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Trane Heat Pump Not Cooling – Tips For Arizona Heat Pump Solutions

Trane heat pump not coolingThe Complexity of Dealing With Heat Pump Not Cooling Issues

Problems with a Trane Heat Pump not cooling efficiently do not typically occur in the early life cycle of the equipment. The products are crafted for long-term performance and durability. Pre-mature “major” failures are not the rule; they are the exception to the rule.

If you have a new Trane HP system your need for advanced Arizona HP solutions is typically limited to routine maintenance programs. However, any HVAC product can suffer from performance failure. Likewise, Trane heat pumps are not immune to the problems associated with poor maintenance or accumulated age. Planned routine checkups provide the best defense against poor cooling heat pump performance,

If you are facing a Trane heat pump not cooling situation, check first that your air filter is clean and function, and that your thermostat is correctly set. Then if the problem persists, check to see your Trane Air Conditioning System is still under warranty. There is no need trying to fix it yourself if your fully covered Arizona heat pump solutions are just a phone call away. Trane products carry exceptional warranty protection, and all American Cooling and Heating installed HVAC equipment carries a lifetime workmanship warranty.

For example: The Trane XL20i when registered within 60 days of purchase is covered by a 12-year limited warranty on the compressor, a 10-year limited warranty on the outdoor coil and a 10-year limited warranty on internal functional parts. If ACH did the install, the workmanship is backed by lifetime coverage.

But here’s the really cool thing: According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, the average lifespan of a quality heat pump exceeds 16 years. With Trane consistently running with the top manufacturers in the pack, expect a new system to provide years of reliable heating and cooling.


Defining a Trane Heat Pump Not Cooling Problem

Prior to calling for professional Arizona heat pump solutions, residents battling with a Trane Heat Pump not cooling issue often seek self-resolution of the problem. Even if you can’t perform your own Arizona HP solutions, comfort resides at the core of knowledge. Awareness of your options and possible repair costs help ease the search for a reliable HVAC service center.

We know that common problems such as a dirty air filter are rather easy to correct. But some of the Arizona heat pump solutions are far from simple to discover. For example: Without training and equipment, most homeowners are ill prepared for tracking down a failed electrical component in the A/C condensing system. Yet even this is easier to fix than a poor cooling situation that involves a leak in the refrigerant system.

But don’t despair. This text will help you define the reasons behind your Trane heat pump not cooling problem.


Arizona HP Solutions: General Overview of Heat Pump Cooling Problems


First Things First – Clean or Replace the Air Filter

Perhaps this Arizona HP solution is too common to even bring up. Yet sometimes the obvious can slip your mind. If you system is not cooling, perform a manual check of the airflow. Just place your hand in front of a nearby A/C delivery vent. If you have airflow but the pressure seems reduced, check the filter and clean or replace as necessary. You might also check in the crawlspace to ensure that a cat or a opossum has not torn a hole in your Air Conditioning ducting system.


Trane Heat Pump Not Cooling Due To Refrigerant Leaks

Here is a basic question: Does your heat pump have problems with heating as well as cooling? Mechanically speaking, a heat pump is nothing more than an air conditioning systemTrane 2014 HVAC Deals with a reverse cycle valve. If the heat is effectively functional but the cooling is not, you can eliminate concerns of a leak in the system refrigerant fluids. Note: When testing the HP heat delivery performance, be sure to that your thermostat is not set on the auxiliary heat system.

If your examination reveals that your Trane Heat Pump not cooling problem is due to low refrigerant fluid, you have a somewhat heavy-duty heat pump problem – even if the overall system is in relatively decent condition. Heat pumps and air conditioning condensing units use a sealed refrigerant system. It is not normal for the unit to loose refrigerant.

If you add refrigerant without knowing how the original coolant vanished, the problem won’t go away. As the old saying goes: Insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over with the same results each time. Adding coolant to a leaky heat pump system is both futile and illegal. To correct the HP not cooling issue, the leak must be located, sealed and thoroughly tested for long-term reliability.


And Assortment of Not Cooling Causes and Solutions


Some air conditioning cool air problems cannot be identified or resolved by the homeowner. But here is a rapid-fire rundown of causes and possible solutions.

  • Indoor Blower Failure – Got no pressure from the system diffusers; check the thermostat to ensure that the indoor blower is not turned off.
  • Compressor or Outdoor Unit Fan – If the thermostat is set correctly yet the outdoor unit fan or the compressor fails to engage, check the house fuses and circuit breakers. Also be sure that you check the breakers that are typically mounted near the heat pump.
  • All Systems Functional – When the blowers are churning and the thermostat is set correctly and the refrigerant is full, check around the system for obstacles that may be impeding the airflow. Even tall grass can be a problem.


Prevention is Always the Best Cure

If your Trane Heat Pump not cooling problem doesn’t pertain to a dirty filter, an error in the thermostat settings, or obstacles around the condensing system, you most likely need an HVAC technician to correct the issue. American Cooling and Heating can get you up and running on a 24/7 timetable. We also honor valid Trane equipment warranties.

Our tech will arrive on time and provide you with a written diagnosis for the Arizona HP solution. We may even be able to help you identify the status of your Trane Heat Pump warranty. Of a certain, we will provide you with up-front-pricing and dependable service.

But why wait for a system not cooling problem?

Consistent heat pump maintenance reduces the risk of heat pump failure while also helping to extend the lifespan of the system. Keep your Trane HP running efficiently and effectively. Spending a little scheduled money on Trane heat pump maintenance may save you from the crisis of an unexpected and costly HP repair call.

IF you already missed the opportunity to schedule routine HVAC maintenance, now is a good time to take advantage of the American Cooling and Heating

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