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Digital Thermostat – Troubleshooting Common Digital Thermostat Problems

Nexia Home AutomationDigital Thermostat — Solve My Digital Thermostat Issues

Although an installed digital thermostat typically functions trouble-free, perhaps you can benefit by the following simple testing processes. After all, a faulty thermostat affects the heating and cooling comfort level throughout your entire home.

In this article, the techs at Arizona-based American Cooling and Heating works to help you better understand how to resolve problems with your Mesa home HVAC command system – the digital thermostat solution.

5 Steps to Basic Digital Thermostat Troubleshooting

Preliminary Testing…

Before leaping into the basic steps in digital thermostat troubleshooting, confirm that your thermostat is turned on, set to heat or cool depending on your desired comfort level, and that the fan system is also on. It also helps to reset the system. Do this by turning the thermostat off, pressing the reset option, and then turning the thermostat back on. If you lack understanding on how to turn a thermostat on and off, and you also lack access to a user manual, best option – Contact your local ACH comfort system specialist.

1) Thermostat Sensor

Testing for a faulty thermostat sensor merely requires that you have some alternative method for measuring room temperature. For the professional Arizona HVAC tech, the measurement is instant and accurate. After all: Your Mesa A/C professional does utilize an array of highly sensitive, extremely accurate and somewhat costly HVAC tool kit. However, for a homeowner not pushed for immediate answers, a simple alcohol or mercury thermometer is sufficient for this test. In the room to be tested, just mount one of these inexpensive temperature measurement devices and then wait an hour or so to take a reading. Any discrepancy between the room temperature and the readout shown on your digital thermostat implies that your system has a faulty thermostat sensor.

Repairing a Faulty Thermostat Sensor

Repair or replace is rather senseless, and not at all cost effective. When dealing with a faulty thermostat sensor, best solution is that you replace the entire unit. However, before leaping directly to the stage that involves thermostat replacement, continue reading this report.

2) Calibrate The Thermostat According To Room Temp

Perhaps your digital thermostat is merely in need of calibration. Different makes and models of thermostats function according to different specs. For accurate unit calibration, we recommend calling in your local Arizona HVAC tech. However, it is likely that your thermostat instruction manual includes directions concerning calibration of the unit. If you lack access to a manual, some digital thermostats include calibrations instructions on the inside of the unit cover.

3) Checking Thermostat Wiring Connections

Ok. So the sensors are not faulty, and calibration is completed. Next step involves checking thermostat wiring for the likes of:

  • Corroded connections
  • Broken wiring
  • AND Direct shorts.

Start by disabling incoming thermostat power sources. Be careful. Any contact with life electrical wiring can result in serious personal injury. Once you have confirmed that incoming thermostat power is disabled, remove the unit from the wall so that you can visibly examine the wiring connections. Look for corrosion, direct breaks in connection, and loose connections. If wire nuts are not installed, correct that issue before reinstalling the unit.

Important Safety and System Warning…

Skilled HVAC techs understand the thermostat wiring label system. They know how to cross wires for testing of various unit components. Errors can lead to greater system problems. If you do not have proper equipment for working with electrical wiring and wired systems, or if you lack any previous experience, call your local Arizona ACH tech. We remove the worry, the hassle, and the risk from the air conditioning repair process.

4) Internet-Specific Trane Digital Thermostat Controls

With an installed Trane digital thermostat system, homeowners can remote-access their home HVAC control center by use of most Internet-connected devices. Some problems can be correct by better understanding the Internet-specific Trane digital thermostat control system. Test using the following guidelines:

  • Ensure active wireless connection – This means check your modem, wireless router, and incoming home Internet connection. For help with this part of the process, contact your local Internet service provider. However, if your home computer, smart phones and other Internet-enabled devices are functioning correctly, most likely your digital thermostat is also making a solid Internet connection.
  • Try resetting the Trane digital thermostat via the wireless connection steps as outlined in the system manual.
  • For Internet problems, contact your Mesa Internet service provider.
  • For connection errors that affect your thermostat but not to your other wireless devices, contact your local American Cooling and Heating HVAC specialist.

5) Replace Your Digital Thermostat

Perhaps you went through all of the above listed thermostat tests alone and without advanced technical support. If you are satisfied that the installed thermostat is faulty, consider a DIY replacement. Time-wise, installation of a new digital thermostat only takes a few minutes. However, remember to replace using like equipment in size and shape matching that of the old unit. This helps reduce installation problems.

For the easiest, most efficient and certain solution to a faulty digital thermostat, contact the ACH 24-hour HVAC response team. We will get your home heating and cooling system up and running in record time.











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