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Arizona Trane Heat Pump Installation – Important things about HP Warranties

AC and Trane Heat Pump Installation In AZArizona Trane Heat Pump Installation – What Every Homeowner Should Know About

Every new Arizona Trane heat pump installation package incorporates the advantage of a basic Trane warranty program. However, a factory warranty does not ensure rapid service, efficient repairs or that your installer will greet you with professional courtesy. Face the facts: Some A/C installers fail to translate warranty service into terms that reflect reliable consumer satisfaction.

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Yet if your warranted air conditioning product fails, you anticipate punctual reaction from a local Arizona Trane heat pump installation technical support team. Yet that only happens when a reliable HVAC service team supports the system warranty. Otherwise, repairs are slow, sometimes incomplete, and often shoddy. Without responsible A/C service, your pleasurable HVAC equipment upgrade incident can turn into a combat zone of second-rate telephone communications accompanied by missed service sessions, unnecessary days out of work and like type days of miserable home lifestyle conditions.

Through careful planning and organized application American Cooling and Heating eliminates unexpected complications and aggravations. Every ACH HVAC installation is fully safeguarded by our written commitment of:

  • Guaranteed 24-hour turn-around on all service calls
  • Skillful troubleshooting and diagnosis techs and equipment
  • NATE accredited heat pump and air conditioning specialists
  • Support from a company that has a complaint-free record with the Arizona Registar of Contractors
  • Resources of a professional HVAC equipment installation design team
  • O.A.C. resources and options for rapid financing
  • Competitive and upfront Arizona HVAC installation and service pricing
  • AND guaranteed efficient Arizona air conditioning installation and servicing.

With American Cooling and Heating, you get Arizona Trane heat pump installment from a company with the best-schooled Air Conditioning technicians in the state.


Benefits of the Trane Registered Limited Warranty System Assurance

Every new Trane heat pump is covered by the terms and conditions of the base Trane Limited Warranty options. However, more is available at no cost to you but with certain Trane Heat Pump Comparisonrequirements for activation. To obtain the benefits of the Trane Registered Limited Warranty, your Trane A/C equipment must be registered within 60 days of installment. Trane permits homeowner signup by phone or by Internet. Your local Arizona ACH service center will advise you concerning warranty details and help you make certain that your new HVAC equipment is effectively registered in the Trane database.

Each model of Trane HVAC equipment may be associated with a unique model warranty. Your ACH installation team will explain to you the specs of the Trane Limited Warranty associated with your system. They will also help you make decisions concerning the options that enable Trane HVAC owners to step up to the Trane Optional Expanded Guarantee. If your Arizona Trane heat pump installation did not come with comprehensive warranty specifics, call your ACH HVAC team ASAP. The firm will straightway correct this deficiency, including addressing the failure with the associated tech or sales person. American Cooling and Heading values the condition and service of your respective Trane HP warranty sign up and system installation.

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To confirm registration of your Trane heat pump or Trane air conditioning equipment go to the Trane Limited Warranty Registration site (1). You can also register by calling the Trane HVAC product registration office at: 855-260-2975. For complete product warranty particulars on your distinct unit, get hold of your Arizona ACH Trane HP dealer.


Trane Warranty Overview

The Trane warranty conditions vary from item model to item model. The default Trane system warranty protects your:

  • System Compressor
  • Outdoors Condensing Coil
  • Serviceable Interior Components
  • Controls-Centered Serviceable internal components
  • AND Thermostats Serviceable Interior Works.

Optional products associated with the warranty are dealt with within unit particular claims. For instance: Internal Serviceable components for air cleaners and air handlers, as well as interior parts of gas and electric heat exchanger systems, are warranted sub-systems. Furthermore, most Trane residential HVAC equipment includes a plan for Extended Warranty coverage. Covered models, which are fewer than 5 years old, may be up-graded to the Optional Extended Warranty. For homeowners who don’t already have an Optional Extended Warranty on an installed Trane HP or A/C, get hold of your regional American Cooling and Heating service center for fast help with this issue.

What Is Contained in the Trane Extended Guarantee?

  • Incremental Protection – You can obtain Extended Warranty insurance from Trane in optional increments of 5 or 10-year units. You can also limit coverage to parts and labor, or to either aspect in and of itself. Time limitations do apply. For full details, confer with your local American Cooling and Heating Arizona A/C installation service center.
  • Transferable Warranty – The Trane Extended Warranty is fully transferable to the new owner of a covered property unit.
  • Assured Replacement Benefits – The Trane Extended Warranty contains an integrated goods replacement edge.

All Trane warranty service mandates that the property owner follow the suggested program servicing processes. If you fail to conform to the Trane recommended system service guidelines, your Extended Warranty Agreement can become void. By setting up the services you receive through the Arizona office of American Cooling and Heating, you are assured that your newly installed air conditioning equipment is taken care of to the proposed timetable. Effective and appropriate heat pump servicing not only guarantees agreement with the Trane Warranty program, it makes certain your equipment functions at peek energy efficiency during peek power requirements.

For additional info on Arizona Trane HP Installation and Extended warranty Protection, go here.


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