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IAQ Trane HVAC Indoor Air Quality Products

IAQ Trane HVAC, An Integral Component in the Trane Air Conditioning Product Line

Winter! It’s a great time to take a look at the IAQ Trane HVAC product line of systems designed to manage home indoor air quality. Winter! It’s a time when Arizona homeowners spend more time inside. Winter! It’s also a time when we must recognize that indoor comfort is more than mere temperature management.

Whole-home Trane air filtration systems address comfort, humidity, and the growing demand for clean air and a healthier home environment. Problem is: no-one, including Arizona homeowners, appreciates high-pressure air conditioning sales tactics. Even if the need for quality indoor air is a prevalent condition within the home, American Cooling and Heating technicians are trained to be cautious in the presentation of IAQ technology.

Some Arizona residents don’t care about the current trend in IAQ products. And that is fine. We don’t push for sales. But, if a homeowner has an interest in maintaining a healthier home environment, the techs at ACH are here to share information on the various Trane HVAC IAQ products available to your Arizona home.

At your convenience, please request additional information on installation of advanced IAQ Trane HVAC products.

Consumer Trane Indoor Air Quality Product Awareness

Face it: Consumer awareness of current IAQ air conditioning technology often lacks full understanding. This makes consumer clean air education a primary concern, but only if and when you as the Arizona homeowner express a genuine interest in a healthier home environment. Installing a whole-home clear air system into a household that comes complete with two indoor cats, a Labrador retriever, and no concern for allergic reactions is not cost-efficient. Although the air cleaning system would do its job, the overabundance of what amounts to industrial-strength particulate matter would result in continuous system clogging.

Installing IAQ Trane HVAC products stands under the expectation that the homeowner will work with the system, that the Arizona homeowner recognizes a problem and that he or she purposes to find a reliable solution. Clean air products are designed to perform specific functions, and most often those functions best suit a home where clean-and-tidy includes the elimination of excessive indoor pollutants. This says nothing bad about pets, smoking, or any other particular home condition. It merely acknowledges that quality indoor air can only be achieved when the homeowner also accepts the need for certain changes in their indoors lifestyle.

As a professional Arizona air conditioning installation company, American Cooling and Heating works to ensure that homeowners understand industry standard clean air terminology such as antimicrobial, cfm, HEPA, MERV, and VOC (volatile organic compound). However, our A/C techs are trained to avoid pronouncing opinions based upon visual judgments of the home. This does not mean that your ACH HVAC representative ignores signs of allergies and/or trouble-symptoms associated with the home air conditioning units. But it does mean that we want satisfied customers who buy from need and desire rather than hard-sell tactics.

If you have a need, and if you have an interest, and if your Arizona home environmental conditions make sense for installing IAQ Trane HVAC products, the techs here at American Cooling and Heating have the knowledge, the equipment and the installation skill that is necessary to ensure that your Arizona house gets properly equipped for clean air and a healthier home environment.

Six Common Air Pollutants

National Ambient Air Quality standards cover six frequent air pollutants that appear routinely across the United States (1). These “criteria pollutants,”

  1. Lead
  2. Carbon monoxide
  3. Ground-level ozone
  4. Particle pollution
  5. Nitrogen oxides
  6. AND Sulfur oxides.

Contaminate indoor air quality, hinder the reality of a healthier home environment, and sometimes cause direct property damage. Most widespread of the six: particle pollutions and ground-level ozone. Every home has some measure of clear air contamination, but when limits of pollution exceed the NAAQ primary standards, your Arizona home may be in need of an installed Trane HVAC IAQ solution.

Sampling of IAQ Trane HVAC Clean Air Solutions

CleanEffects™AZ Trane Air Filtration

Up to 99.98% allergen removal 
Industry-leading air cleaner 
Cleanable reusable filter

Revolutionary air cleaning technology that ensures a cleaner and healthier home environment.




Total home power humidifier 
Homes up to 4,200 sq. ft. 
Up to 18 gallons/day output

Introduces correct moisture levels in every room while also helping eliminate allergy-advancement pollution.


Energy recovery ventilator
Exchanges indoor/outdoor air
Adjustable automatic venting
Reduces humidity and preconditions incoming air which helps keep your system efficient.



Trane-clean-air-Perfect Fit_Air-FilterTrane Perfect Fit™

Up to 15x better than standard 
For furnaces and air handlers 
Easy to replace

Reusable. Better at trapping dust, pollen and bacteria than your typical home air cleaning filters. Match with the Trane CleanEffects™ air handler and get a whole-home IAQ Trane HVAC air filtration solution.








Effective Arizona Air Conditioning Deals With Heat and Humidity

AZ Nexia Smart HomeIt’s Hot Outside; I Need Better Arizona Air Conditioning

In the course of time, air conditioning designers learned that effective cooling requires efficient outside ventilation. However, improved techniques in modern building constructions generate an exact opposite effect wherein modern buildings are exclusively air-conditioned in an environment more tightly sealed than ever before in history. Thus before you know it, efforts to eliminate the effects of hot outside air merely create a clammy inside environment.

However, removing the internal moisture quickly eliminates the “clammy” effect, reduces molds, and makes for a cleaner inside living environment. It’s what we call the “Arizona Effect,” wherein a 90-degree Arizona day can feel terrific even though a humid 90-degree day on the east coast feels wretched.

Conventional home cooling systems employ two primary functions of air conditioning:

  1. Latent Cooling — The systems capacity to remove moisture from the air within a given area of space.
  2. Sensible Cooling — The systems capacity to lower the temperature of a given area of space.

To understand these two principles we must first explain the distinction between latent heat and sensible heat. But let’s avoid all the tech jargon. Therefore:

Latent heat refers to heat that generates a change of state within a substance or object without forcing a change in temperature within the given substance or object. For example: even while boiling, water maintains a consistent temperature of 100-degree C. Adding latent heat forces the water to continue boiling yet never induces a change in the water’s core temperature.

Conversely, sensible heat produces a direct effect upon the temperature of a given substance or object. When sensible heat is applied, the temperature of the object or substance increases. When the source of heat is removed, the temperature of the object or substance decreases.

Thus the total efficiency or “total capacity” of your home air conditioning system is measured by combining its effective use of latent and sensible heat.

Factors That Influence The Latent Cooling Load of Your Arizona A/C System

Since removal of moisture is the core purpose for introducing Latent Cooling into the function of your air conditioning system, objects associated with the generation of moisture become the primary factors of influence. Thus primary causes include:

  • Appliances and equipment such as refrigerators, washers and more
  • Infiltration of external air via cracks, doors and windows
  • People and pets.

Common Factors That Influence Your Arizona Home A/C Sensible Cooling Load

Although some of the factors pertinent to latent cooling can also influence your home Arizona air conditioning systems sensible cooling load, the factors associated with sensible cooling is extensively larger. For example:

  • Attic space, roofs and the ceilings beneath induce temperature-changing effects throughout your home
  • External facing glass such as on doors and windows which not only conduct contact heat and cool but also permit direct sunlight to enter your home
  • Exterior walls and any other structure formats that make direct contact with external heat and cold
  • Mechanically induced ventilation air
  • People and pets
  • Appliances, equipment, and indoors lighting
  • Air infiltration via cracks, open crawl spaces, doors, windows, and the comings and goings of household members
  • A/C duct-work that travels through unconditioned regions of the home
  • Even internal room partitions influence your home air conditioning systems’ sensible cooling efficiency.

Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean that you need a new A/C installation. However, just because it’s not hot outside today doesn’t mean that your Arizona home air conditioning is functioning as an efficient unit. You don’t have to live with a moist and clammy inside environment. For a free in-home HVAC performance checkup, call American Cooling and Heating today. Units on-sale today.

Efficient Arizona air conditioning deals with heat and humidity.


Best in Home Cooling and Heating – Reflections on the 2015 International Builder’s Show

Trane Heat Pump Split System In AZLooking Back At the Trane 2015 Showing in the New American Home® Show

Several months have passed since the January 2015 Builder’s Best Practices show featured Trane home cooling and heating products as an example of reliable home comfort solutions. At the show, Trane came on-line announcing new upgrades on the Trane TruComfort™ variable speed heat pump system as well as assorted connected control products and indoor air quality management products. The primary focus covered products that enable better energy-efficient home HVAC performance.

Tours of the New American Home Ran In Las Vegas From Jan. 20-22

The New American Home serves as an official showcase for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Viewed as a one-of-a-kind structure, the New American home provides spaces designed to permit vendors and builders an option for showcasing products and services. Take away includes ideas and technological considerations at any price point suited to the buyer’s needs. New American Home enables both builders and vendors to demonstrate best practices in:

  • Construction solutions
  • Design concepts
  • Materials selection
  • AND Home service solutions.

The ideas provided within this International Builder’s Show offered building industry experts an opportunity to assembly a proven collection of reliable home construction solutions. For details on the 2016 IBS, visit the online Best of IBS resources at Builders Show home central.

Trane A/C Division – On Hand, On-Queue, and On-The-Move

As a global leader in the production of reliable energy-efficient home comforts, resources and services, the Trane brand of Ingersoll Rand (IR) was on-hand to display the latest products in the home HVAC and home comfort marketplace. The results include a New American Home showcase in new technology that is even now ready to increase the savings and comfort in your Phoenix, Arizona home.

In the words of Scot Morgan from American Cooling and Heating, a regional leader in Arizona residential home cooling solutions, “The New American Home tour presents every HVAC professional with new options in reliable energy-efficient residential cooling solutions.”

At the event, Trane featured five primary technological advancements for use in home heating, cooling and comfort solutions:

  1. Trane CleanEffects™ – A quality solution for whole-house air filtration
  2. Trane TruComfort™ Variable Speed Heat Pumps – For homeowners seeking the best in reliable home heating and cooling solutions
  3. Trane ComfortLink™ II XL950 Control – An award-winning home thermostat command center
  4. Trane Multi-Split Ductless System – For homes where conventional systems may be difficult to incorporate
  5. AND the impressive Trane FreshEffects™ Energy Recovery Ventilator

A Few Fine Points Concerning Trane Home Comfort New Product Functionality

Trane CleanEffects provide revolutionary air-cleaning technology designed to cut through the lingering patterns of poor indoor air quality. The Trane boast: CleanEffects delivers clean air at a rate eight times more efficient than the best of the best HEPA filter systems, and over 100 times more effective than the base 1-inch home central air filter system.

TruComfort™ Variable Speed Heat Pumps offer precision control over your home heating and cooling needs. Features include: a variable speed compressor, variable speed indoor and outdoor fan systems, comfort assurances within 1/2 degree of the thermostat settings. TruComfort™ product ratings reach up to 10 HSPF and 20 SEER.

Trane Tracer Concierge HVAC Control SystemComfortLink II XL950, the command center that includes a 7-inch color touch screen. Compatible with the Nexia™ Home Intelligence system, the XL950 includes features for remote-control management of home cooling and heating resources. It’s energy saving, reliable, and convenient.

Success or Failure in New Home Cooling Products Division

In the aftermath of the 2015 International Builder’s Show and the New American Home tour, the new Trane HVAC products are readily available, in demand, and in use throughout American homes. In general, consumers express satisfaction and confidence in the performance of the products. If installed by professional air conditioning teams, these new Trane home comfort products meet and exceed the promised delivery for pure air, reliable heating and cooling, and energy-efficient management features.

For more info on new Trane home cooling and heating products, contact your local branch of American Cooling and Heating now.



Cold Plasma, Clean Air, And Energy-Zapping Bacteria With Oxygen Atoms

Squair Cold Plasma TechnologyCold Plasma, The Next Step In Home Pollution Control

Cold Plasma in the news: Let’s have clean air by putting the power of cold plasma into handheld technology.

It’s coming from Germany where a team of inventors is working to enable in home pollution control via advanced non-thermal plasma (NTP) know-how. The device, tagged the Squair, is designed to safely split oxygen molecules into clean air bacteria collection agents. If promises are fulfilled as stated by the inventors, the Squair portable air cleaner will activate the natural atmosphere within your home so that portable pollution control becomes more effective than ever before.

Current air cleaners zap pollutants with negatively charged ions. But the Squair process ups the ante. According to the inventors, the Squair cold plasma device can provide every homeowner with portable access to a double-dose pollution control particulate zapper. By making use of both negative and positively charged particles, the new process gives homeowners two cleaners for the cost of one cleaner. Just call it a portable, dual-efficiency clean air booster system.

TIP! Clean your permanent air filters or replace disposable ones every single month. If you have the choice, an electrostatic is the best option on the market today. For professional HVAC maintenance call now.

In typical plasma production, energy blasted into gas results in split molecules of both positively charged electrons and negatively charged electrons. Furthermore, the end result is not termed “safe for human touching.” According to the Urban Clinic, plasma air cleaning devices are designed to replicate the negative ions found in nature and in indoor settings. In theory, these ionizing devices emit particles that cling to bacteria, mold, viruses and even things that just smell bad. Plasma technology produces hydroxyls that attack airborne pollutants.

A recent release from the Journal of Medical Microbiology projects that cold plasma jets may be a safe and effective alternative to antibiotic treatment of multi-drug resistant infections. Defined as the fourth state of matter after solids, liquids and gases, plasmas are the result of high-energy stripping of atoms from their electrons. It’s a high temperature process wherein hot plasmas are used to disinfect surgical instruments. Furthermore, plasma pollution control results in an increase in home ozone levels.

However, the Squair cold plasma approach produces molecules that are near to room temperature and safe for use within the living room, bedroom or anywhere else within your home. With cold plasma technology, you get a safe air cleaner that uses fewer ionized molecules (thus less ozone) while also reaping greater effectiveness as a personal pollution management device.

TIP! Before having someone install, maintain or repair HVAC components, make sure they are insured. Having someone who is insured work on your system will assure that if anything happens while they are working at your home, they are financially covered and you will not be responsible.


According to Squair, this clean air device is a win-win solution. The inventors define the technology as effective in fighting bacteria, germs, fungi, mold, and viruses. Each portable device is crafted to handle 322 square feet. Florian Windeler, company CEO, defines it as a plug-n-go air cleaner solution that will work in homes, offices and even cars. With cold plasma, there is nothing to wash, no filters to clean, and an immediate benefit as “hungry oxygen atoms” rip the bad out of the air you breathe.

Is it really effective? Time will tell.



Arizona Air Conditioning Mold Prevention – Minimize AC Mold Growth

Air Conditioning Mold – Critical Growth Requirements

Air Conditioning molds and mildew are classified as fungi. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, extensive mold contamination can trigger allergic reactions, asthma episodes, infections and various other respiratory complications (1). Mold and mildew are also capable of causing serious structural damage to your home. Affected floor joists and other exposed timbers can rot, warp or crack due to moisture that tends to cultivate fungi growth.

Current reports from the FSEC Education Center define and identify nearly 100,000 species of fungi (2). But don’t panic. Fungi in general are ubiquitous to our environment. As such, humans are constantly exposed to the associated risk. Yet for healthy humans with a normally functional immune system, serious complications caused by exposure to common fungi are uncommon. However… Children, the elderly, and people who already suffer from asthmatic or allergic conditions may experience serious complications when exposed to excessive growth of fungi.

A/C Mold – Critical Growth Requirements

Whether in your heating and cooling system or due to some other source of accumulated moisture, mold growth springs forth when the following four components come together:

TIP! Standing water around your air handler unit can cause mold accumulation and expansion. If the problem persists, contact your ACH Arizona heating and cooling service center.
  1. Mold spores are available
  2. Food for the spores is available
  3. Environmental temperatures suit spore growth
  4. And moisture accumulates.

Fungi spores range in size from 3 to 40 microns – compare to the size of human hair, which ranges from 100-150 microns. Because mold spores are ubiquitous, there is no cost-effective method for complete elimination of the colonies. Any time all three of the other components for growth are available, the food supply can consist of nearly any organic substance.

Because mold grows best in temperatures that are comfortable to humans, the battle to eliminate spores is even more complicated. Yet even temperatures near to freezing cannot deter the growth of certain molds. However, one component of the growth requirement can often be controlled by human initiative. You defensive actions can help regulate the presence of moisture that accumulates in your Arizona home and Arizona air conditioning system.

Various species of fungi may respond to different levels of moisture, but the majority of mold species require relative humidity levels of 70% or better. Thus air conditioning mold prevent involves controlling where and how cool air is disbursed. On the good side: Human beings typically prefer an environment that is far below the 70% moisture threshold. Key point in air conditioning mold prevention: Reducing the availability of moisture is the best strategy for removing and killing active mold growth colonies.

3 Practices That Aid In Your Air Conditioning Mold Prevention Efforts

Arizona Air Conditioning Operation: Keep the fan system set on AUTO. When an A/C blower runs without ceasing, the moisture that accumulates on the cooling evaporator ends up blowing back into your home. Relative humidity increases. Dehumidification decreases. Moisture accumulates. If, when even in AUTO, your HVAC blower motor continues to run long after the compressor has shut down, contact your Arizona A/C service center. A qualified tech can often disable this feature.

TIP! When water condenses on your air conditioner, it drips into a pan and drains into the external environment. If this drain gets clogged, your home can accumulate mold-inducing moisture.

Arizona Air Conditioning Selection: When options permit, or when necessity demands that you purchase a new Arizona home air conditioning system, choose equipment that makes us of a variable speed air handler. Demand optional features designed so that you can set the unit to a mode designed for enhanced moisture removal.

Arizona Air Conditioner Sizing: Right-size your cooling equipment. Oversizing results in poor humidity management. Short on-cycles hinder moisture removal. For more information on A/C sizing and efficiency, read: Energy Efficient Central Air Conditioning.







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