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Data Center Management – Upgrading, Modifying or Servicing Your Liebert CRAC

Liebert DS Configuration - UpFlowWhen Data Center Management and Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) Meets Old Man Time

How do you handle Data Center Management when construction demands that you turn off the cooling without melting the servers?

Updating a Liebert CRAC system can be complicated, and the larger the system, the more complex becomes the operation. Shutting down big computer room air conditioning environments demands forethought, long-range planning, and access to a host of well trained HVAC and electrical service professionals.

For example: Greening Columbia University recently upgraded the core chilled water cooling system and electrical power supply line for the University’s existing data center. The project required a full mechanical shutdown of the cooling plant. Existing unused cooling pipe had to be demolished. New and upgraded electrical components had to be installed. Various additional construction processes affected the overall activity. And they were working with the wear and tear that so often affects conditions in a 50-year old facility. Thus along with the upgrades and component replacements, the University took opportunity to press the CRAC service team for extensive preventative maintenance.

Data Center Management – When Reducing the CRAC Becomes Unavoidable

The functionality of your data center is mission critical to daily and yearly business or organizational operations. In the above scenario, Greening Columbia University was dealing with a computer room air conditioning system that typically demanded a 120-ton operating load. Shutting down non-critical services for even one day still left them facing a need to cool nearly 700 servers, merely two-thirds of the center’s normal capacity. Thus for completion of the work, a temporary 50-ton cooling system had to be employed.

This is what mission critical data center management is all about. When reducing the CRAC becomes unavoidable, you need reliable HVAC technicians who have been trained and who continue to train in all aspects of mission-critical precision cooling product installation, services and management. American Cooling and Heating provides full-service commercial HVAC installation, repairs and support for Liebert CRAC precision cooling equipment throughout Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, And All Other Phoenix Areas.

Liebert CRAC, World Renowned Manufacturer of Mission-Critical Precision Cooling Products

Whether upgrading, modifying or servicing your precision cooling system, you need products that maintain consistent computer room temperatures at pricing that forbids the torching of your budget. Liebert produces custom designed equipment precision-crafted for temperature management with advanced UPS surge protection. No matter how demanding your data center cooling conditions, Liebert computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units offer a one-source solution.

When you coupled the efficiency of Liebert CRAC products to the experience of Arizona-based service technicians from American Cooling and Heating, you reap:

  • System dependability
  • Better energy-conservation performance
  • Precision data center sizing with integrated options for growth and expansion
  • Post installation service and support
  • Simplified data center management
  • AND the ACH guaranteed of rapid response to all of your maintenance, service, and repair needs.


For a quick review of Liebert precision cooling products, their function, and their availability, review “Arizona Resource For Liebert Precision Cooling CRAC Products” at the American Cooling and Heating Liebert Services page.


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Data Center Management - Cooling by Liebert CRAC Products



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