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Mesa AZ Air Conditioning Company Circulates Efficient Cost Savings Via Ongoing 2014 Sales Promotion of Trane Air Handlers

Trane air handlers on sale in ArizonaArizona-Based American Cooling and Heating Announces Mesa Air Conditioning Sales Pricing Designed to Pump Additional Savings To Buyers of the Already High Efficient Trane Air Handlers and Cooling Units

When it comes to efficiency, Trane Air Handlers define the difference between a blow hard and a regulated approach to effective management of heating and cooling airflow,” ACH Mesa Air Conditioning installation expert.

On sale now and throughout 2014: Trane High Efficiency Air Handlers. American Cooling and Heating knows the cost of keeping cool in Mesa AZ. They also know the benefits of helping reduce the associated startup expenses. Throughout 2014, all new major heating and cooling products installed by ACH are priced to move. Pumping up increased A/C sales pumps up additional savings to Arizona air conditioning and heat pump buyers. The sooner it happens, the quicker worn HVAC equipment gets replaced with energy efficient solutions to an aged problem of comfort. Reaching Arizona residents with unbeatable pricing on Trane Air Handlers is a major priority throughout the ACH sales division, including those in Mesa, Gilbert and other East Valley regions.

The deals are on the floor. The worn out HVAC systems are in the homes. For many, the long-term cost of service calls is outweighing the value of system replacement. A simple decision can make the difference between energy efficient home comfort at a reduced price or continued endurance of costly but inefficient heating and cooling. The 2014 American Cooling and Heating Trane HVAC sale is here and now.


Trane Air Handlers Sale

Proficient air circulation demands more than a huge motor, a twirling fan and lots of funnel systems. Trane air conditioning systems don’t just push air, they circulate it, they condition it, and they do it with honed efficiency designed to ensure the best delivery possible within any given residential environment. Designed using an insulation technique similar to a refrigerator, the cabinets used in a Trane air management unit set the insulation component between a double-wall framework that ensures exceptional performance. When combined with varying speed engineered to meet the exact heating and cooling requirements of a specific home environment, Trane high efficiency air handlers deliver quiet comfort at a consistent and reliable level. In simple terms, it’s call “Smart technology for better air.”

What makes the Trane Air Handler So Energy Efficient?

**  Custom cabinet design
**  Double-wall insulation enclosure
**  Internal condensing coil crafted from all-aluminum components
**  Vortica™ variable-speed blower motor
**  Multiple heating options available in electric or hydronic
**  Quick release fastener system
**  High-quality corrosion-resistant cabinet finishes
**  Sloped drain pan crafted with “No leak” technology from rust-resistant composites
**  AND Much more.

On Sale Trane Air Handles: A Product Overview

From the cost-effective Trane XB 4fWD 13.00 SEER uncasded furr-down to the premier Trane Hyperion™ XL variable-speed with communicating technology in the wings, American Cooling and Heating has a Trane air handling unit to meet any budget and any technical requirements. The following overview outlines the systems and the associated performance and options.


Hyperion™ XL

    Available in communicating models
    Variable-speed blower motor
    Installed electronic expansion valve metering device

Hyperion™ XR

    Ultra-quiet Vortica™ blower
    Installed electronic expansion valve metering device

Trane Hyperion™ XR Series 5 air handler models

Trane Hyperion™ XR Series 5 air handler models

Hyperion™ XB

    Ultra-quiet Vortica™ blower


    Up to 14.00 SEER
    Standard convertible
    Multi blower speeds
    PSC motor


    Up to 14.00 SEER
    Standard convertible
    Multi blower speeds
    PSC motor


    Up to 14.00 SEER
    High-efficiency motor
    Multi blower speeds
    ECM motor


    Up to 14.00 SEER
    Stud-mount upflow
    Multi blower speeds
    PSC motor


    Up to 14.00 SEER
    Cased Furr-Down
    Multi blower speeds
    PSC motor


    Up to 13.00 SEER
    Uncased Furr-Down
    Multi blower speeds
    PSC motor

All  units include the Trane unique energy-efficient cabinet design, all-aluminum coils, and the Trane 10-year Registered Limited Warranty on internal functional components *. Systems also ship with an option for purchase of an extended warranty covering parts, labor or parts and labor on any items not protected by the Registered Limited Warranty. Furthermore, all American Cooling and Heating installed Trane Air Handlers carry the ACH guarantee on “Quality of Workmanship.”

ACH For Best Pricing and Best Workmanship Throughout Arizona for Air Handles Sale

Every HVAC product sold and installed by American Cooling and Heating comes with the following assurances:

**  Residential fitting that matches the home requirements
**  24/7 on-line, on-call and ready to roll support system
**  Guaranteed workmanship in every aspect of the job
**  Installation that meets and exceeds manufacturer specs as well as local/national codes
**  AND much more.

On sale HVAC systems include all models of HVAC equipment, including Trane air handlers, Amana systems, Carrier inside and outside units, Goodman heating and cooling products, Rheem, and full systems from other top-named HVAC product providers. Plus, it all comes priced to make staying comfortable a reasonable option.

ACH sales and services include:

**  A/C Systems
**  Heat Pumps
**  Air Handlers
**  Gas Furnaces
**  Indoor Coils
**  AND More.





* For full base warranty coverage, all products must be registered within 60 days of installation.



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