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Cold Plasma, Clean Air, And Energy-Zapping Bacteria With Oxygen Atoms

Squair Cold Plasma TechnologyCold Plasma, The Next Step In Home Pollution Control

Cold Plasma in the news: Let’s have clean air by putting the power of cold plasma into handheld technology.

It’s coming from Germany where a team of inventors is working to enable in home pollution control via advanced non-thermal plasma (NTP) know-how. The device, tagged the Squair, is designed to safely split oxygen molecules into clean air bacteria collection agents. If promises are fulfilled as stated by the inventors, the Squair portable air cleaner will activate the natural atmosphere within your home so that portable pollution control becomes more effective than ever before.

Current air cleaners zap pollutants with negatively charged ions. But the Squair process ups the ante. According to the inventors, the Squair cold plasma device can provide every homeowner with portable access to a double-dose pollution control particulate zapper. By making use of both negative and positively charged particles, the new process gives homeowners two cleaners for the cost of one cleaner. Just call it a portable, dual-efficiency clean air booster system.

TIP! Clean your permanent air filters or replace disposable ones every single month. If you have the choice, an electrostatic is the best option on the market today. For professional HVAC maintenance call now.

In typical plasma production, energy blasted into gas results in split molecules of both positively charged electrons and negatively charged electrons. Furthermore, the end result is not termed “safe for human touching.” According to the Urban Clinic, plasma air cleaning devices are designed to replicate the negative ions found in nature and in indoor settings. In theory, these ionizing devices emit particles that cling to bacteria, mold, viruses and even things that just smell bad. Plasma technology produces hydroxyls that attack airborne pollutants.

A recent release from the Journal of Medical Microbiology projects that cold plasma jets may be a safe and effective alternative to antibiotic treatment of multi-drug resistant infections. Defined as the fourth state of matter after solids, liquids and gases, plasmas are the result of high-energy stripping of atoms from their electrons. It’s a high temperature process wherein hot plasmas are used to disinfect surgical instruments. Furthermore, plasma pollution control results in an increase in home ozone levels.

However, the Squair cold plasma approach produces molecules that are near to room temperature and safe for use within the living room, bedroom or anywhere else within your home. With cold plasma technology, you get a safe air cleaner that uses fewer ionized molecules (thus less ozone) while also reaping greater effectiveness as a personal pollution management device.

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According to Squair, this clean air device is a win-win solution. The inventors define the technology as effective in fighting bacteria, germs, fungi, mold, and viruses. Each portable device is crafted to handle 322 square feet. Florian Windeler, company CEO, defines it as a plug-n-go air cleaner solution that will work in homes, offices and even cars. With cold plasma, there is nothing to wash, no filters to clean, and an immediate benefit as “hungry oxygen atoms” rip the bad out of the air you breathe.

Is it really effective? Time will tell.



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