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Arizona HVAC Contractor Updates Website To Include Liebert Precision Cooling CRAC Resource Portal

CRAC Resource PortalCRAC Resource Portal – Designed For Data Center Managers

“Doing Liebert precision cooling CRAC at prices you can afford”


For Arizona business owners, the process of maintaining reliable computer room temperatures at affordable pricing just got easier. Thanks to a creative web team, skilled technical writers, and motivated HVAC technicians, American Cooling and Heating is proud to introduce a new web-based Liebert Precision Cooling CRAC resource portal. Designed for data center managers, the ACH precision cooling portal offers detailed Liebert product reviews, associated spec sheets, and personalized services from a top-quality Arizona HVAC contractor.

By pin focusing on Internet-based Liebert CRAC solutions, American Cooling and Heating aims to help simply the process of identifying and resolving problems associated with computer room cooling, data center upsizing, and cost-efficient Liebert Precision CRAC services and maintenance. Unlike startup HVAC contractors, ACH has:

  • An established website that dates back to 1993
  • Utilizes a professional web development team
  • Optimizes the writing skills of authors proficient in heating and cooling terms and technology
  • Offers 24/7 customer support that includes on-site service of Liebert precision cooling CRAC systems as well as the ever-present resources of the ACH Liebert resource portal
  • AND a new CRAC resource portal just for data center managers.

Data Centers and Precision Cooling – The Heartbeat of America

Google recently opened a web-based visual portal into the working within the search giants data centers. Some of the warehouses are so large that the engineers use bicycles for internal transportation. Hundreds of thousands of servers perform daily information exchange operations. Storm troopers stand guard over the facilities, and only a small set of Google employees have access to the physical server floor.

Such data centers represent the nerve center of business data management. Liebert precision cooling systems are often at the core of such centers. With CRAC products that maintain reliable computer room temperatures at affordable prices, Liebert systems enable businesses to reap cooling room dependability in long-term cooling solutions. The American Cooling and Heating “Liebert Precision Cooling CRAC Resource Portal” helps data center managers map out the right combination of equipment and options best suited to fit precise data center sizes and requirements. As experienced Arizona HVAC contractors, the American Cooling and Heating technicians provide post installation service support, CRAC installation, and cost-efficient options for long-term maintenance as well as rapid response to emergency CRAC repair needs.

About American Cooling and Heating

American Cooling and Heating provides full-service installation, repairs and support for Liebert CRAC precision cooling equipment throughout Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, And All Other Phoenix Areas. As licensed, bonded and insured Arizona HVAC contractors, ACH also handles sales, installation and services for residential heating and cooling, commercial HVAC products, and industrial systems. The ACH CRAC resource portal is open now.


Data Center Management – Upgrading, Modifying or Servicing Your Liebert CRAC

Liebert DS Configuration - UpFlowWhen Data Center Management and Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) Meets Old Man Time

How do you handle Data Center Management when construction demands that you turn off the cooling without melting the servers?

Updating a Liebert CRAC system can be complicated, and the larger the system, the more complex becomes the operation. Shutting down big computer room air conditioning environments demands forethought, long-range planning, and access to a host of well trained HVAC and electrical service professionals.

For example: Greening Columbia University recently upgraded the core chilled water cooling system and electrical power supply line for the University’s existing data center. The project required a full mechanical shutdown of the cooling plant. Existing unused cooling pipe had to be demolished. New and upgraded electrical components had to be installed. Various additional construction processes affected the overall activity. And they were working with the wear and tear that so often affects conditions in a 50-year old facility. Thus along with the upgrades and component replacements, the University took opportunity to press the CRAC service team for extensive preventative maintenance.

Data Center Management – When Reducing the CRAC Becomes Unavoidable

The functionality of your data center is mission critical to daily and yearly business or organizational operations. In the above scenario, Greening Columbia University was dealing with a computer room air conditioning system that typically demanded a 120-ton operating load. Shutting down non-critical services for even one day still left them facing a need to cool nearly 700 servers, merely two-thirds of the center’s normal capacity. Thus for completion of the work, a temporary 50-ton cooling system had to be employed.

This is what mission critical data center management is all about. When reducing the CRAC becomes unavoidable, you need reliable HVAC technicians who have been trained and who continue to train in all aspects of mission-critical precision cooling product installation, services and management. American Cooling and Heating provides full-service commercial HVAC installation, repairs and support for Liebert CRAC precision cooling equipment throughout Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, And All Other Phoenix Areas.

Liebert CRAC, World Renowned Manufacturer of Mission-Critical Precision Cooling Products

Whether upgrading, modifying or servicing your precision cooling system, you need products that maintain consistent computer room temperatures at pricing that forbids the torching of your budget. Liebert produces custom designed equipment precision-crafted for temperature management with advanced UPS surge protection. No matter how demanding your data center cooling conditions, Liebert computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units offer a one-source solution.

When you coupled the efficiency of Liebert CRAC products to the experience of Arizona-based service technicians from American Cooling and Heating, you reap:

  • System dependability
  • Better energy-conservation performance
  • Precision data center sizing with integrated options for growth and expansion
  • Post installation service and support
  • Simplified data center management
  • AND the ACH guaranteed of rapid response to all of your maintenance, service, and repair needs.


For a quick review of Liebert precision cooling products, their function, and their availability, review “Arizona Resource For Liebert Precision Cooling CRAC Products” at the American Cooling and Heating Liebert Services page.


Get instant up-to-the-minute answers by calling one of the following ACH sales and technical assistance numbers.

Data Center Management - Cooling by Liebert CRAC Products



Liebert DS Cooling Configurations

Liebert DS Configuration - UpFlowLiebert DS Cooling Pre-Installation Guidelines

Liebert precision cooling systems are crafted to ensure reliable energy-efficient data center temperature management and more. Yet gaining the benefits of cost-effective data room management demands operative post-installation services. Crafted to contend in all areas of data center efficiency, the Liebert precision line of cooling products includes:

  • Reliable temperature control
  • Efficient cooling racks
  • User-oriented management software
  • Quality surge suppression
  • AND Top-line CRAC cooling units.

Designed to meet and exceed “exact” control room parameters, the Liebert DS cooling system uses advanced dual circuitry that ensures proficient management of airflow, humidity and temperature. It’s a flexible key that assures superior data center performance. When supplemented by the Liebert iCOM control system, the Liebert DS cooling system provides a robust modular-frame solution for data centers and CRAC environments.

But performance is typically defined by the quality of the foundation. When sitting up Liebert DS Cooling configurations, the following Liebert pre-installation guidelines are standard:

  • Proper room preparation
  • Air distribution in downflow units and plenum ducting
  • Air distribution in upflow units
  • Routing for wiring, piping and ductwork as well as other connections and system setup processes
  • Operating conditions
  • The recommended ASHRAE operations envelope defined as defined for data centers in matters concerning cooling, dehumidification and humidification
  • Maximum heating-only temperatures as limited by the qualifications of the Liebert DS.

If the preceding guidelines pop your head full of more questions than answerers, you have come to the right place. Effective CRAC services begin with efficient installation and carry through to reliable system maintenance and services. Rightly configuring your Liebert DS cooling system for optimal performance requires skill, training, and on-the-job know-how. As a world renown leader in manufacture and installation of mission-critical Liebert precision cooling systems and CRAC products, Arizona based American Cooling and Heating can help you get your system up and running quickly and efficiency.

Time Out For Q&A!

For what purpose serves a time delay on an AC unit?


When running a single-phase scroll compressor, you may encounter concerns about a pressure-equalization time delay. During off-cycle pressure equalization, scroll compressors spin backwards. Short cycling and energizing a scroll during this time period can cause the unit to continue spinning backwards. Once initiated, this reverse spin will continue until manual ended or the unit trips on internal overloads. Thus may end the life your scroll compressor.

More often than not, a time delay will be linked to anti-short cycling. Short cycling during compressor rush can cause the system to continuously trip a low-pressure safety switch, which in turn can damage the unit. By taking advance of features in a pump down solenoid, some systems isolate refrigerant during off cycling. If the compressor is controlled solely off the LP safety, a faulty LL solenoid can cause pressure to rise in the evaporator during an off cycle. This problem can be present in the recip compressor of an older Liebert Deluxe system.

5 Field Options for Liebert DS Cooling Configurations

1) AIR-COOLED – Liebert DS Cooling Configuration

This process requires piping of field-supplied refrigerant to the condenser. The unit contains a nitrogen holding charge and factory-issued piping is spun closed.

2) GLYCOL-COOLED – Liebert DS Cooling Configuration

Factory charged and confirmed reliable, Glycol-cooled Liebert DS units require field supplied and installed piping from the pump package to the drycooler.


As with the base Glycol-cooled unit, Glycool systems ship factory charged and tested. Piping from the pump package to the drycooler is field supplied and field installed. To complete the installation, cold glycol is circulated through a secondary Liebert Economizer coil that is designed to reduce compressor load when fluid temperatures drop below room temperature.

4) WATER-COOLED – Liebert DS Cooling Configuration

As with the other units, a water-cooled Liebert DS system ships factory charged and factory tested. The piping that runs from the cooling tower to the unit is field supplied and field installed.

5) DUAL-COOL – Liebert DS Cooling Configuration

The dual-cool Liebert DS also incorporates a secondary cooling coil. This unit utilizes access to an external source for chilled water. Cooling is supplemented and improved by circulating chilled water through the secondary coil system.

ACH, Arizona Liebert Precision Cooling Systems

American Cooling and Heating provides full-service installation, repairs and support for Liebert CRAC precision cooling equipment throughout Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, And All Other Phoenix Areas.

Please call and direct your questions to our 24-hour service center.


Data Center and HVACR technology Research and Development By Emerson

Arizona Liebert CRAC Precision Cooling UnitsFor Data Center and More, Advanced Thermal Management Technology In The Works

For data center managers, the struggle to combine efficiency, simplification, and reliability into a single point of focus seems a daily challenge. Finding solutions to thermal management in a complex infrastructure of integrated racks, enclosures and power switches can be time consuming and even overwhelming. Thus enters the Emerson thermal management research center collaboration between Emerson precision cooling resources and the University of Dayton School of Engineering.

Scheduled to go live on campus at the University of Dayton in 2015, the new Emerson thermal management research center is expected to allocate 38,500 square feet to the task of alleviating problems in five primary areas of HVACR technology:

  • Data center cooling
  • Food service operations
  • Light commercial building cooling
  • Residential connected homes
  • AND Supermarket refrigeration.

The $35 million Emerson Innovation Center – currently tagged Helix – is scheduled to employ 30 to 50 research personal and their associated staff members. By collaborating with the University of Dayton School of Engineering, Helix hopes to introduce new innovation into the HVACR management solution process. But it’s not just about new cooling technology. Expect this collaborative effort to focus on intelligent controls, thermal management technologies and all other aspects that drive the dynamics of modern data centers, food services, and more.

Data Center Specifics

Emerson plans to dedicate focused research space to each of the defined HVACR market centers. However, the Emerson Network Power division is set to handle the basics of the data centers module. The goal is simple:

  • Improve data center energy efficiency
  • Maximize data center free cooling processes and techniques.
  • Optimize data center cooling technology
  • Protect data center mission-critical processes.

The Emerson R&D facility will be driven by two primary forms of Emerson technology: 1) Liebert ICOM intelligent cooling, and 2) DSE-pumped refrigerant economization. By combining free air-cooling technology in a non-tradition manner, Emerson sets focus on an economizer model that avoids introducing outside air into the environment of the data center.

About Emerson Network Power

As a business division of Emerson (NYSE-EMR), Emerson Network Power crafts equipment designed to protect and optimize the mission-critical infrastructure within communication networks, data centers, industrial complexes, and the healthcare industry. Emerson Network Power products and services include:

  • AC Power/UPS
  • DC Power
  • Fire Pump Controllers
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Racks and Integrated Solutions
  • Thermal Management
  • AND More.

About the University of Dayton School of Engineering

With over 100 years in the fields of education and research, the University of Dayton School of Engineering has learned how to effectively merge integrate theory and practical application into a single engineering learning process. The school trains complete professionals and sets the focus on life-long benefits for the student and society. The School of Engineering’s vision is both far reaching and simple: 1) Be the preeminent engineering school for engineering students who have a desire for transformational learning experiences and 2) preserve the beliefs and convictions of a comprehensive Catholic and Marianist engineering school while remaining fully open to people of all faiths as well as to people of no faith.

Service For Liebert Precision Cooling Products

Liebert Precision Cooling Systems In Arizona

American Cooling and Heating provides full-service installation, repairs and support for Liebert CRAC precision cooling equipment throughout Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, And All Other Phoenix Areas.

Please call and direct your questions to our 24-hour service center.


Already Recognized As A Precision AC Installation and Support Group, American Cooling and Heating Announces Liebert Precision Cooling CRAC Systems Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services.

Reliable mission-critical applications demand reliable data center cooling solutions. Every increase in temperature carries with it the risk of unnecessary downtime. For dependable equipment performance, you must maintain precise data room temperatures. Liebert precision cooling CRAC systems supply a data center solution that eliminates frustrated workers, confused technicians and disappointed customers.

“We provide the data center cooling solutions that ensure daily mission-critical success.”

Don’t Get Frustrated – Get Liebert CRAC

Arizona business managers are no strangers to record-breaking heat. The battle to balance soaring energy costs with the necessity for consistent data room temperatures cannot be fought without some degree of frustration. You save a dollar on equipment, work with the most dependable Arizona AC service center in the business and still the outside temperature demands greater work from your system.

Yet right planning can eliminate some if not all of the frustrations. The AC service experts at American Cooling and Heating recommend that you use the following points during the design of your mission-critical data room cooling plan:

Flexibility and Scalability – To achieve optimal operational and capacity functionality, data center facilities must be designed for flexibility and scalability.

Key Design Plans – The key design factors of an efficient data room include, building selection, floor plan, layout of the electrical system, mechanical environment, site location and a modular approach that permits rapid change while promoting minimum renovation.

Client Issues – Apply the principles of flexibility by measuring the impact of new hardware technologies, cost elements, acceptable levels of fault tolerance and data center organization.

Forces of Change – Identify the complications that typically force change, including cost pressures, the need for new equipment, requirements for extended redundancy, floor space constraints, changes in safety regulations, incremental power requirements, advanced security regulations and more.

HVAC Equipment – Data room design must include a cooling plan that corresponds to rack layout, power demands, situations that require “spot” cooling, and various other mechanical configurations.

American Cooling and Heating – Dedicated To Precision Performance

Efficient data room cooling calls for more than a standard air conditioning service center. To be effective, your Arizona AC installation and repair technicians must know the heating and cooling process, but they must also understand the purpose behind the architecture and engineering of a data center. Quality Liebert CRAC support partners comprehend the equipment, the associated client issues and the forces of change.

The experts at American Cooling and Heating appreciate critical-design features including, electrical layout, power distribution, MDF arrangement, intermediate distribution frame systems, pre-action wet systems and HVAC responses to each individual data room design plan. The ACH service crew has the experience, the training and the skills to deal with:

Liebert CRAC installation

Liebert CRAC repair

Liebert CRAC maintenance

And all of the associated client issues.

American Cooling and Heating is proud to present Arizona businesses with the latest innovation in AC sales, service, installation and repair for all Liebert Precision Cooling Products. It is often said that there is “nothing new under the sun,” but the heat is rising, and meeting the needs of modern businesses requires a new approach to data room heating and cooling processes.

For over twenty years, American Cooling and Heating has been meeting the needs of residential and commercial customers in AZ. The company’s success involves three factors:

Qualifications – Every ACH Arizona AC technician is fully trained and equipped to meet the toughest heating and cooling challenges in any environment.

Quality – Every ACH Arizona AC repair, sale, service or installation is performed with experience, skill and dedicated attention to details.

Adaptability – Every ACH Arizona AC service technician remains up-to-date with current heating and cooling technology, and is ready to adapt to advanced and changing customer needs.

Dealing With Arizona Heat Conditions

Arizona weather can be extremely hard on data room heating and cooling equipment. Customers are concerned about energy costs and using energy wisely. Liebert Precision Cooling CRAC Systems provide a reasonable, cost-effective solution to continuous changes in the external temperatures. American Cooling and Heating ensures that the Liebert systems work right in your data room environment.

American Cooling and Heating provides satisfaction-guaranteed installation and 24 hour, same-day A/C service for Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ, Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Sun City AZ, Tempe AZ, Queen Creek AZ, All Other Areas

With so much going for them, you can’t afford to ignore the performance of Liebert Precision Cooling Systems. Count on the Arizona AC installation and service pros at American Cooling and Heating to install your Liebert system with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Then sit back and enjoy the reliability and the and savings of a new Liebert CRAC system!

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