Installed Trane Heating and Cooling Equipment

It’s smooth, simple and quick. Ask your ACH dealer to help you identify the model number, serial number and installation date of your Installed Phoenix Trane AC equipment. Call Trane headquarters or go to the official Trane product registration page and complete the process. 



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