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Central AC Comparisons Are Not The Most Important Component of Air Conditioning Your Phoenix Home

Guaranteed AC SatisficationBefore pricing a new air conditioning system for your home or business, your Glendale AC Installation specialists must perform three primary steps. First, he or she will visit your site, take measurements concerning heating and cooling floor space, and then examine the current condition of your HVAC ductwork and structural layout. Second, he or she will discuss with you the specifics of AC installation, your expectations concerning enhanced indoor air quality, and any possibilities concerning future structural expansions. Lastly, your Phoenix area heating and air conditioning professional will get down to system specifics.

Measuring Central AC Performance

Aside from personal experience, no company can specifically class one brand of central cooling system as better than another. Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem or Trane all provide quality heating and cooling products in both mid-range and high-performance categories. These same companies also provide enhanced units regulated by more energy-efficient control systems, advanced air-filtration systems and customized AC technology.

The performance of any local central air conditioning system is enhanced or hindered by: 

  • The size and structural condition of your home or business
  • The state-of-maintenance and sizing of existing ductwork
  • The climate in and around Phoenix
  • And any additional loads that may come to bear upon the unit.  

This makes accurate comparative AC testing nearly impossible. Each situation must be assessed according to site-specific conditions.

Green Living AC Comparisons

Some AC comparison issues focus on green living. As a recognized performance-efficiency Phoenix AC repair and installation expert, your American Cooling and Heating representative may also suggest certain central air models based upon current Green Building Resource Guides. But you must remember that too great a focus on energy efficient central air systems can reflect the same consequences as a hybrid car. Without the proper balance of all components of the problem, going “super” green may actually cause you to lose money.

It’s really quiet simple: If replacing an older and less efficient AC, you come out a saver. Yet upgrading merely for the sake of going green is not necessarily a winning situation. The U.S. government provides access to SEER (Seasonal Energy-Efficiency Rating) for all makes and models of central air conditioning systems. This makes for a reliable comparative indicator of expected service and efficiency. But this addresses the expectations of the unit rather than the overall specific benefits to the homeowner or the business owner. 

Reputable AC Installation Centers 

Hiring a reputable Glendale air conditioning installation specialist proves to be the best path to selecting a reliable, energy-efficient and dependable central air system. This does not mean that your Phoenix area American Cooling and Heating representative would avoid suggesting a particular brand as the ideal solution for your home or business. A current model of Carrier may offer some minor distinctions that make it a bit more “perfect” for your individual heating and cooling needs. Likewise, Amana may, at the moment of discussion, offer better pricing than a comparable Trane AC system. Or perhaps the current Trane warranty provides a temporary bonus over Carrier. Informing you of such details is the job and the duty of your AC&H service professional.

So how do you compare Phoenix air conditioning service centers? Look for one that provides free estimates, arrives on time and knows the answers to the following questions: 

  • Can I save any money by upgrading the insulation in my home or office?
  • How can I benefit from the present Congressional “fiscal cliff” tax credits?
  • Why are some of your service prices higher or lower than other estimates I have received?
  • Am I comparing apples to apples?
  • What is the CAZ test and how does it affect the efficiency of my central heating and cooling system?
  • Which air filter is best for my purposed system?
  • What does the new “Regional Standards” concept have to do with my cooling expenses?
  • Should I be worried about formicary corrosion?
  • What does ASHRAE Standard 62.2 have to do with indoor air quality and does it pertain to me?
  • What does Testing and Balancing have to do with installing air conditioning systems?
  • Should I be concerned about carbon monoxide?
  • Does air filtration really make a difference?
  • Why is moisture control so important to the cost of heating and cooling?
  • Do I need to worry about any mold issues?
  • Does preventive maintenance really increase my savings, and do you offer a preventive maintenance program?
  • After the install, what can I do to help reduce the energy costs without loosing comfort?
  • Why are you suggesting this particular brand, model and SEER rating?

Quality installation is even more important than the quality of the installed AC unit. Rather than being associated with defective components and short-lived parts, most early-life problems with air conditioning systems can be directly back-traced to shoddy installation workmanship. Before buying your Phoenix central air system, contract a skilled and experienced contractor, one who really cares about reputation and customer service. Contact American Cooling and Heating.



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